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Novel Name : Dark Juggernaut

Chapter 20

After Rhaegar fainted, he vaguely heard someone arguing, but he couldn't hear exactly what was being argued about.
He felt someone pick him up and place him in a soft place. He tried hard to get up, but it was like a huge mountain was pressing on his chest, preventing him from moving.
He smelled a flower-like fragrance around him, but his scattered consciousness made it impossible for him to tell whether it was a flower or a person like a flower...
Mrs. Chunyu, who was sitting in the carriage, was young. Perhaps because of her unfortunate experiences, there was always a touch of sadness on her bright moon-like face. She was wearing a pure white dress, and the long skirt was studded with Jinghai pearls, each one as big as a horse's eye. The shoulder-length neckline of the dress reveals her delicate collarbones, and her soft golden hair hangs down on her chest, just covering her two towering breasts.
She slightly lifted the hem of her gorgeous dress, bent down and got as close as possible to Rhaegar, observing his body carefully with her bright moon eyes. Her movements were gentle, quiet, and full of holy care, as if she were visiting a newborn baby.
She has an innate elegance, and every movement and every look in her eyes is dignified, graceful and graceful. But when he bent down, his hair fell down to Rega's body, and the deep gap between the white and warm jade breasts was inadvertently revealed.
The hair brushed against Rhaegar's body like a warm spring breeze. He tried hard to grab it, but with all his strength, he could only make his fingers twitch.
Mrs. Chunyu saw Lei Jia's body reacting, and immediately spread her jade-like palms and recited a low-level fire magic spell.
She has been judged to be gifted in magic since she was a child, and she has also entered the Women's Magic Academy to study. Although she had to interrupt her magic dream due to family affairs, she has not forgotten the basic magic.
As she chanted the incantation, faint red flames condensed into balls from her palms, beating endlessly.
Rega's body was cold, and the flames could ward off the cold, but as soon as her palm moved above Rega's body, the red flames immediately went out.
Mrs. Chunyu took a breath of surprise, which immediately made the loyal servant Akli outside the car nervous.
"Ma'am? Are you okay?"
Akli now regretted putting the homeless child of unknown origin in Mrs. Chunyu's carriage.
Dudun took the opportunity and said angrily: "If Madam is injured, it will be your fault alone."
"If something happens, I will use my own life to protect my wife's safety, instead of just trying to shirk responsibility like you!" Akli said disdainfully.
"Old guy! Why do you go against me everywhere!"
"Stop talking nonsense, I'll be with you anytime you want to duel!"
Mrs. Chunyu pressed her forehead and sighed softly: "You two stay away from the car, otherwise I won't be able to concentrate."
Akli said hurriedly: "Madam, let me stay, I must protect your safety."
Duton also said: "Madam, I should be the one who stays. I was personally assigned by the Marquis of Baisha to protect you!"
"Stand farther away."
Mrs. Chunyu's voice rarely became stern: "Stand a hundred meters away and don't let me hear any sound you make."
Akli opened his mouth, not daring to disobey the hostess's order. He looked at Duton bitterly, and then walked a hundred meters away.
With a sinister smile on his face, Du Dun turned around and walked in the opposite direction of Akli.
After driving away the two noisy servants, Mrs. Chunyu cleared away the distracting thoughts in her mind, and rechanted the incantation of elementary flame magic. The flame rose from the palm of her hand, but disappeared without a trace as soon as it approached Rhaegar's body. .
Mrs. Chunyu frowned slightly. Using magic requires spiritual power, and as someone who only knows a little bit about magic, her developed spiritual power is very limited. The two fire spells almost exhausted her. The spiritual power, at least today she can't use it for the third time. Mrs. Chunyu sighed tiredly and said softly: "I'm sorry, I don't know how to save you."
Her voice was full of sincere sorrow, without any falsehood.
She sat back on her seat softly, looked at Rhaegar with pity, and began to think about other ways to rescue—although it was very slim, she was still kind and unwilling to give up a young life easily.
Rega's clothes were very thin and soaked in sweat. His scarred body smelled of decay, and his delicate face was covered with blood. In just a few minutes, the stench and blood stained the gorgeous carriage. Unbearable.
Mrs. Chunyu didn't care about these things. She noticed that Lei Jia was obviously unconscious, and his anger was like a silk, but his arms were still firmly hugging the pile of messy clothes on his chest.
Her heart moved, and regardless of the blood and filth, she stretched out her hand to grab the pile of broken clothes, wanting to see what happened.
The Heron sword fell out of the cloth wrapping violently, which shocked Mrs. Chunyu a lot.
Rega, who was in a coma, only felt the power suppressed on his body suddenly disappear. He opened his bloodshot eyes suddenly, and found himself in the carriage, with a woman with a fragrance like a flower sitting opposite him. He didn't pay attention to the woman's appearance, only saw the woman bent down her soft body, picked up his heron sword, frowned slightly, and looked at it carefully.
my sword!
A hoarse voice came from Rhaegar's throat, but his paralyzed tongue still couldn't clearly utter a complete syllable.
Mrs. Chunyu raised her head in surprise, "You're awake..."
Before she could finish her words, Rhaegar immediately jumped on her roughly and threw her onto the soft seat. One dirty hand pressed on her flawless chest to prevent her from moving, and the other Then he grabbed his Heron Sword.
Mrs. Chunyu screamed subconsciously, and instinctively began to resist and struggle. She is not a magician in the true sense, let alone a fighter assassin. With just a weak female body, she can't push Rega away from the frantic state.
As soon as Rhaegar's hand touched the hilt of the Heron Sword, he immediately felt the world spinning. He wanted to grit his teeth and persist, but his rapidly weakening body could not support it at all. He fainted again. The Heron Sword was thrown aside, and his body was heavy. Pressing on Mrs. Chunyu's dress.
Mrs. Chunyu struggled in panic, but accidentally pulled down the neckline of her low-cut dress. One of her snow-white breasts popped out immediately, while the other was half-covered and ready to come out.
Hearing the hostess' scream, Akeli immediately ran to the carriage out of breath, and asked while running, "What happened?"
Mrs. Chunyu responded hastily. Such an embarrassing scene cannot be seen by Akeli and Duton no matter what.
"Ma'am, I heard a strange voice inside!" It was Duton who spoke, and even he noticed that Mrs. Chunyu's tone was a little weird.
Mrs. Chunyu suppressed her beating heart, took a deep breath, and then said: "It's okay, I can solve it myself."
Hearing this, Akeli and Duton could only wait obediently outside the carriage, and entering the owner's room without permission was a very serious offense.
Mrs. Chunyu pushed Lei Jia's body away, and then quickly lifted up the dress, covering the round hemisphere. Her whole body was trembling, half from shame and anger, and half from fear.
Lei Jia woke up again. His first thought was to control Madam Chunyu, but his body was still in an extremely weak state and there was no way to act. He could only stare at Madam Chunyu with a pair of black eyes. .
A hint of anger appeared on Mrs. Chunyu's fair face. As the daughter of a lord, she had never encountered such frivolous things. Let alone a wanderer, even other lords and nobles would never dare to be so disrespectful to her. Her outstanding aristocratic qualities disappeared without a trace the moment her breasts were exposed. She blushed and asked angrily: "Do you know what you just did?"
Rhaegar opened his mouth and uttered vague syllables.
Madam Chunyu blinked in surprise, "What are you talking about?"
The paralyzed state of the tongue was still not eliminated, Lei Jia sighed helplessly, pointed to Heron Sword, and then pointed to himself.
"It turns out he is mute..."
The pity in Mrs. Chunyu's heart couldn't help adding a little more. Since he is mute, even if he saw the scene just now, he would not be able to tell anyone about it. Mrs. Chunyu calmed down a little, and the red tide of embarrassment on her face gradually subsided.
"Listen, I don't know what injury you suffered, but judging from the situation just now, it must have something to do with this sword."
In order to prove this point, Mrs. Chunyu carefully bent down to pick up the Heron Sword while guarding against being jumped by Lei Jia again. However, she forgot to guard against the beautiful spring scenery in her chest, which was clearly visible to Lei Jia sitting opposite. .
But Lei Jia had no time to appreciate it, he stared firmly at Heron Sword, his eyes became uncontrollably wild.
Madam Chunyu picked up the Heron Sword and placed it far away from Rhaegar.
After the heron sword was removed, Lei Jia's body immediately felt a little relaxed, and some blood color gradually returned to his face.
Seeing that Lei Jia did not act violently, Mrs. Chunyu let out a slight breath, "Look, I didn't lie to you, did I? You have to stay away from this sword."
These words made him feel more uncomfortable than stabbing a bloody hole in Rhaegar's body with a sword. He finally understood that the problem was not with Heron Sword, but with himself. The thought of it left only the taste of bile in his parched mouth.
Now that Lei Jia is fine, it is inconvenient for Madam Chunyu to stay with him. She pushed the carriage door open and shouted to her loyal servant: "Akeli, take care of him, and take this sword away by the way."
Akli was about to step forward, but Dudun got there first, "Madam, leave this little thing to me. Akli is the coachman. He can drive the car with peace of mind so that we can get back to Senyan City before dark."
Mrs. Chunyu was a little surprised by Dudun's proactive attitude, but she didn't think much about it and handed the Heron Sword to Dudun with confidence.


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