Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 6

Still don’t know your identity?
The butler was even more bored, and didn't notice the girl's finger movement at all.
He spoke again: "Second Miss, with your appearance, there is really no way to please Madam, I think you should..."
At night, suddenly there was a laugh, with a bit of cynicalism, but it was cold when listening carefully.
"I don't even know if I don't come back. Now that the servants of the Ying family dare to order the master, is this how Madam Ying disciplines her?"
The man was tall and slender, and he was also wearing a black shirt with scattered buttons. His skin color became colder and whiter in the snow, like jade and soft porcelain.
Standing under the tree, it becomes a landscape of its own, and even under the snow and moonlight, it is hard to beat its romantic charm.
Ying Zijin narrowed his eyes, and put down his hand: "You haven't left yet?"
"It's a good thing we didn't leave." Fu Yunshen put one hand in his pocket, turned his head, the corners of his lips curled up, "If we leave, our children will be bullied."
The breeze picked up, blowing open his skirt, revealing a small piece of collarbone, exuding a faint emerald agarwood.
Calm and gentle, deadly**.
Ying Zijin was silent for a moment: "I'm too lazy to care."
She doesn't like to talk, and if she says one more word, it's better to fight.
An irrelevant person is not worth her time.
"Well, I know." Fu Yun patted her head deeply, "So I'll take care of it, and you can just watch from the sidelines."
He turned his head, raised his chin, still smiling: "Who do you ask to apologize?"
The butler didn't dare to vent his anger, his face was flushed, turning green and pale, his legs were trembling, and he knelt down.
Of course he would not fail to recognize the man who appeared here——
The seventh young master of the Fu family, Fu Yunshen.
The most flirtatious and playful son in Shanghai city, he only lingers in romantic places and does not seek to make progress.
I heard that Fu Yunshen was too indulgent and offended the heir of a family in the imperial capital, and was sent to Ozhou overnight by the Fu family.
Why did you come back suddenly?
And you are still protecting the second lady like this?
are you crazy?
But he didn't know at all that if Fu Yunshen hadn't appeared, he would have fallen to the ground now.
"I'm sorry, Miss Second." The housekeeper couldn't resist the pressure, raised his hand suddenly, slapped himself, and trembled, "I shouldn't be disrespectful to you, it's all my fault."
Fu Yunshen ignored it: "Go, kid, I'll send you in personally this time."
How dare the housekeeper stop him: "Seventh Young Miss, Second Miss, this way please."
While aggrieved, he was also relieved, at least Madam won't blame him.
The door opened, cold air swept in, and a layer of frost fell on the luxurious carpet.
On the first floor of the old house, the living room is fully heated.
A noble lady was sitting on the sofa. She was flipping through a book, her posture was elegant, and her every move showed the demeanor of a famous family.
This is Mrs. Ying Zhong Manhua, who was born in the Zhong family, one of the four wealthy families.
Zhong Manhua heard the footsteps, but did not raise her head, and said in a neutral tone: "Second Miss is subdued?"
The sound insulation of the old house is very good, and the people inside will not hear the movement outside.
The butler didn't dare to show his anger, so he only dared to whisper: "Ma'am."
"Huh?" Zhong Manhua frowned and raised his head, "I didn't convince you..."
When she saw the man, all the words in the back stopped.
Zhong Manhua was stunned for a few seconds before reacting.
She put down the book in her hand, stood up to greet her, and smiled as if she hadn't seen the girl: "It turns out to be Young Master Seven. I just heard your father say yesterday that you came back from O Continent. Why did you come to the Ying family so late for something important? ?"
The Fu family is the head of the four wealthy families. Even if Fu Yunshen has left Shanghai for three years, as long as Mr. Fu is still there, the Ying family cannot afford to offend.
"Send the child home." Fu Yunshen said with a calm expression, "I'm worried because I'm afraid she will be bullied."
Zhong Manhua's smile faltered, obviously not expecting such an answer. Then her eyes fell on the girl and asked, "What's going on?"
The butler hurriedly recounted what had happened previously.
After listening, Zhong Manhua frowned again, took a deep breath, and smiled again: "Seventh Young Master, this is a misunderstanding. I need you to make a trip. Zijin is also my daughter. How can I bear her suffering. "
"Is that so?" Fu Yun chuckled deeply, standing sluggishly, "That's good, I'm relieved. If Mrs. Ying treats her adopted daughter like this, she will gain a good reputation for being kind and loving."
Zhong Manhua's face looked a little ugly.
These words were clearly mocking.
"It's this guy—" Fu Yun glanced at him lightly and chuckled, "He's a little brave."
The butler's legs became weaker.
Zhong Manhua's face was tense and she didn't speak.
"But I'm an outsider, so I can't teach Mrs. Ying's servants a lesson." Fu Yunshen ignored him, but turned his head and raised his cell phone towards the girl, with a smile in his voice, "Kid, I'll save my cell phone number for you. Yes, please contact us anytime.”
The door was closed again, and there was dead silence in the room.
The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief and kept wiping his sweat.
"Where have you gone?" Zhong Manhua suppressed his anger and did not change his expression immediately after Fu Yunshen left. "Lu Wei said you left the hospital three hours ago. What were you doing?"
Running out alone on a snowy day, when will she be able to save her worries?
She also found a person to come back to anger her, not knowing the etiquette.
Ying Zijin didn't respond and she yawned.
In addition to being hungry, she would be sleepy now.
She wanted to experience being a normal person suddenly.
Zhong Manhua said coldly: "What are you asking, are you so rude?"
Ying Zijin raised his eyes and said calmly: "Why do you care about a living blood bank?"
Zhong Manhua could hardly believe her ears, her mind went blank for a moment, and her body trembled suddenly: "What did you say?"
The housekeeper also looked over in surprise, with a look of disbelief on his face.
The fact that the Ying family adopted an adopted daughter as a living blood bank for Ying Luwei was not a secret among the four wealthy families, and the entire upper class knew about it.
But no one paid attention to this matter, because it was not important. They would occasionally talk about it after dinner to add a bit of fun, and the Ying family didn't think there was anything wrong.
But when this ugly fact was exposed so bluntly, Zhong Manhua felt that all the fig leaves on her body were torn off, like thorns on her back, the blood in her body was cold, and her hands and feet were cold.
"Madam!" The housekeeper's eyes instantly turned cold and disgusted, "Second Miss, Madam is your biological mother, how can you talk to her like this?"
Uncultured stuff.
Do you think you can be arrogant just by being with Fu Yunshen?
After all, Zhong Manhua came from a famous family. She quickly calmed down her emotions and her expression softened a bit, but she still had a commanding tone: "You are nothing like this. I have prepared hot water for you. Go take a shower first. I will have something to say later. Tell you."
I saw the girl yawned again, ignored her and went upstairs.
Zhong Manhua's face was livid, and he placed the tea cup heavily on the table with a "pop".
The housekeeper lowered his head and did not dare to speak.
"Look at her attitude, and then listen to what she said?" Zhong Manhua was so angry that her heart and lungs hurt, and she felt even more aggrieved, "Does she think I want her blood to be drawn? The flesh that fell off my body , can I not feel bad?"


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