Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 7

Ying Luwei is her sister-in-law, how can she refuse to save her?
Didn't she hire a therapist and cook herself?
Why can't her biological daughter understand her more and in turn hurt her heart?
"Madam, please calm down." The housekeeper considered it for a moment and said with relief, "The second young lady may have reached the stage of rebellion."
"The rebellious period?" Zhong Manhua laughed angrily, "When did she let go of my heart? She is not sensible at all, and now she ignores me, does she not want to recognize me?"
Mentioning this made her angry.
After teaching for so long, I can’t learn the piano, I can’t write Chinese characters, I can’t even speak English well, and I don’t look like a rich lady at all.
Still seducing Jiang Moyuan?
The more Zhong Manhua thought about it, the angrier she became: "When Moyuan brought her back a year ago, I saw that she was very well-behaved. Who knew she could do such a thing?"
The Ying family was ashamed!
Now he went to hook up with Fu Yunshen again. It was true that his nature was hard to change.
Who is Fu Yunshen?
A dandy, he is kind to women, but how can he have true feelings?
When it is sold, it will be counted for others.
The housekeeper didn't know what to say, so he had to remind: "Madam, it's half past ten, and the eldest lady is still waiting for your call."
Looking at Zhong Manhua who was sad and angry, he shook his head and sighed.
The eldest daughter of the Ying family is not Mrs. Ying's biological daughter, but adopted.
But the adopted one is also more caring than the biological one.
Fortunately, the master and wife are sensible, and declared that the second young lady is only an adopted daughter, otherwise, if the other three big families knew the truth, they might ridicule her.
He has stayed in the Ying family for more than 20 years, served Mr. Ying and Mrs. Ying, and knows something about what happened back then.
Fifteen years ago, the Ying family had a big business that was involved in the imperial capital. The whole company was so busy that they didn't sleep a wink for days and nights. Fortunately, they finally signed the deal.
On the day they signed the contract, Ying Zhenting and Zhong Manhua went out to socialize together. When they came back at night, they found that the baby was missing from the cradle.
There is no trace, as if it disappeared out of thin air.
The housekeeper was also puzzled. He just went to the kitchen for a few minutes. How could something like this happen?
The baby was not yet a year old, so there was no way he could have escaped on his own.
The Ying family mobilized many people to look for it, but they couldn't find it.
Zhong Manhua collapsed at that time and almost went crazy. During that time, she was in a trance. When she saw other babies on the road, she would rush over to hold them and cry.
Ying Zhenting couldn't bear to see his wife like this, so he had to think of a way to adopt a child.
This child is very similar to the little girl they lost. The baby under one year old has not opened at all, and it is not raised by myself day by day, so it is impossible to tell the difference.
A few months later, Zhong Manhua's spirit finally stabilized. Later, when she learned about Ying Zhenting's actions, she did not complain or blame him.
Her motherly love also transferred to this adopted child during this period. She took good care of him every day, and the more she looked at him, the happier she became.
Of course, Ying Zhenting was secretly still sending people to search for the lost baby, but he couldn't find it after two years of searching, so he gave up over time.
He suppressed the matter and warned those who knew about it at the time not to reveal a word.
After all, as one of the four wealthy families in Shanghai, every move of the Ying family is extremely important. If this kind of scandal is widely publicized, there will be a wave of turmoil.
Therefore, except for a limited number of people such as the housekeeper, even the eldest young master of the Ying family did not know that his biological sister was missing.
More than ten years have passed, and everyone has gradually forgotten such a thing.
The housekeeper also knew what Zhong Manhua was worried about. She had a harmonious family and a pair of excellent children. She was an elegant lady in front of and behind her, and was envied by everyone.
In the end, the real daughter was suddenly found back. This was originally worth celebrating, but this real daughter came from the countryside, didn't understand etiquette, couldn't do anything, and even did some embarrassing things. She really wasn't good enough for the young lady of the Ying family identity of.
But the blood of the Ying family could never be allowed to wander outside, even if it was a stain, so in the end, he was adopted through adoption.
Neither Ying Zhenting nor Zhong Manhua felt there was anything wrong. After all, the second young lady was inferior to the eldest lady in everything.
The Ying family in Shanghai is not comparable to that of a small county. Being able to step into the upper class is a blessing for this true daughter, and she should not be greedy.
"Look at my memory, I forgot such an important thing." Zhong Manhua rubbed his temples, picked up his cell phone, dialed the number, and immediately smiled when he heard the voice from over there, "Hey, little Xuan, it's mom, how are you doing today?"
"Okay, okay, that's good. You can study there in Ozhou with peace of mind. If you need anything, just tell mom. Mom won't mind it being troublesome..."
in the room.
Ying Zijin looked at the old desktop computer on the table, tapped the keyboard a few times casually, and the screen froze: "Tsk..."
Although she has never touched a computer, she also knows that this is the last product.
She stopped looking, lowered her head, took out a bank card from Qingshui County from the wallet in the drawer, and calculated it.
Five hundred and sixty-two yuan and eighty cents.
A little less, but just enough.
Ying Zijin narrowed her eyes, supported her hands, turned over and jumped off the nine-meter-high third floor, landed lightly, and left the Ying family's old house from the right.
The housekeeper who was closing the window caught the girl's figure, but when he looked again, he couldn't see anything.
The housekeeper rubbed his eyes, and murmured suspiciously, "Maybe I misread it."
Sure enough, he was dazzled, he actually thought that the Second Miss had sneaked out.
That's right, it's enough to play with a small temper today, and she wouldn't even dare to do this kind of thing with a hundred guts.
The housekeeper smiled, and after closing the doors and windows, he went to the kitchen to prepare hot milk for Zhong Manhua before going to bed.
Because of Fu Yunshen's interruption, Nie Chao did not reveal the exact address of the underground market.
But for Ying Zijin, as long as he got the name of a place, he could figure it out.
She looked at the crooked letters hanging on the door—HERMIT, her eyes froze for a moment, then she put on the mask and walked in.
The underground market is even more chaotic than Shanghai City at night, with feasting lights and demons dancing wildly.
This is an area beyond the control of the four giants, and those who come in will more or less hide their identities.
The girl's entry did not attract the attention of others. A gaze came from behind and fell on her, which was a little more interesting.
In the Starry Sky Bar, the bartender behind the counter noticed the man's abnormality and raised his eyes: "What are you looking at?"
"It's nothing." Fu Yun deeply hooked his lips, and the wine spoon turned into a stream of light between his slender and white fingers. He turned his head and smiled, "I saw a disobedient child who ran out of the house so late .”


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