Novel Name : The crooked magician

Chapter 20

"Look carefully, study hard, I will only demonstrate this once!"
Lorraine took a deep breath and concentrated all the pressure on the blade, the rustling sound made people's eardrums tingle.
"What I cast is different from yours. You use compression magic and control. But I control my murderous aura!"
The murderous aura that was originally floating around suddenly became docile, as if being deliberately controlled by someone, gradually compressed, and finally endured on the blade of the sword and became as silent as water.
"The key is to control and polish your own strength, gradually compress it, and compress it into a thin piece or the shape of a needle. Its piercing and piercing ability will be infinitely stronger than before!"
Lorraine got up and took a step, a look of madness flashed across his face, and in an uproar, he slashed at the originally stable barrier with a sword. Under this strong killing intent and power, a crack was split open in one face.
Lorraine lowered his head very dissatisfied, looked at the sword in his hand, and said to himself: "Tsk, I really can't get used to this sword, if what I held in my hand just now was a knife or a black knife, It was already split open with a knife."
Irenas Mira originally thought that Lorraine was just a third-rate magic teacher, but after recalling it just now, he completely changed his perception of him.
The strong murderous aura was mixed with a fierce and fierce aura, and the originally stable barrier almost shook when it hit the barrier.
Lorraine turned around and stuck the sword on the ground, turned around and took Kurogiri back.
Almost neatly and without making any unnecessary movements, he turned around and pulled it out directly, unsheathed the sword and struck with an instant strike!
The powerful air flow cut the air in half, and the smooth marble floor tore open a crack under the sharp and fierce sword energy.
" this really human?!"
Irenas Mira took a step forward uncontrollably, stretched out her hands, as if she was about to caress something, and watched the tall barrier in front of her be cut in half by the knife, extending directly to the sky .
"how did you do it?"
Lorraine stood up and stuck the knife on the ground, slowly raised his hair with his right hand, and said heroically: "When you can swing the knife tens of thousands of times a day, you will naturally understand the principle of how to stack damage."
Mira suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood and squatted on the ground, barely holding on to the other sword to prevent herself from falling.
Ming Ke seemed to realize something, and in a panic, he crouched down and tore the clothes off Mira's arm under the fair skin. There was a snake's tooth mark with green fluid flowing from it.
"Are you poisoned?!"
Seeing this, Lorraine looked over. The wound was deep and spread quickly. The poison on his arm could be clearly seen, and it had begun to flow along his meridians to most of his body.
"Mingke, can you use magic to help her detoxify?"
"I can't do it. I have never seen snake venom like this. Even to detoxify this kind of poison, you need to prepare a magic potion."
"Forget it, it doesn't matter if you don't want this arm, it's better than losing your life!" As Mira picked up the sword and was about to strike, Lorraine quickly stopped it with a sharp eye.
"What are you doing!"
"Things haven't reached the point of self-harm, maybe I can do something about it!"
Lorraine picked up the knife and cut his wrist and handed it over: "In the past, I have taken countless medicinal herbs that I used indiscriminately when I was dying in the forbidden forest, but what I took at that time was definitely not poison, so I The blood is also full of medicinal properties. In terms of poison, although it may not be able to detoxify you, it can at least provide some relief."
Mira also knew this truth very well, and she didn't care about any shame. No matter what, it was better than death. Fortunately, she didn't care about the etiquette, grabbed Lorraine's arm and let the blood flow into her mouth.
"But you won't do this, right?" Mingke stepped forward and asked with concern.
"Don't worry, no, sometimes I have left more blood outside than this, and my physical strength is many times stronger than yours. Naturally, no one can match my blood-forming ability, at least I I haven't seen anyone with a stronger physique than me." Lorraine replied with a smile.
After a while, Mira stopped, stretched out her hand and gently wiped away the blood flowing outside her mouth, covering her lips, making her look even more alluring.
"I feel much better, and my vision is not as blurred as before, but I guess the snake venom should be mixed poison, at least it can be treated with potion and medicine."
"Go to the potion room! There are a lot of medicinal materials and medicines stored there."
Lorraine went up to a princess and hugged Mira into his arms. The charming deodorant made him not only a little dazed, but also his nose was a little sore. But he shook his head vigorously, now is not the time to think about this kind of question.
"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Lorraine ran quickly. After getting along with the academy during this period, he also knew the approximate location of the potion room, and he was familiar with it.
Irenas Mira was a little shy at the beginning. After all, it was the first time he was snuggled in the arms of a boy since he was a child. He could even feel Lorraine's strong abdominal muscles. With those well-developed muscles, I couldn't help but blush.
Ming Ke ran after them with Mira's double swords and Lorraine's scabbard, but she didn't know why, she wasn't prepared to think about this situation, but seeing Lorraine just hugging Mira's action. Her nose was also sore for a while, and she felt worried about gain and loss, and she simply couldn't care so much, so she could only follow desperately.
Lorraine looked at the towering building with disgust and disgust on his face, and simply stood where he was. Stepping out with his right foot, the ground was instantly shattered, unable to bear the pressure. With a leap, Fuyao directly kicked a window in the middle and jumped in.
On the way here, regardless of his care, he found the potion classroom almost on a rampage, and kicked it away, but the incoming magic attack forced him to hide behind.
Lorraine just pulled out the black cut from his waist, but after seeing the person behind the door clearly, he put it back.
"You are the teachers of the academy?!"
After the broken classroom door was slowly pushed open, a female mage wearing a wizard hat appeared in front of him.
"Yes, sorry, I thought I was an enemy when I offended you just now."
"Don't worry about it so much, save this student!"
Lorraine couldn't help but rushed in and found a table, swept everything on the ground with his hands, put Mira on it and took off his coat, tore it into strips, and tied it tightly to Mira's poisoned bed. The lower part of that arm.


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