Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 8

"Kid?" The bartender followed the man's gaze, glanced at it briefly, and then looked away, lacking interest, "She's quite young."
"You're not young anymore." Fu Yunshen chuckled and said in a lazy tone, "In three years, you can get married."
"..." The bartender couldn't answer this. He shook his head and lowered his voice, "Be careful, you are being rewarded."
"Huh?" Fu Yun raised his eyebrows, not surprised, "How much did you pay?"
"SS-level bounty, one billion US dollars, currently ranked seventh on the bounty list." The bartender stared at him, "At least ten people on the hunting list have accepted this bounty. Now you know you have How hateful is it?”
As long as he is in the top ten on the reward list, everyone will kill him. If he doesn't kill him, he will be in trouble with money.
Fu Yun's peach blossom eyes narrowed, with a hint of seduction: "Then they have to find me."
The bartender agrees with this point, he said: "IBI can't find you, and your concealment ability is probably only weaker than that number one."
IBI, the full name is International Bureau of Investigation, the International Bureau of Investigation, which specializes in investigating and hunting down people who pose international threats and some unidentified people.
"It's incomparable." Fu Yunshen said casually, "It's been so many years, the number one on the list hasn't changed, I just got there."
The bounty amount of the number one on the bounty list cannot be matched by the other nine combined. It is high enough to be comparable to the GDP of a medium-sized country in Continent O. However, no one has ever taken it, which shows how difficult it is to kill the number one on the bounty list.
No, it should be said that I couldn't even find it.
"I'm really curious, who is this magician?" The bartender clicked his tongue, "Why is 'he' more hated than you?"
The other targets on the reward list at least have traces to follow, but this one, the number one on the list, disappeared without any information.
Moreover, the title of a fortune teller is too arrogant.
Even the sorcerers and witches with real skills in the ancient Ozhou period did not dare to call themselves divine fortune tellers.
There are also fortune tellers now, but like the ancient warriors, few of them are real, and most of them are hidden from the world, and the rest are some bluffing and deceiving magic sticks.
It would be absurd for anyone to be able to figure out anything.
Fu Yun raised his peach blossom eyes deeply, and smiled half-smile: "What are you talking about?"
"To be honest, you are hated by people, but you still have to be careful. One billion US dollars is enough to buy an island. It's not like you don't know that the hunters on the list are like crazy people, but -" Bartending When the teacher said this, he frowned again, "Do you really want to stay here? I thought you would at least go to the imperial capital."
"Yeah." Fu Yunshen's eyes were half lifted, absent-minded, "I'm going to stay in Shanghai for a while."
Hearing this, the bartender suddenly had a ridiculous thought: "For a woman?"
Fu Yun raised his eyebrows deeply, unhurriedly: "What are you talking about, she is just a child."
It was acknowledged indirectly.
The bartender's eyes changed: "You're crazy."
If those people knew...
"I've gone crazy a long time ago." Fu Yunshen stood up, put his coat on his arms, smiled cynically, and patted the bartender on the shoulder, "Drink less, it will hurt your health."
The underground market does not require any identification to enter, and anyone can enter it, but many people will deliberately conceal their identities.
There are various shops on both sides of the road, because the things sold are different, and the buildings are also different.
There are ancient Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque buildings in Ozhou, as well as classical garden-style buildings in Huaguo.
Ying Zijin looked up, and noticed the shops with "Divination" signs. At a glance, there were more than a dozen such shops.
But there is only one family, with a shallow aura floating around.
Tarot cards are a divination tool that originated in continent O. They were very popular in the Middle Ages. She also followed the trend, but its origin is still a mystery.
But there are not many Tarot cards, and the Tarot cards sold in the market are barely usable, and in other cases, they are just a bunch of waste paper.
Perhaps, she should find a real tarot card before her ability is fully restored.
Ying Zijin was thoughtful, pressed the mask, lowered his eyelashes, and walked into the market.
In addition to the shop, there are many street stalls around, most of which are some broken antiques, but this does not prevent buyers who want to pick up the missing ones from being cheated.
The girl glanced casually, observing hundreds of antiques in ten seconds, and as expected, all of them were fake.
It was not until half an hour later that Ying Zijin finally saw what she needed.
It was an ancient coin, mixed in a pile of celadon wares, unremarkable.
The words branded on the ancient coins have been worn a lot, and they are stained with mud. At first glance, they seem to be made of earth.
She lowered her head, squinted her eyes, and instantly calculated the age and name of the ancient coin.
Qin silver half and two big coins, cast in 339 BC, during the Warring States Period.
After two thousand years, the price will be over five million.
Ying Zijin squatted down: "How to sell this?"
It was not referring to the ancient coins, but to a stone bowl next to it.
The stall owner was a young man. He glanced at the girl, looked her up and down, and said perfunctorily: "Take the five hundred yuan."
The tone was somewhat contemptuous.
Ying Zijin glanced sideways, and then his finger fell on the ancient silver coin: "There is also this."
"Give it to you, give it to you." The young man became even more impatient, "Take them all, don't hinder my business."
He was still waiting to meet a few rich kids to make more money, but he didn't have the time to spend time here with a poor guy.
Ying Zijin's expression did not change. After she put down the five hundred cards, she picked up the stone bowl and ancient coins, rubbed them with her hands, and narrowed her phoenix eyes.
Now she is sure that the earth is a world where cultivation is impossible, but that's fine, she can retire in peace.
However, in the eyes of the young man, this action made him look like he was crazy about poverty. He sneered, without hiding his voice at all, and deliberately raised his voice: "A pauper with no vision, you still think you have found a treasure?"
A stall owner nearby heard it and said: "Hey, don't say it so bluntly, I still want to save face."
"What kind of face do you want? Now everyone is really worthy of entering the dungeon."
"Isn't it? Recently, there are always a group of paupers trying to pick up the slack. It's really embarrassing."
They have been in the underground market for so long, how can they not know which customer is really rich?
They don't even bother to trap such poor people.
The young man sneered again: "More than just a pauper, this is simply stupid. He doesn't even have basic identification skills."
He bought the stone bowl for five yuan on Taobao, and the coins he picked up in a park in Punan were worthless.
These two things were just for replenishment. Unexpectedly, a fool actually wanted to buy them, allowing him to easily earn 500 yuan.
The young man clicked his tongue: "Why don't you beg me and I can pay you back 250? How about that?"


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