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Novel Name : Witch Queen

Chapter 20

The last thing she wanted was for Xuan Yue to get hurt. She, Xuan Yue, is a hard-working person, and she has suffered enough injuries and sufferings in her daily life! If she can protect Xuan Yue's safety with her life, she is willing. If you die, you may not have to suffer anymore!
Su Ruling said coldly: "It seems that she won't tell unless she suffers a little! From the way she looks like this, Xuanli must not be lying. She must know Xuanyue's secret!"
Xuanli said: "I already knew it! But she refused to tell, Feifei, what do you think we should do?"
Liu Feifei thought for a while, then showed a hint of indifference: "Extort a confession with torture! You can do whatever you want, just take a breath! I'll take care of everything! Even if the dean comes, you don't dare to break into my house at will." Small courtyard!"
Su Ruling smiled jokingly: "You don't dare to do anything if he comes in? Feifei, you have a shadow killer as a bodyguard, level eight! Looking at the entire Jingtao City, no one is his opponent, right? Your Liu family is so powerful , any servant can dominate!"
Xuanli immediately said: "My grandfather and my father are both eighth level!"
Su Ruling said: "My father is also at the eighth level! Stupid! The four heroes of Stormy Waves definitely don't count! That is the strength of the peak level of the eighth level! Besides the four of them, who else is at the peak level of the eighth level in Stormy Wave City? Even an eighth-level junior is enough to dominate one side! Even our dean, the dean of Xinglan Academy, one of the four aristocratic academies in the empire, is only at the seventh rank! A dignified dean, even a servant of Feifei Even worse, tell me, can a servant of the Liu family dominate the world?"
Liu Feifei glared at her.
Su Ru closed her mouth wisely: "I know! I know, this matter cannot be known to others, and I will not say it in the future." After speaking, she glanced at Yun Bei and gave her a fierce stare. The meaning is obvious: if you dare to tell this matter, you will be dead!
Liu Feifei said coldly: "Stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and extract a confession!"
"I'll come first!"
Su Ruling took a step forward and punched Yun Bei, knocking her to the ground without even the ability to fight back.
Yunbei got up with difficulty, but still couldn't stand firm.
Su Ruling punched her again, directly on her back, and forced her to the ground.
The heartbreaking pain made Yunbei break into a cold sweat.
But she gritted her teeth tightly, remained silent, and endured the pain.
Su Ruling asked curiously: "When did this useless little girl become so strong-willed? She doesn't even make a fuss about being cheated like this?"
Xuanli grabbed her clothes and said viciously: "You bastard! What good did that little bitch do to you? You even risked your own life to defend her!"
Yunbei didn't say a word! He just gritted his teeth tightly and his lips were bleeding.
His face was bruised and bloody, but his bright black eyes were still clear and clear.
She is not afraid at all.
Every part of my body hurt so badly, my bones seemed to be loose, but my heart felt indescribably happy.
The thin and thin body exudes a kind of tragic and open-mindedness that regards death as home...
Her aura shocked even the three queens!
Where is this weak little girl who can't even hear her voice?
It turned out that Xuanyue was not the only one whose temperament and temperament had changed.
"How about killing her!"
Su Ruling stuck out her tongue, feeling very unhappy.
Liu Feifei said: "Are you crazy? Kill someone? In Stormy Waves City, no one dares to ask us what kind of crime the three of us committed. Killing is not acceptable. Do you understand?"
Su Ruling said: "Then what should I do? See how this damn girl refuses to say anything, she has made up her mind!"
Liu Feifei scolded: "Even you can see it! Don't I know?"
Su Ruling said: "Then what should we do now? Let her go? Or continue to extract confessions? She can't even stand upright now. I'm afraid that if the beating continues, she's really dead. What a tough bastard!"
Xuan Li said: "Why don't we beat her to death? Just let her breathe, and it's none of our business whether she can be revived or not, as long as she doesn't die here! Said Maybe she couldn't bear it in the end, so she confessed!"
A trace of coldness flashed in Liu Feifei's eyes.
"What did Yunbei go to find Liu Feifei and the others? Why didn't I know that she knew these villains?" Song Jingang heard someone say that Yunbei and Xuanli left together on the road, and they seemed to be heading for Liu Feifei's small courtyard. The direction went. He then directly found Liu Feifei's courtyard. Along the way, he couldn't figure out why Yunbei got involved with these few people.
"What are you doing? Get out of here." A vicious man at the door kicked Song Jingang away.
"Wow! You are so fierce!"
Song Jingang was obese, but he was very agile, and he dodged the kick lightly.
"My name is Huoman! I'm Miss Xuan's servant! Kid, you're quite nimble! Go away and play, not just anyone can come here!" He moved quickly, gained a bit of sympathy, and spoke more politely.
"Brother, I'm not here to play. I'm here to find someone." Song Jingang quickly made friends.
"Who are you looking for?"
"Have not heard."
"How come I haven't heard of it? Song Jingang is in a hurry. I just asked many people, and they all said that they saw Yunbei and Miss Xuan Lixuan coming here together!"
"If I say no, there is no. There is no such person here, you go!" Upon hearing Yun Bei's name, Huo Man returned to indifference.
"Brother, can you let me go in and take a look?"
"There is really no one you are looking for here! If you don't leave, I will be rude!"
"I beg you……"
Song Jingang was about to plead a few words, when suddenly, there was a miserable howl from the yard!
Then I heard a shrill voice: "I will never betray Xuanyue!"
"It's Yun Bei's voice! It's her voice! She's inside! She's screaming so badly, she must be hurt! I want to go in!" Song Jingang was impatient and wanted to forcefully rush over!
Huoman's thick arm like an iron rod swept towards Song Jingang's chest with a gust of wind. Song Jingang's skin is thick and his skills are good, but after this blow, he was also dizzy, almost lost his footing, the blood in his chest was churning, it was extremely uncomfortable!
"This big man's skill is much higher than mine! If he can't rush through, what should we do?"
Song Jingang is in a hurry!
Suddenly, he thought of someone.
By the way, it's Xuanyue!
Didn't Yunbei just shout that he wouldn't betray Xuan Yue?
He didn't know what happened, but it must have something to do with Xuanyue. Besides, Xuanyue and Xuanli are cousins after all, relatives, so there should be some sympathy for them!
"Yunbei! Hold on! I'll find someone to save you!"


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