Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 10

What a loud tone.
Mu Cheng endured his anger and started to call: "Yes, it's at the underground market. Come over quickly."
After hanging up, he said coldly: "Miss, don't think that our master just bought an ancient coin from you, so you can do this..."
Before he finished speaking, he heard the girl speak: "Arrhythmia, the pain in the precordium has intensified, and it has spread to the left shoulder and abdomen."
"Glucose blood pressure threshold too high."
“Smoking causes shadows in the lungs and blockages in the respiratory passages that are not completely cleared.”
At the end, Ying Zijin raised his eyes: "The peak period of illness is between midnight and eight in the morning. I just had surgery a month ago, so I shouldn't come out so late."
Mu Cheng was startled, unbelievable: "You..."
It's not bad at all!
Including surgery time!
Before he could recover from the shock, he heard the girl calmly say: "Silver needle."
Mu Cheng didn't have time to think about how she knew he was carrying a silver needle, and hurriedly handed over the box containing the silver needle.
Ying Zijin opened the box, took the seven silver needles inside and was about to take action.
Seeing this, Mu Cheng couldn't help but remind him: "Use up to four silver needles at a time."
Hearing this, Ying Zijin finally took a look at him.
There is no emotion in the black and white pupils, and the mist is lingering, unable to distinguish between emotions and anger.
This glance made Mu Cheng a little embarrassed, but he didn't think there was anything wrong.
When he saw Miss Meng treating Mu Heqing before, he only used four silver needles at the same time.
He also inquired about this, only to know that there is basically no one in the ancient medical world who can use seven silver needles at the same time.
Think about it too, with only one pair of hands, how could it be possible to control the seven silver needles?
But in the next second, Mu Cheng's face was hurt, and he couldn't help but widen his eyes.
I saw the seven silver needles connecting into an afterimage in the girl's hand, sinking in and out one acupuncture point after another, the movements were extremely fast.
Mu Cheng tried his best to capture the location of the silver needle, but found that he couldn't see clearly at all, and was a little terrified.
What hand speed is this?
And after Ying Zijin finished piercing the last acupuncture point, Mu Heqing, who fell on the ground, finally took a breath, and the bruises on his face slowly receded, and his rosiness returned.
The entire treatment process took less than a minute.
Ying Zijin put away the silver needle and put it back into the box.
She got up, put one hand in her pocket, and stood lazily, without a single breath: "Okay."
Mu Cheng was still in a daze, only feeling more dreamy.
Even Miss Meng would lose her strength after treating Mu Heqing, this...
"Cough, cough, cough!" Mu Heqing coughed violently, and opened his eyes with some difficulty.
He was in a semi-conscious state before and was still aware of the outside world.
After calming down his breathing, Mu Heqing slowly stood up with the help of Mu Cheng.
He coughed a few more times, with a serious expression, gentle eyes, and a soothing tone: "Little girl, you saved my life. If you need anything, just mention it."
He clearly felt that his heart was much better than before.
Such medical skills...
"No need." Ying Zijin didn't care much, "It's just casual."
It's been a long time since she's been treating people. It seems like her abilities haven't deteriorated. If she's short of money in the future, she can still make a living in this profession.
Mu Heqing didn't force it either, he thought for a while, took out a jade pendant, and said seriously, "Then you keep this, and if there's anything else, as long as it's not a criminal offense, I'll do it."
Mu Cheng was startled.
This is no ordinary promise, this is the promise of the head of the Mu family.
Ying Zijin didn't want to accept it, but when he saw the word "Mu" on the jade pendant, his eyes froze for a moment. He didn't know what he remembered, but finally he accepted it: "Okay."
Mu Heqing was then satisfied and smiled: "I wonder if it's possible for me to know your name?"
It was rare to meet a young girl who suited his eyes so well, so he had to get to know her.
Ying Zijin pondered for a moment, then simply said: "My surname is Ying."
Hearing this surname, Mu Cheng immediately thought of the Ying family, one of the four wealthy families in Shanghai. After all, the surname Ying was not common.
This Miss Ying does not seem to come from an ordinary family. The nobility in her bones is innate, but the Ying family...
Mu Cheng frowned. Of course they had contact with the Ying family. With the strength of the Ying family, could they cultivate a daughter who knew ancient medicine?
Mu Heqing also thought about it, but didn't ask any more questions, just smiled: "Is Miss Ying interested in going to the imperial capital with the old man?"
Ying Zijin raised his eyebrows slightly, surprised: "Not yet."
Now she just wants to retire, grow flowers and raise pigs, and be a happy rice bug.
"That's okay." Mu Heqing nodded, "If you want to come in the future, remember to contact me, Mu Cheng."
Mu Cheng stepped forward and handed over a business card, a little ashamed: "Sorry, Miss Ying, I had doubts about you earlier and offended you, I'm sorry."
"No, you don't know, there is no trust between strangers." Ying Zijin nodded, "I'll go first."
Mu Cheng felt even more ashamed.
He doesn't see clearly like a little girl.
After watching the girl leave, Mu Heqing was still standing there, silent for a while, then suddenly asked: "Mu Cheng, what do you think about making a marriage?"
Before Mu Cheng could answer, he said to himself: "Forget it, all the brats are not worthy, and they are not good enough for little girls, so it's better not to harm others."
Mu Cheng: "..."
Is there such a thing as burying one's own children and grandchildren?
"It's a pity, why isn't it the daughter of my Mu family? If so..." Mu Heqing sighed, and then ordered, "Stay in Shanghai for a few days."
The snow was clear and the sun was shining at noon.
In the distance, the clouds and mist are lingering, the sky is blue, and the white birds are circling up and down, which is a rare peace and tranquility.
The old house of the Ying family.
Zhong Manhua glanced at the third floor and frowned: "Miss Er hasn't woken up yet?"
The butler shook his head: "Nothing happened."
"It's already noon." Zhong Manhua was displeased, "Wake her up and let her come down to eat."
Just as the butler was about to leave, the phone in the living room rang suddenly.
He stepped forward and took a look: "Madam, it's the phone number of the imperial capital."
Zhong Manhua looked solemn: "Give it to me."
The butler handed it over respectfully and waited aside.
I don't know what was said there, Zhong Manhua nodded repeatedly, and after hanging up, smiled: "The Mu family will send the child Shen Zhou over, probably in May."
The butler was surprised: "But what happened to the Mu family?"
The Mu family has developed well in the imperial capital, so why did they suddenly send one of their heirs to Shanghai?
"I don't know, but we must treat you well." Zhong Manhua poured a cup of tea, and moved gracefully, "We must start preparations now. You will send someone to order furniture in a while, and free up the second room on the right side of the third floor."
The Mu family in the imperial capital, and the four big families in Shanghai can't afford to provoke them, so they must establish a good relationship.
"Ma'am, I think it's better not to let Master Shen Zhou live in the old house." The housekeeper hesitated for a moment, and reminded, "If the second lady sees Master Shen Zhou..."
Who knows if he will seduce again?
At that time, the whole winner will be embarrassed.
Hmm... Compared to medical skills, Emperor Ying prefers to play with poison 2333 You will know later


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