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Novel Name : The Supreme Crazy Son-in-Law

Chapter 60

Ding Mo was conquered by Su Mingyue's personality.

She didn't take pride in being well-known on the Internet, or play big names.

Her attitude in filming is very dedicated, never seen before.

As many as 50 times of NG, even the field management and other staff members will complain. But she didn't say a word.

As long as Ding Mo says there will be another one, she will face the next one with the most energetic state of mind. He has such a good attitude that he seems to be a good old man without any temper.

In fact, Ding Mo watched the live broadcast of the press conference on the Internet. He saw Su Mingyue aggressively contending with the media and challenging the netizens. Ding Mo, who has been in the entertainment industry for many years, takes it for granted that this is another short-lived Internet celebrity with a bad attitude and loves playing big names.

In addition, this role was originally won by him for his niece, but was snatched away by the capital behind Su Mingyue. He must have selfish motives and would be uncomfortable.

So during the whole filming process, he made things difficult for Su Mingyue countless times. Even if a certain shot has clearly passed, the effect is not bad. However, he frequently NGed and asked Su Mingyue to have one more, one more.

After getting along and working together for nearly a week, Ding Mo was moved when the last location scene was shot.

And I felt ashamed and unworthy of being called a senior.

"Your professionalism, your understanding of roles, including acting skills, are all above my niece." Ding Mo treated each other frankly. "You are indeed more suitable for this role. Even in the entire entertainment circle, I can't think of any actress who is more suitable than you."

"Miss Su, I'm sorry. I was a villain in vain." Ding Mo apologized solemnly, showing shame.

"The director is serious." Su Mingyue nodded and said. "In the past few days, you have taught me a lot. You also let me know that being an actor is not so easy."

After a short pause, Su Mingyue slowly raised her eyes and said, "Even if you don't ask for another one, I will take the initiative to apply."

Ding Mo was stunned and couldn't help but feel in awe.

After the location was finished, the crew had a dinner at a nearby hotel. Everyone ate very happily, and several staff members came to ask Su Mingyue for autographs, and she never refused.

"Why did you write your signature in block letters?" Chu Yun said bitterly. "Even if you haven't designed your signature yet, at least you can write it scribbled and wild."

After a pause, Chu Yun said righteously: "I see other celebrities' signatures, and basically even his Chinese teacher doesn't know what they wrote."

"My handwriting is not ugly." Su Mingyue wrote lightly. "No need to hide your clumsiness."

Chu Yun was furious and said, "Dead wood cannot be carved."


After finishing the location shooting, Chu Yun couldn't wait to leave Beijing.

This damn city made him feel depressed and a little flustered.

Waking up the next day, Chu Yun asked Wu Qingqing to book a plane ticket. The latter shook his head and refused: "Sister Su said that she will stay in Yanjing for two more days. Let us withdraw first."

Chu Yun made a final decision and said, "I'll leave with you. Book tickets for me!"

Wu Qingqing said awkwardly: "President Chu, is this inappropriate? Why don't you discuss it with Sister Su? I can't make up my mind either."

Chu Yun was discouraged and said, "You traitors!"

Wu Qingqing covered her mouth and smiled, "Mr. Chu, are you also afraid of Sister Su?"

Su Mingyue is rigid and indifferent. Although she never finds fault with others, she is not a hard-to-talk person. It's just that she is always unsmiling, and it is inevitable that she will give people extremely strong mental pressure.

"Nonsense." Chu Yun glared at Wu Qingqing. "Have you ever seen a pretty boy who is not afraid of his wife?"

Wu Qingqing was thoughtful, but she didn't dare to talk too much on this topic. I was afraid that if I really offended Chu Yun, it would not end well.

As we all know, although Chu Yun has a bad reputation, he has become a street rat on the Internet. But in Zongheng Entertainment, the big boss relies on him very much. Even Du Qing, who was always domineering, flattered him. Very strange.

After staying in the hotel until noon, Chu Yun asked Su Mingyue to have dinner with emotion.

"The work is over. The company will not reimburse the next expenses." Chu Yun complained. "We stayed in a five-star hotel, and it cost more than 2,000 yuan a night, not counting food and drink. Is there a mine at home? Are you so lavish?"

Su Mingyue cut a square piece of steak and put it into her red lips, and said calmly: "I got part of the salary, so I can afford it."

Chu Yun curled his lips and said, "If I have money, I don't know how to buy some decent custom-made suits for me. After all, I am also a director-level leader. I wear these three to five thousand suits every day, and I don't feel confident when I go out."

Su Mingyue swallowed the steak and then said: "Go back to Mingzhu and buy it."

"What's wrong with you?" Chu Yun went straight to the point without giving Su Mingyue time to react.

"Yeah." Su Mingyue nodded. "We're going somewhere tonight."

"Where are you going again?" Chu Yun felt vaguely that he was being used as cannon fodder.

Go somewhere and get scolded, no matter how good your psychological quality is, you can't handle it. What's more, Chu Yun is good at everything and can handle everything, but his self-esteem is a bit strong...

Su Mingyue ate quietly without responding.

"Can I not go?" Chu Yun asked tentatively.

"It's up to you." Su Mingyue took a sip of soda water.

"It seems like he doesn't care about anything." Chu Yun raised his eyebrows. "If I really don't go, you might figure out how to deprive me of my family income."

Chu Yun said he was in charge, so he must be in charge of family expenses. But Su Mingyue must pay for it. How can he have any spare money to support his family if he is just living a soft life?

"You are thinking too much." Su Mingyue said lightly.

When Chu Yun heard this, his heart dropped. However, considering that Su Mingyue is a popular Internet celebrity, it is difficult to ensure safety when acting alone. Sighing: "My soft rice is getting more and more tasteless. You really should reflect on it."

At ten o'clock in the evening, Chu Yun waited for Su Mingyue at the entrance of the hotel as promised. In less than five minutes, Su Mingyue, dressed casually and wearing a peaked cap, walked over. After getting in the car, she reported her address to the driver. So he sat in the car and closed his eyes to relax. Please download the novel app iRead app to read the latest content

It seemed that he was not in the mood to chat with Chu Yun to relieve his boredom.

When Chu Yun saw this, he was very sensible and didn't bother him. He tilted his head to admire the night view outside the window. He has not returned to Yanjing for a long time. The buildings in the streets and alleys haven’t changed much. However, there are occasional tall buildings, which confirm the rapid development of Yanjing City over the years.

"Here we are." My brother parked the car on the side of the road, leaned over and glanced at the single-family villa standing on the side of the road. "My dear, isn't this the Su family's courtyard?"

Chu Yun was startled and vaguely guessed something.

He paid the fare, and accompanied Su Mingyue to the gate of Su's house.

"You want to go in?" Chu Yun asked implicitly.

"Yeah." Su Mingyue nodded lightly.

"I heard that tonight is the 70th birthday of the Lafayette of the Su family." Chu Yun said thoughtfully. "Are you going to celebrate your birthday?"

Su Mingyue's red lips parted slightly and said, "That's right."

After finishing speaking, she raised her hand and rang the doorbell outside the compound.

In the bag, there was indeed a gift that she had prepared for many years.

It just so happens that this time, it’s a birthday gift.


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