Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 14

It was posted by a trumpet without any fans, and the nickname is a simple five words - call me Invincible Man.
There is no description on Weibo either, only the topic of #赛家养女,无恩贤#.
But because the first article is hot, any Weibo user who clicks on it from the hot search list can see this video at first glance.
After seeing this video, all the fans who were jumping before stopped jumping all at once, and started to frantically delete their previous comments.
If you don’t delete it, don’t you keep it for a slap in the face?
As a result, as soon as they deleted it, the user called me Invincible Man slowly posted a second Weibo.
[@call me invincible man: the Internet has memory]
There are fourteen pictures below, all of which are screenshots of Ying Luwei's fans abusing Ying Zijin.
This time, the big fans of Ying Luwei's family panicked, and kept sending private messages, wanting to ask me to delete this Weibo, but nothing happened, there was no response, and they were so angry in Chaohua Jump your feet.
Moreover, because the hot search was bought, it has been firmly hanging at the seventeenth place, and more and more people clicked in, and finally different voices came out.
[What kind of stupid fan is this, what is blood transfusion as a matter of course? Moral kidnapping? 】
[These brainless fans are really interesting. The righteous master didn’t even say anything, and he started to imagine that someone is going to kill your righteous master. What’s wrong? Persecution paranoia? 】
Among these comments, there are other voices.
[No one thinks that Ying Luwei's action looks like she fell down on purpose? What is she drawing? 】
[Thinking carefully, I'm terrified, maybe I just want to get blood transfusions? Is it possible that an adopted daughter threatens her status? 】
[Where did Heizi come from upstairs? Wei Bao is so kind, even an ant is reluctant to step on it to death, so he reported it. 】
[Lu Wei doesn't know anything, Lu Wei didn't say that her adopted daughter did it, everything is the fault of the fans, we apologize to everyone here, please don't rise to Lu Wei. 】
[Ying Luwei has been displeased for a long time. She didn't point it out directly, but everyone knows what she means behind the scenes. It's such a white lotus in prosperity, why don't you just explain it directly? 】
[Yes, where is the real owner, Ying Luwei? Why don't you come out and apologize? 】
[Why should Weibao apologize? How many times have I said it’s not Weibao’s fault at all! 】
[Blogger, stop moving, can’t you tell by the black skin? 】
There was a melee between fans and black people on Weibo, which was very noisy and attracted a lot of passers-by, but the old house of the Ying family was eerily silent.
This video revealed all the facts, like a resounding slap on the faces of Zhong Manhua and Mrs. Ying.
Harsh and merciless.
There was blood on Zhong Manhua's face, she was ashamed, her lips twitched, and her voice was difficult: "Zijin, if you tell mom, mom won't..."
When she touched the girl's black and white, emotionless eyes, all her subsequent words were stuck. She was so cold that she couldn't say a word.
Even Madam Ying didn't know what to say at this time.
She originally wanted to make herself less embarrassed and regain some face, but who knows, she is even more embarrassed now.
She obviously just came to ask for an apology, but it turned out like this. Mrs. Ying was very angry, but she had no shame to say anything more.
"It seems that the Ying family's slanderous family tradition has been passed down." Ying Zijin took off one of his headphones and said nonchalantly, "That's good, keep it up."
In one sentence, he was slapped again.
Mrs. Ying's face was ashen, her breathing was rapid, and she was obviously very angry.
But the girl had already opened the door and left, and no one paid attention to her.
The cool wind rushed in from outside the door, making Zhong Manhua shiver. She couldn't help wrapping her arms around her. Looking at the girl's back, an inexplicable panic suddenly appeared in her heart.
It's like something is leaving completely, and I can't even catch it.
It's really magical.
Zhong Manhua shook his head and laughed secretly at himself for thinking too much.
Just leave today, she will come back eventually, the Ying family is her home, where else can she go?
On the side, Ying Luwei pursed her lips and looked at the comments on Weibo distractedly.
She looked calm on the face, but her slightly trembling fingers betrayed the woman's restless heart.
Ying Luwei never expected that the preparation she had made earlier would be ruined by these two Weibo posts.
Not only did she fail to achieve her goal, but she got herself into trouble. She also saw some Weibo posts by fans in Chaohua. Although there were only a few of them, she really stumbled.
Who is this trumpet?
Ying Zijin?
Ying Luwei didn't care.
How could a countryman from the county town with no power get this video?
Could it be that she has offended someone recently?
Ying Luwei frowned and thought for a long time, but couldn't figure it out.
She took a deep breath and had no choice but to post another Weibo.
[@雷露威V: Don’t be noisy, everyone. I really fell down by myself, and I was misunderstood by those who love me. I’m here to apologize to @颖子衿 on behalf of my fans, I’m sorry. 】
After this Weibo was posted, the fans were very distressed.
【Wei Bao, it's all our fault, don't blame yourself. 】
[The person who scolded Wei Bao's niece earlier was not our Lushui, we don't admit it! 】
[I don't know the full picture, so I don't want to comment. This time, you not only hurt Wei Bao's niece, but also Wei Bao. I don't want it to happen again. 】
[The words of some fans are extreme, but most fans love Weibao very much. Please do not discount the behavior of some fans. Weibao's niece is very good. 】
Seeing that the wind finally stabilized, Ying Luwei turned off Weibo and breathed a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, she was prepared and things weren't too bad, but she was forced to apologize, and she held her breath in her heart, and she couldn't go on.
It seemed like everything had changed since that night in the hospital.
Ying Luwei lowered her eyes and her expression darkened. She held Mrs. Ying's hand and said meekly, "Mom, I'm going to find Mo Yuan."
"Okay." Mrs. Ying kept nodding when she heard this, she was very happy, "Cultivate and develop a relationship with Mo Yuan, you will get married sooner or later."
"I know." Mentioning this, Ying Luwei finally felt a little better, she smiled, "Mom, Mo Yuan asked me yesterday if I wanted to advance the wedding date."
Mrs. Ying patted her hand: "It's better to be in advance, so as not to be worried by some people, and don't be too nice to everyone. I think the adopted daughter is just uneasy and kind."
Ying Luwei pursed her lips and smiled, but said no more.
A single apartment in the city centre.
Fu Yun held a glass cup deeply, which contained wolfberry and red date tea, which was still steaming.
Suddenly there was a "beep" in his ear, he turned his head, looked at his computer that had suddenly turned off, raised his eyebrows, and knocked a few times casually.
"What are you doing?"
A line of words quickly appeared on the completely darkened screen, red and very penetrating.
"Who is this person, asking me to take action?"
"My little friend."
The other party sent three question marks in a row.
Fu Yunshen put down the cup, hooked his lips, and typed: "Of course I want to pamper you."
Fu Yunshen didn't say much: "Is there anything else?"
The screen was still for ten seconds before another line of words appeared.
"I was asked to check on you."


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