Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 15

Fu Yunshen didn't care much: "Huh?"
This time, they returned very quickly.
"Three of them are all on the hunting list. I've sent you the information."
"Don't wait until I see you, you're dead."
Fu Yunshen's eyelashes twitched and he chuckled: "Don't worry, it's okay to meet him once."
The red words faded away, and the screen returned to normal.
On the originally empty desktop, there were three more folders named——
Sharpshooter No. 4; Killer No. 5; Hypnotist No. 7.
Fu Yun scanned deeply, but didn't open the folder to look.
He closed the computer, stood up, raised his wrist to look at the time, and went out.
Today happens to be the last day of the 2020 New Year, the 15th day of the first lunar month, and there are many lantern sellers on the street.
Although the sun at 12:30 was bright, it was not dazzling, just the right amount of warmth.
Ying Zijin turned his head and looked at a few children who were skipping rope not far away, his brows and eyes relaxed a bit.
I was used to the days of fighting and killing, but suddenly I became so quiet, it felt unreal.
With her hands in her pockets, she leaned against the railing, lazily, looking at the scenery while reorganizing her memories.
Jiang's family has a charity organization that provides scholarships to students in remote areas.
She happened to be one of them, the kind that was very inconspicuous.
A year ago, Jiang Moyuan wanted to take her to Shanghai in the name of sponsoring her to study in Qingzhi No. 1 Middle School.
A very sudden decision.
She was reluctant at the time because her adoptive father, Wen Fengmian, had hereditary asthma and was seriously ill and needed someone to take care of him.
But Wen Fengmian said that he has been like this all his life and cannot change it, so he hopes she can go out and have a better future.
But no one thought that going out would have such a result.
The Ying family took her back, but by way of adoption.
Because Ying Zhenting suppressed the scandal that the Ying family lost the eldest lady, and directly asked the adopted daughter to replace her original identity, including her name and date of birth.
At the very beginning, Zhong Manhua and Ying Zhenting treated her fairly well.
Until Ying Luwei was injured for the first time, until she made a fool of herself again and again in the famous circle.
Coupled with the comparison between Ying Luwei, the number one lady, and the eldest lady of the Ying family, an adopted daughter from a small county town, there is no comparison at all.
Ying Zijin narrowed his eyes.
The memory in my mind is only one-sided, and I can't see the whole picture of the matter.
It's a pity, with her current magical ability, it's not enough for her to directly read her complete past and future here.
However, ordinary hexagrams do not count themselves.
Her memory told her that since she returned to the Ying family, the Ying family did not allow her to have any contact with her former family.
Afraid that she would pick up some bad habits again, she forcefully severed her contact with the Wen family.
Zhong Manhua was afraid that she would escape, so he directly locked her ID card in the cabinet, and warned her many times that she was the winner's daughter, not to go to Qingshui County and be relied upon by those poor people.
As for Wen Fengmian, they have already given 100,000, the Wen family should be content.
People in small counties probably have never seen so much money.
Although Qingshui County is not far from Shanghai City, only more than 200 kilometers away, as Ying Luwei's living blood bank, she is watched all the time.
So it's been a year, and she hasn't been able to return to Qingshui County.
This is ungratefulness.
Ying Zijin took out his ID card from his pocket and looked at it, feeling a little headache.
New technologies also have disadvantages of new technologies, such as being at a loss for what to do.
But she had to go back to Qingshui County, Wen Fengmian was not in good health, and she was too well nourished, so she couldn't ignore it.
Ying Zijin thought for a while, picked up her phone, and started searching for the nearest Chinese medicine store on the map.
Thirty minutes later.
Zhongshan South Road.
As soon as she got out of the taxi, Ying Zijin smelled a faint scent of herbs, which calmed her dry heart from not sleeping well.
She pressed her head, wondering if it was because she had died once, but she woke up this time with poor temper control.
It seems that I have to refine some tranquilizing medicine.
Ying Zijin entered a bank first.
There are few people in the afternoon, and the service window is basically empty.
The girl was still wearing a simple black shirt, buttoned up meticulously, and a khaki coat over it.
Dark black trousers, Martin boots, and half ponytail.
Ascetic and cold.
This appearance is too outstanding, attracting passers-by to look at it.
When drawing a number, Ying Zijin turned her head and inadvertently caught a glimpse of the golden irises on the wall, her expression paused.
After a while, she slowly remembered that this sign was drawn by her back then.
Unexpectedly, over the years, the Laurent family has developed their bank from O continent to the world.
Ying Zijin yawned and walked slowly to the counter.
Her phoenix eyes were hazy, like the moonlight falling on a branch, against the porcelain-white skin under her neckline, it was so beautiful that it made one's heart tremble.
The counter lady blushed and quickly looked away: "Hello, miss."
"Take two thousand yuan first." Ying Zijin handed over the black card and ID card, "Then apply for a bank card and transfer one million to it, thank you."
One million is a big number in other banks, but it is commonplace in Laurent Bank, so it doesn't require too many procedures.
"Okay, please wait a moment." The counter lady took it and quickly started to handle the business.
Ying Zijin thought for a while and asked, "How long can I save money with you?"
The lady at the counter was stunned for a moment before replying: "As long as there is a certificate, it can be as long as it is."
Ying Zijin nodded, leaning lazily on the chair and yawning.
Maybe her gold will come back to her.
Opposite, a traditional Chinese medicine store.
Lu Fang was lying on the cash register doing his homework. After writing for a long time, he couldn't solve the final derivative question, so he threw the book away in agitation.
He got up and was going to find some snacks, but when he looked up, the figure behind the glass window caught his gaze.
"Sister, isn't that who?" Lu Fang was half curious and half contemptuous, "She is from a county town, what is she doing at Laurent Bank? Is she rich?"
Laurent Bank is the only major international bank in the world, and those who join it are either rich or noble.
Ying Zijin is a good winner, but she is just an adopted daughter with no status, and her grades are at the bottom of their elite class.
"Who?" Lu Zhi was busy writing a list. He just glanced at it casually.
At this sight, his face darkened.
Lu Fang added: "Sister, didn't you say that she was scornful to you yesterday?"
"Is that so?" Lu Zhi sneered, "She's not very capable, but she has quite a temper. She really thought I wanted to recuperate her."
If Ying Luwei hadn't come to invite her, she wouldn't have served an adopted daughter.
Lu Fang was about to comfort Lu Zhi, but when he saw the girl walking towards them after leaving the Laurent Bank, he couldn't help but be surprised: "Sister, why did she come here? Could it be to buy medicine?"
Today's traditional Chinese medicine is far less popular than Western medicine. Their store sells pure traditional Chinese medicine, which is usually only ordered by hospitals and has few scattered customers.
"Come to buy medicine?" Lu Zhi snorted, "I won't sell her."


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