Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 11

What happened with Jiang Moyuan is a lesson for the past.
The only good thing is that it was not made known to everyone, and Jiang Moyuan and Ying Luwei didn't care. Otherwise, the other three wealthy families and the small families in Shanghai might laugh at her behind their backs.
Ever since the real daughter was brought back, the Ying family has never had a peaceful life.
Moreover, the second young lady really doesn't have self-knowledge, and doesn't see whether she is worthy or not.
Zhong Manhua's expression turned cold: "That's right. I'd forget if you didn't mention it. Let's go to Zhong's house so that she won't worry about it."
Her daughter really didn't learn well at all.
She absolutely does not allow this kind of thing to happen again, to discredit the Ying family, and there is no place for her face to rest.
Zhong Manhua started to call the Zhong family: "Well, yes, Shen Zhou will live with you when the time comes. Zhiwan and he are the same age, and they can take care of each other..."
Seeing that Zhong Manhua had changed his mind, the butler was relieved and went upstairs to call for someone.
In the bedroom on the third floor.
The girl was lying on the bed and was fast asleep. Her sleeping position was not stable, her body was curled up, and she wrapped herself in a quilt like a puffer fish.
Half of a pair of slender legs are exposed to the air, and the skin is as white as cold porcelain under the sunlight outside the window.
"Ding dong."
"Ding dong ding dong!"
The phone that was pressed under the pillow rang crazily, vibrating non-stop.
Ying Zijin pressed her head, feeling somewhat irritable.
She opened her eyes, turned over, took out her phone, and clicked on an app called "Weibo".
After being stuck for dozens of seconds, I went in, and the message was full of red dots.
The girl lowered her eyes, with a bit of impatience wrapped in her cold brows and eyes.
At the top of the Weibo homepage is a Weibo post by Ying Luwei just at 11:30.
In just a few minutes, it was forwarded thousands of times.
[@雷露威V: Thank you for your concern [love], I have recovered, and I came here to report my safety to everyone. Thanks to @謴子迡 this time, I would also like to say sorry to my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law was too careless and hurt herself. She also asked you to transfuse so much blood to my sister-in-law. If you blame my sister-in-law, my sister-in-law can understand. , but I just hope you don't run out in a fit of anger next time, everyone is very worried. 】
Ying Luwei is a famous pianist in Huaguo, and she is beautiful.
She is also of noble status, comes from a famous family, and has a fiancé who dotes on her and loves her from the right family.
This kind of winner in life is simply not enviable.
In addition, she is friendly, so she is very popular on the Internet, with more than 40 million fans, which is more popular than ordinary second-tier stars.
After this Weibo post was posted, the topic of #雷露威康复# instantly became the hot search list, and it is still climbing rapidly.
The bottom of Weibo is full of encouragement and comforting comments from fans.
【Weibao, take a good rest, I'm still waiting for your concert. 】
[Our Weibao is really kind and beautiful, even if we are injured, we still need to comfort the children. 】
【Wei Bao is just a little fairy, every time I listen to Wei Bao playing the piano, I can calm down no matter how irritable I am. 】
Ying Zijin wasn't interested in these things, she glanced at them, and was about to uninstall Weibo and go to sleep.
But before I exited, there was another series of "ding ding dong dong".
It is a private mailbox, which comes from messages from unfollowed people.
[run what? Wei Bao is so worried about you, and you are the one who hurt Wei Bao, what's wrong with a blood transfusion? 】
[It's just an adopted daughter, how dare you blame Wei Bao? Who gave you the courage? Hehe, I really laughed to death. 】
[Weibao is bullied because of his good temper. It's only natural for you to transfuse Weibao's blood. Otherwise, why would the Ying family support you? 】
[I don't want to pay for the glory and wealth, what the hell. 】
All are insults and accusations, one more vicious than the other.
Ying Zijin pressed her head, feeling even more annoyed.
It's not that she was really irritated by these remarks, but that she got up very angry.
It's hard to get a good night's sleep, but I can't rest peacefully.
Not a second later, the phone rang again, this time it was soft and relaxing music.
She glanced at the name and picked it up.
On the other end of the phone was a man's lowered voice, with a slight smile, as if the bewitching emerald agarwood from last night was also lingering behind his ears.
"Kid, are you awake?"
The anger in the girl's eyes slowly faded away. She lifted the quilt and got out of bed: "I just woke up."
He didn't lose his temper, and was quite well-behaved.
"Huh?" Fu Yun said in a deep voice, "What did you do yesterday? Your voice sounded like a newborn kitten. You didn't sleep all night?"
Ying Zijin thought for a while: "No, I went to bed at four o'clock."
When she was researching new technologies in the 21st century, she discovered something called an online drama and watched it for three hours.
Well, it's pretty good-looking.
"Eleven to one o'clock is the time for the liver to detoxify." Fu Yunshen said in a protracted voice, "Staying up late will make you look ugly and bald."
Ying Zijin yawned and didn't care much: "I have a lot of hair and am naturally beautiful."
The other person was obviously stunned for a moment, and then he laughed even harder. His shallow breathing could be clearly heard, which was sexy and attractive.
"Okay, okay, little kid, you are naturally beautiful." Fu Yunshen finally stopped laughing and sighed, "It's different for an old man like me. If I don't sleep for a while, my back will hurt."
Just listen to the girl say slowly: "You have kidney failure."
Hearing this, Fu Yunshen suddenly laughed, sounding ambiguous and caring: "Am I suffering from kidney failure?"
Ying Zijin bit a hair tie and raised his free left hand to hold his long hair: "If you don't mind, I can make a pill to cure it for you."
Her original medicine stove was also in O State, and now she had to make a new one.
He helped her a lot, and she gave him some medicine.
"Oh?" Fu Yun was very interested, "A child is so powerful. In addition to fortune telling, he also knows ancient medicine? He is from the Emei sect? You won't use the Nine Yin White Bone Claw on me one day, right?"
Ying Zijin was silent for a moment: "What is the Nine Yin White Bone Claw?"
"Have you seen "Eternal Dragon Sword"?" He said lazily, "There is a kind of peerless martial arts in it."
The girl tied up her hair and took out a coat and put it on: "I haven't seen it before. How awesome is it?"
"Hmm -" Fu Yun pondered for a moment, then smiled, "You can smash someone's head into pieces with one palm, which is more cruel than you, little kid."
Ying Zijin's expression was calm and without any fluctuations: "That's quite powerful."
"Watch less dramas from now on. Everything in the dramas is fake." Fu Yunshen just regarded her as a child and didn't care. Instead, he said, "Don't worry about that hot search, I will solve it."
Ying Zijin raised his eyebrows slightly: "Hot search?"
She took the phone off her ear, opened Weibo again, and checked the hot search list.
She was always a quick learner.


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