Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 5

As soon as he was so close, the extremely evil face was very close at hand.
With a pair of affectionate and smiling peach blossom eyes, she is extremely aggressive and almost unstoppable.
"Ahem, cough, cough!" Nie Chao choked, shocked by his shamelessness, "Fuck, Qi Shao, you have to save some face."
How could anyone tease someone else's little sister like this?
Ying Zijin rested his chin on his hand, raised his eyes when he heard the words, and said with an indifferent expression: "It's quite beautiful."
Nie Chao: "..."
One is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer. What can he say.
"Children who tell the truth are cute." Fu Yun stood up lazily, "Then I will be a good person to the end and send you home."
Just as Nie Chao wanted to ask him what to do, he was stopped by a look: "..."
Okay, he goes alone.
Hey, brothers have no human rights in front of women.
Nie Chao followed sadly.
Ying Zijin thought for a moment: "Don't bother, I already owe it after all the calculations."
For Fu Yunshen, apart from the obvious information such as age and name, other important things cannot be figured out. Perhaps it is because her abilities have not recovered, or it may be...
It's better to stay as far away as possible.
"Huh?" Fu Yunshen took out the car keys, and laughed when he heard this, "Why do you owe it? You reminded Nie Chao, aren't we trading fairly?"
He paused, then pursed his lips: "Well, kid, if you really feel that you owe me, why don't you tell me the gossip about Shanghai City."
Ying Zijin looked at him and raised his eyebrows: "Gossip?"
She knows the meaning of gossip, which means anecdotes, gossip, and gossip are not the same thing.
It seems that she still needs to learn a lot of new things in the 21st century.
"Didn't you just come back?" Fu Yunshen put his hand on the car door, "How about it, satisfy my curiosity?"
He raised his hand and made a please gesture.
Ying Zijin's eyes narrowed.
When she came to Earth for the first time, she stayed in O Continent for three hundred years, during which she traveled all over O Continent with different identities, so she knew the various etiquettes of all the royal families in O Continent.
This gesture originated from the royal family of country Y, but it was abandoned in the first half of the 16th century.
"If you don't get in the car again, your little uncle will come out soon." Fu Yun looked sideways deeply, "You see, I have no power or power, what if he arrests us both?"
This sentence made the girl make a decisive choice and sat in the co-pilot seat.
Fu Yun raised his eyebrows deeply: "Is Jiang Moyuan so intimidating? Kid, you broke my heart again."
Ying Zijin said lightly, "It's just troublesome."
Fu Yunshen was taken aback for a moment, obviously not expecting to hear such an answer, then he lifted his eyes and gave a low laugh.
The light brushed over the man's fine black hair, and then swayed down, dyeing his eyebrows and eyes light golden.
The crimson lips formed a sharp color contrast with the naturally cold and white skin, and the enchanting appearance remained undiminished.
He raised the car window: "I heard that Jiang Moyuan brought you from Qingshui County to Shanghai?"
"Yeah." Ying Zijin recalled for a moment, "They said they wanted to send me to Qingzhi to study."
Qingzhi Middle School is the No. 1 high school in Shanghai, but all the students who come out of the elite class can enter Imperial University, and the rate of the key one is over 98%. Parents are desperate to send their children in.
Ying Zijin looked out the window and squinted his eyes: "I had a car accident on the way and went to the hospital."
This car accident did not cause any fatal injuries, but it made the Ying family discover her existence, because she has an extremely rare Rhnull blood type, which is exactly the same as Ying Luwei.
This kind of blood is also known as golden blood. It is a true universal blood. It can be transfused to any other blood type, but if it is itself ischemic, it can only be transfused with the same Rhnull blood.
There are only a hundred people in the world with Rhnull blood type. Even the Ying family cannot provide sufficient blood supply in time when Ying Luwei is injured.
She just happened to be the right candidate.
Fu Yunshen paused with his fingers: "Because of this, the Ying family adopted you?"
Ying Zijin supported his head with his hands and answered casually, as if it was nothing to do with him: "Why don't you want the living blood bank that came to your door?"
Fu Yun tilted his head deeply, his eyes fixed for two seconds, then suddenly raised his hand and pinched the girl's face.
At the fingertips is a piece of softness, like cotton candy.
My heart suddenly moved.
Ying Zijin slowly turned his head, his face expressionless, and murderous intent emerged in his eyes: "What are you doing?"
"Don't think too much." Fu Yunshen seemed to be in a very good mood. He raised his lips and said, "Fasten your seat belt, let's go."
Thirty minutes later, the car stopped at the mid-level villa area.
"Remember to rest early." Fu Yunshen looked at the girl getting out of the car, "Drink more longan and red date soup."
Ying Zijin's eyelashes moved slightly: "I understand, thank you."
"Hearing you say thank you so many times a day makes my ears callused." The man put his slender forearm on the car window and chuckled, "I really want to thank me, and I'll make a fortune later."
Ying Zijin rubbed his head for the first time and said helplessly, "Okay."
Fu Yun heard the words deeply, and he didn't know what he thought of, and he was thoughtful for a while.
He did not leave immediately, but lazily added: "Okay, go and rest quickly, the night is too dark, I will watch you go."
Ying Zijin nodded: "You too."
After saying goodbye, she turned and walked towards the villas.
Before reaching the villa, the door was opened, and the housekeeper of the old house came out.
His eyes were stern and scrutinizing: "Second Miss is finally willing to come back?"
The girl stood at the foot of the steps, her long eyelashes stained with a layer of frost, and the tips of her hair were covered with snow.
Looks extremely miserable.
Her wrists were thin and white, with clear blood vessels, and her body was so thin that it seemed like she could collapse if the wind blew.
The housekeeper frowned, but he didn't forget what the people in the room told him.
He said: "Ma'am said, since Second Miss left the hospital with such a rebellious mentality and willfulness, then I would like to ask Second Miss not to go home tonight."
"When will the second young lady admit her mistake? When will she be able to come in?"
"Second Miss, please."
Full of irony.
The butler's expression was filled with displeasure and a bit of boredom.
This second young lady only knows how to make trouble and suffer more.
He wanted to see how long she could hold out in such heavy snow.
Unexpectedly, after hearing this, the girl didn't even look at him, turned around and left without any nostalgia.
The housekeeper was stunned.
Why did you leave?
Shouldn't you cry and apologize and ask for forgiveness?
He knew that the madam's original intention was not to punish the second young lady, but to make her understand the importance of elders and younger ones and make fewer mistakes.
If he really lets the second lady go, he will be the only one who will be punished.
The housekeeper quickly stepped forward and stood in front of the girl, with a worried look on his face: "Second Miss, where do you want to go?"
He warned again: "Second Miss, don't be self-willed anymore. If you apologize to Madam and Miss Luwei, you won't have to suffer. What good will it do you to be disobedient?"


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