Novel Name : She is a true daughter, she is an all-round boss

Chapter 1

"Zijin, although you are our biological daughter, we have raised Xiaoxuan for fifteen years, and we have a deep relationship with her. She was raised by wealth since she was a child, and she is not as able to endure hardships as you have been in the country, so the young lady of the Ying family It’s Xiaoxuan, I’ve wronged you a little, but you’re so kind, Mom knows you won’t mind, don’t worry, you won’t lack anything you should have.”
"What? You want to go too, are you kidding me? They want a famous lady, and you can't even play a piano piece. Why go there? You'll only be embarrassed."
In the dream, there were chaotic figures and the disgusted and contemptuous looks they cast.
After a few seconds, Ying Zijin finally woke up.
Her long eyelashes moved, her eyes opened, and what came into her eyes was a white ward, with the smell of disinfectant filling her nose.
"Hey, are you awake?" A sarcastic voice came from above her head, "I thought you were dead. Don't move. Why are you moving? Are you responsible if the needle escapes?"
One hand held her down, seemingly holding the needle in place, but in fact it pinched her wound hard, and even used nails to dig into the flesh.
However, the girl showed no sign of pain. She turned her wrist and pressed her hand on the bedside table.
The man suddenly felt pain and screamed: "Are you sick?!"
"Xiao Jin!" There was another young woman in the ward. She was startled and hurriedly stepped forward, "This is Doctor Lu. He is not here to harm you."
The girl turned her head, revealing her pale and bloodless face in the air, sickly and without energy.
But if you look closely at the facial features, they are very delicate. They are rare phoenix eyes. When you turn them slightly, there will be light passing by, floating green and flowing elixir, which will disappear obviously.
It has a powerful bewitching power that makes people lose consciousness.
The woman's eyes flickered, and she asked with concern: "Xiao Jin, is there any discomfort for you?"
The girl didn't say anything, but her hands relaxed.
Dr. Lu rubbed his wrists and backed away, reprimanded: "It really is an uneducated white-eyed wolf."
Ying Zijin raised her eyes, her long and narrow phoenix eyes were still stained with dew.
Her voice was low and hoarse after waking up, and it was a bit more hazy and cold: "Sorry, I just woke up, I thought a dog bit me."
Doctor Lu's expression changed: "You!"
"Okay, Xiaojin has already apologized, stop arguing." The woman persuaded, then softened her voice, she pursed her lips, her face was full of self-blame, "Xiaojin, I'm sorry, if it wasn't because of me You don’t need to give me a blood transfusion because of my illness, I didn’t expect you to faint this time.”
"That's what she deserves!" Doctor Lu looked disgusted, "Isn't she the poor adopted daughter of your Ying family? You still need to find me to help her take care of her health? You don't treat your real niece like that All right?"
The woman sighed: "Xiao Jin has suffered too much, how can she compare with Xiao Xuan?"
"It can't be compared." Dr. Lu smiled now, contemptuously, "I heard from my brother that she is the second in grade, unlike some white-eyed wolf who relied on money to enter the elite class, but was dropped by the second-to-last Over 100 points, it’s really embarrassing.”
The woman frowned: "Don't say that, Xiao Jin was still number one in her previous middle school."
Dr. Lu snorted: "The first place in a county can't even pass the second exam."
However, the conversation between the two did not affect Ying Zijin at all. She glanced at the woman casually, and a name appeared in her mind——
Ying Luwei.
Her sister-in-law, 25 years old this year, is the number one socialite in Shanghai and a famous pianist in China.
Ying Luwei suffers from hemophilia. Once a wound occurs in a patient with this disease, he will bleed continuously and it is difficult to heal. Moreover, her blood type is still extremely rare Rhnull, which is extremely difficult to match. There is still no complete cure.
Ying Zijin looked at his slender wrist where he could even see the blood vessels, and said with a lazy expression, "Tsk."
She didn't die, this is the earth she used to come to, and her name is still Ying Zijin, but she is no longer the god in the world of spiritual cultivation who "determines life and death with one divination, and sees fortune and fortune at a glance".
Now she is an adopted daughter of the Ying family who is not on the stage, and she is Ying Luwei's mobile living blood bank, available at any time.
This time, she fainted because Ying Luwei was injured. She had been forced to draw blood for several days, and she still couldn't resist.
"What happened at that time?" Dr. Lu looked at Ying Luwei, "Who pushed you down? You were standing aside, did you see that?"
The last words were spoken to the girl.
Seeing that she didn't move, Dr. Lu immediately became angry: "I'm asking you something, are you dumb?"
"Noisy." Ying Zijin frowned and said, "Quiet."
"What's your attitude?" Dr. Lu slapped the folder in his hand on the table heavily, and sneered, "Lu Wei, I'm sorry, I'm just treating her like that. I'm dying of her illness now."
Ying Zijin slowly gathered his clothes and said, "The door is over there."
Dr. Lu originally wanted the girl to speak softly and beg her, but unexpectedly punched her in the air, his expression was momentarily embarrassed, his face was burning with pain, and he said, "What kind of prestige is a bitch who seduces my little uncle?" , left in a hurry.
"Xiao Jin!" Ying Luwei scolded, "Dr. Lu is an expert recuperation physician. If you piss her off, what will happen to your body?"
"Yes, an expert in glucose infusion." Ying Zijin said calmly, "I don't know, you thought I was going to undergo some major surgery."
Ying Luwei's heart skipped a beat: "Xiao Jin?"
Ying Zijin sat up with his elbows propped on the bed: "But what the experts said makes sense. I also want to know who pushed my sister down. The evildoers will always show their feet."
She picked up the mobile phone beside the bed and looked at the woman: "Do you think so?"
The girl's aura was suddenly overwhelming, Ying Luwei couldn't stand it at all, she frowned, displeased: "Xiao Jin, you really don't want to be self-willed anymore, I don't care if you hurt me, but if you keep doing this If you go down and bump into a big shot one day, how can I protect you?"
"Then thank you, sister-in-law. I heard that you specially chose this ward for me." Ying Zijin looked up at the house number and seemed to be smiling, "The number is not bad."
After saying that, she walked straight out of Ward No. 914 without looking at the woman's expression.
Ying Luwei bit her lip, her eyes darkened.
After thinking about it, she took out her mobile phone and dialed a number. After connecting, she whispered, "Mo Yuan, Xiao Jin listens to you the most on weekdays. Can you persuade her for me?"
The person on the other end of the phone seemed not expecting to hear such a sentence, and was silent for a moment, very indifferent: "Take care of your body and leave her alone, if she makes further progress, I will send someone to send her away."
The wind and snow are falling, and the snow is wrapped in snow.
Shanghai is located along the coast, and there is no snow in the depths of winter. But this year, the beginning of spring has passed, but in mid-February, snow started to fall, scattered in the night sky, and it was freezing cold.
At nine o'clock in the evening, people were coming and going on the streets, and it was very lively.
The girl was only wearing a simple black shirt, her legs were slender and straight, and she was carrying a shoulder bag. She walked slowly and was extremely out of place with everything around her.
Her face is pale, but she is still beautiful. Occasionally, the light of a neon light passes between her eyebrows, like tiny stars slowly spreading.
across the street—
"Hey, Young Master Qi." Nie Chao's eyes immediately fixed and he bumped the waist of the person next to him, "Guess who I saw?"
"Huh?" The man looked casual, "Did you see your old lover again?"
He was leaning against the wall, his body was tall and slender, his posture was lazy, and he looked like a dandy.
Xiu Ruomeigu's fingers were playing with a ring, but the hand was whiter than jade.
The wind and snow blurred his features, but they did not cover up his exquisite beauty, making them look more dusty.
The man has a pair of peach blossom eyes with a natural smile, slightly bent, looking at everyone as if they are affectionate, and they are directly discharging, which is extremely seductive.
Born to be a seductive monster.
Nie Chao thought to himself, it's no wonder those ladies couldn't see anyone else when they saw such a face, even a man like him wanted to kneel.
"What old lover, I never turn back. I saw the girl the Ying family adopted a few months ago."
The man hummed absentmindedly, his right leg slightly bent, and his slightly raised profile, both in arc and line, were just perfect, causing passers-by to turn around frequently.
Nie Chao knew that he wasn't interested, so he said, "You just came back and you didn't know that the adopted daughter of the Ying family seduced her sister-in-law's fiancé."
The man raised his eyebrows slightly, and finally responded: "Jiang Moyuan?"
"It's him." Nie Chao clicked his tongue, "She's so courageous."
Jiang Mo is far older than these young masters, but he is only five or six years older. Before he reaches thirty, he is already the top leader in the company. Everyone in Shanghai will respectfully call him "Jiang Sanye".
Jiang Moyuan and Ying Luwei are also well-matched, both from the four wealthy families, one is the number one lady in Shanghai, and the other is the man most ladies want to marry.
Nie Chao sighed: "Seventh Young Master, you said that if you do a good job, with your face, you must be the one they most want to marry."
Apart from Jiang Moyuan, the most famous person in Shanghai is Fu Yunshen, the Seventh Young Master of the Fu family in front of him.
It's just that the latter doesn't have a good reputation. It seems that there are no other advantages besides a good face and money.
But Nie Chao feels that he has been unable to see through this dude.
Fu Yun narrowed his eyes and smiled casually: "I don't want to be like him."
"That's right." Nie Chao said, "It's better to spend time and drink, such freedom, thanks to the fact that I'm not the only one in my family, and I won't be arrested by the old man to inherit the company."
Fu Yunshen didn't speak.
"You may not know that the Ying family will adopt her just to provide blood for Ying Luwei. She is quite pitiful." Nie Chao added, "But poor people must also be hateful. I think this Ying family adopted her Women's morals are not good."
He looked at the girl and was amazed: "But she is really good-looking, tsk tsk, those in the imperial capital can't compare to her."
Fu Yunshen still didn't respond, his peach blossom eyes were slightly lowered, and he didn't know what he was thinking.
There was no one to gossip with, and Nie Chao was bored. Just when he was about to ask the man if he wanted to go to the newly opened bar, he was suddenly surprised: "Hey, Qi Shao, this adopted daughter of the Ying family seems to be in trouble."
Five street gangsters appeared out of nowhere and blocked the girl's way. They had malicious and lewd smiles on their faces, and two of them had knives in their hands.
Many people around saw it, but they all just glanced at it indifferently, and then hurried away.
"I now believe that there is such a thing as retribution." Nie Chao did not move, as if watching a good show, "Look at her thin arms and legs, how pitiful she is."
Fu Yunshen didn't go to look, but said: "Go and help."
"Help?" Nie Chao suspected that he heard wrongly, "No, Qi Shao, you actually asked me to help her? Do you know how bad her reputation is in Shanghai? If you go there, you will get dirty."
"She's just a little girl." Fu Yunshen raised his eyelids, "You just heard it from hearsay. It's normal for rich families to confuse right and wrong. How do you know what kind of person she is?"
Nie Chaoyi thought the same thing: "But why should I help?"
Fu Yunshen said lazily, "You know how to do karate."
"Okay, okay." Nie Chao said helplessly, "I'm going to help, but if the adopted daughter of the Ying family comes to rely on me, I'll say it's you."
"Yeah." Fu Yunshen said lightly, "It's mine."
Nie Chao reluctantly stepped forward, but before he arrived, an accident happened.
I saw the girl holding the arm of the gangster with an expressionless face, suddenly raised it, and threw her over the shoulder with her backhand, her movements were hard and fast.
Within ten seconds, she punched, kicked, raised her feet and struck with elbows, quickly knocking down the remaining gangsters without even taking a breath.
It was so fast that everyone was caught off guard, and the passers-by around were shocked.
Nie Chao was dumbfounded: "..."
Fu Yun narrowed his eyes, slowly stood up straight, raised his peach blossom eyes, and suddenly smiled.


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