Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 13

"Mom believed in you so much that I realized that you would only wrong yourself." Mrs. Ying's eyes were cloudy, but her vision was extremely sharp. "I don't know who it was, but she knew that it was her uncle who booked the room, and she still took a bath in it... "
Zhong Manhua's expression changed again.
Anyway, it is a fact that Ying Zijin seduced Jiang Moyuan.
That was more than a month ago, on January 17th, not long after Qingzhi Middle School was on vacation.
As the end of the new year approaches, Ying Zhenting is busy managing the company, and Zhong Manhua is going to send Miss Ying's family to O State for a half-year exchange study.
This is a hard-earned opportunity, and there is absolutely no room for error.
There is no need to consider who is more important, the eldest lady or the second lady.
But after all, it was her biological daughter, so Zhong Manhua could not completely relax. She originally wanted to send Ying Zijin to the Zhong family, but the Zhong family was unwilling.
Fortunately, Ying Luwei offered to help take care of her, so Zhong Manhua stayed in O zhou for a few more days with peace of mind. However, before she came back, news came that the adopted daughter of the Ying family, Tian, shamelessly seduced her uncle.
She immediately changed her ticket and flew back to Shanghai, only then did she know what happened.
Jiang Moyuan has always been used to working in the Queen Center Hotel. This is something that everyone in Shanghai knows. The presidential suite on the 18th floor of the Queen Center Hotel is his personal room.
But she, her biological daughter, dared to take a bath in it!
If he wasn't specifically trying to seduce Jiang Moyuan, what else could it be for?
Fortunately, Jiang Moyuan took Ying Luwei's face into consideration, so he didn't spread the word, but he went directly to the Ying family's door without mercy, and asked them to discipline him by name.
So even if the matter was suppressed, rumors still spread.
In those days, when Zhong Manhua met other wealthy people on the road, he would be ridiculed secretly and openly.
She really has had enough!
Zhong Manhua suppressed her anger: "Why don't you come over and apologize!"
"Sister-in-law..." Ying Luwei couldn't persuade her, so she could only look at the girl, "Xiao Jin, my sister-in-law knows it's not your fault, you come here to coax sister-in-law, you'll hurt yourself by getting angry."
Ying Zijin stood leaning against the door with his long legs slightly bent. Hearing these words, his eyes widened: "Am I blind?"
"Xiao Jin, how could you be blind, you are not good..." Before she finished speaking, Ying Luwei suddenly realized, she was shocked, "Xiao Jin, how could you say that, if it wasn't for Mo Yuan, we I can’t even find you.”
She frowned, obviously displeased.
Jiang Moyuan is the one that all the famous ladies in Shanghai want to marry, so why is he blind?
Didn't he scold her too?
Ying Luwei pursed her lips and lowered her head, looking sad.
Mrs. Ying couldn't see her daughter being offended, so she laughed angrily: "As expected, she is from a small county town. She is vulgar and can tell all kinds of nonsense!"
Naturally, the servants heard such a loud noise.
They looked over curiously, looking at the girl with contempt in their eyes.
Zhong Manhua's fingers were trembling. She had never been so embarrassed.
Moreover, this embarrassment was brought to her by her biological daughter. She gave birth to a child specifically to defeat her?
When he thought of this, all the blood in Zhong Manhua's body flowed backwards, and his head exploded with a bang.
She finally couldn't bear it anymore and stepped forward quickly, ready to slap her again——
In the silent living room, a woman's soft voice suddenly sounded.
"Xiao Jin, you go to Room 1801 of the Queen Hotel and wait for me. I have prepared things for you to take a bath and new clothes for you. After you take a shower, go to the Bund with my sister-in-law, okay?"
Zhong Manhua was stunned, and her palm stopped in the air in time: "Lu Wei?"
Mrs. Ying was also a little surprised.
Ying Luwei suddenly raised her head and looked at the girl in disbelief.
It was just an ordinary phone call, why was it recorded?
Ying Zijin threw his phone away boredly and turned off the recording: "Is there anything else?"
The new technology of the 21st century is so good that it doesn't require any effort on her part.
This phone is good and it automatically records when you are on a call.
Madam Ying was suddenly embarrassed.
The old face was frozen there, turning green and red now and then, and was still irritable.
When I think of what she said before and listen to this recording again, I want to find a crack in the ground to bury myself in.
Ying Luwei quickly realized that she lowered her eyes and said in a low voice, "Mom, sister-in-law, it's all my fault. I forgot about it. I let Xiaojin go there, but I went out for a while. , I asked Xiao Jin to wait for me, but I didn’t expect Mo Yuan to come back early. In fact, nothing happened. I don’t know how it got spread like this.”
Then he smiled apologetically: "I also explained it to Moyuan later. Mom, sister-in-law, it's really not Xiao Jin's fault. Didn't I say it?"
The feelings are extremely sincere.
Zhong Manhua put down his hand, glanced at the girl with a complicated expression, and sat on the sofa again, silent.
Mrs. Ying was so embarrassed that she just wanted to quickly get over this matter. The crutch in her hand knocked on the floor again, her eyes were stern, but she didn't have the domineering look she had before: "Okay, since it's not for Madam Jiang position, then why did you push Weier?"
This sentence made Zhong Manhua's anger rise again: "You know clearly that your sister-in-law has hemophilia, but you still do this?"
Who can I blame if my blood is drawn?
Obviously something that can be avoided.
"Mom, sister-in-law, it's not..." Before Ying Zijin responded, Ying Luwei's eyes widened, looking anxious, "What are you talking about, didn't I say that, regardless of Xiaojin's matter, she still wanted to Go help me."
"Lu Wei, you don't have to explain to her. She is always telling lies. She used to be like this. Are you still spoiling her?" Zhong Manhua was furious, and slammed the table, "Ying Zijin, I apologize to your sister-in-law!"
Ying Zijin lowered his head and adjusted the volume, then put on his headphones to eliminate the noisy sound.
If she reluctantly stayed with them for a few seconds, she couldn't let Fu Yunshen's kindness go to waste.
But this move completely angered Zhong Manhua, and her heart and lungs started to hurt again: "Do you know what Weibo says about you?"
What a big hat is this?
She felt ashamed!
"Sister-in-law, the people on Weibo don't know anything, and I was scolded here too." Ying Luwei pursed her lips and smiled, "When I go back and tell the company, these remarks will disappear soon."
Hearing this, Zhong Manhua became even more angry and pointed at the girl: "Look, your sister-in-law is still thinking about you, what about you?!"
At this time, the housekeeper who was checking Weibo suddenly said, "Madam, old lady, it's too bad, someone released a video of the banquet at that time."
"Video?" Zhong Manhua was also surprised, "Bring it here."
That was a private New Year's party, how could there be a video?
If there was a video, wouldn't there be no room for cover-up?
"It would be nice to have a video." Madam Ying sneered, "Now that the fact is in front of our eyes, the lie will be exposed."
The housekeeper hurriedly handed over the phone and placed it in front of Zhong Manhua and Mrs. Ying.
Ying Luwei seemed to realize something, her expression changed slightly, and she was about to step forward to stop him.
But the video played automatically, and when she wanted to turn it off, it was too late.
In the picture, the woman gracefully walked down the stairs. Halfway through, she stepped back with her right foot, stepped on her skirt, and fell downstairs, grabbing the girl behind her with one hand.
The girl was obviously confused and held the stair hand in time to prevent her from falling with her.
This video, which lasted less than 20 seconds, was directly listed on the first hot search item among the 17 popular searches.


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