Novel Name : 33 Days of Warm Marriage

Chapter 70

Yang San'er was sweating profusely, and his mother Li's face was also pale, with panic in her eyes.

"Lao Yang, think of a solution quickly." Ms. Li was flustered. "The eldest lady of the Ye family has a cold temperament. I'm afraid she will be detrimental to San'er..."

"What have you been doing!?" Yang Ye stood up, hating that iron could not become steel. "A loving mother loses so much!"

After saying that, he walked around the desk and walked out of the study with a straight face.

What is supposed to come will come sooner or later.

He couldn't hide from what he had to face.

"Just stay here! Don't go anywhere!"


Professor Ye stepped out of the car and walked steadily to the front door of the Yang family.

Behind him, dozens of bodyguards in suits remained absolutely silent. But those cold and resolute faces revealed a chilling air.

She walked straight into Yang's house, and the two security guards didn't dare to stop her. I had to run to report the news.

"Block the back door."

Professor Ye paced forward, his red lips slightly parted: "Without my permission, the only ones who leave the Yang family are corpses."


Several bodyguards in suits withdrew from the large group and walked towards the back door of Yang's house.

Professor Ye walked a few steps forward, and two bodyguards stopped. Take charge of your surroundings to ensure nothing goes wrong.

No one can guarantee that Yang San'er didn't leave any tricks behind.

The escaped killer has not yet been found. All of this may threaten Professor Ye's life.

And this is absolutely not allowed to happen to the bodyguards following Professor Ye.

In their hearts, even if Professor Ye lost even one hair, the consequences would be unbearable.

"Miss Ye is here." Yang Ye strode forward with a smile all over his face. "It really makes this humble house shine!"

Yang Ye led the crowd to greet him with a diligent attitude.

"Uncle Yang, you don't need to see outsiders." Professor Ye said with a cold tone and expressionless face. "Is Yang San'er at home? I want to talk to him."

"San'er went out to a party with friends." Yang Ye was quite calm. "Miss Ye can tell me anything, I'll tell San'er later."

"I'll wait for him."

Professor Ye came to the living room and sat down slowly.

Tea and snacks were served quickly. More than a dozen bodyguards in suits lined up on both sides, with arrogance and arrogance. In an instant, the atmosphere in the huge living room was oppressive and suffocating.

Yang Ye dismissed the people and came over with an apologetic smile: "Miss Ye, did our third son make you unhappy? If so, I will definitely take care of him when we get back."

Paused: "The last time San'er accompanied me to deliver tea to Mr. Ye, the old man asked San'er to learn more from Ms. Ye."

Professor Ye frowned slightly, and a cold look flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Playing the emotional card?

"I never taught him to pay for murder." Professor Ye took a sip from his teacup, then raised his eyes to scan Yang Ye. "Uncle Yang, did you teach me this?"

Yang Ye's heart was beating like thunder, and the smile on his face gradually froze. He took a breath and said, "Miss Ye, you misunderstood. How could our three sons—"


Professor Ye dropped the teacup casually, the tea stains splashed and stained Yang Ye's trouser legs.

"It's Yang San'er who is so talented that I'm jealous of the dragon and phoenix among others. Or is it that your Yang family is so rich that it stands on the top of a pearl. Make me jealous?"

Professor Ye said in a sharp tone, "I'm full to slander your idiot son, Yang Ye?"

Yang Ye looked ugly, but was speechless.

Although his son Yang San'er is incompetent, he is not a fool.

Of course, in front of Professor Ye who has achieved success and fame, his son is indeed useless and has no shining points.

As for slander, the so-called misunderstanding is even more nonsense.

But as a father, couldn't he push his son into the pit of fire?

If he doesn’t struggle, he will be unwilling to do so.

"Miss Ye—" Yang Ye swallowed with difficulty, and said with a sad expression. "San'er only made a big mistake in a moment of confusion. Please be magnanimous, and for the sake of the friendship between the two families for many years, leave a way for my son to survive."

"Yang Ye, have you lost your mind?" Professor Ye said coldly. "He paid 50 million to hire a killer to kill me. You want me to be magnanimous instead?"

Professor Ye stood up slowly, and a cold breath spread throughout the living room: "Do you know that if I, Ye Xue, die tonight, what will become of the Ye family? What will become of the Pearl?"

"What will happen to your Yang family?!"

Professor Ye's eyes were sharp, and he looked straight at the trembling Yang Ye: "Not only your son, you, but also your wife!"

"Everyone will die badly!"

Yang Ye trembled all over and almost fell down.

He knew that Ye Xue's words were not exaggerated.

He knew even more clearly that once Ye Xue died in the hands of his son. Ye Laohui will let the entire Yang family be buried with him regardless of the consequences!

Fortunately, my son's wish did not come true. The eldest lady of the Ye family is not so easy to be assassinated.

But now, the pressure is on Yang Saner...

"Miss Ye——" Yang Ye seemed to have just crawled out of the river, all wet.

"San'er shouldn't have done anything wrong. I shouldn't have angered you. I just ask you to let him live. I swear, as long as you let him go, he will never appear in Pearl City in this life." Yang Ye said bitterly. plead.

No matter how much he hated his son's stupidity, he didn't want the white-haired man to give away the black-haired man.

He is still struggling, for his son, for his wife, and for the Yang family's incense.

"Yang Ye, you don't seem to understand the situation yet."

Professor Ye stepped forward and came to Yang Ye: "Yang Saner dared to pay for my murder. It violated not only my personal life safety. It also violated the entire Ye Mansion."

"As long as your son Yang San'er doesn't die, my grandpa will not be able to sleep."

"As long as your son Yang San'er doesn't die, my parents will not be happy."

"If your son Yang San'er doesn't die, my eldest brother will lose his temper."

Professor Ye asked in a cold voice: "Someone wants to kill me, Ye Xue, but Ye Mansion is indifferent."

"Yang Ye. Do you know how many people will deliberately try to kill me in the future if Yang San'er doesn't die?"

"Your son is an adult."

"When adults do wrong things, they have to pay the price."

"Even if you can't afford it, you can't back down." Professor Ye's eyes flashed coldly. "Because he has no way out."

Yang Ye's expression collapsed, and his inner defenses had been lost.

He was even persuaded by Ye Xue.

Indeed, if her son does not die, how many threats will Ye Xue face in the future?

When the cost of doing the wrong thing is low enough and the reward is high enough. Pearl City will be turned upside down!

"Miss Ye——"

Yang Ye seemed to have aged ten years overnight. He wiped his sweat and hunched his waist, feeling extremely humble.

"That's all."

Professor Ye sat down slowly and said expressionlessly: "Say goodbye to your son."

Yang Ye trembled all over and his eyes dimmed.

It was difficult to close the chapped lips, and his expression was dull and desperate.

"Dad, what are you begging this woman to do!?"

Suddenly, Yang San'er strode over with a ferocious expression: "I don't believe she dares to commit murder in public!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn't wait for Yang Ye to react.

More than ten bodyguards standing on both sides of Professor Ye drew their pistols one after another.

The dark and ruthless muzzles, like poisonous snakes in the darkness, bit Yang San'er with all their might!


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