Novel Name : My husband is an invisible tycoon after we got marrie

Chapter 111

"Brother Han..." Bai Shuruo subconsciously held the towel a little tighter.

Han Yangting smiled at her: "Is it convenient for Ruoruo tonight?"

"What? Convenience?" Bai Shuruo didn't know what he was referring to.

Han Yangting said: "We already slept together in the same bed when we were in Beishi. Now that we are back in Beifeng, we should sleep together in the same bed. So I came here to ask you whether it was you or me who came over. ?”

"Ah?" Bai Shuruo panicked.

But if you think about it carefully, what they said is not wrong. It is indeed time for the couple to sleep in the same bed.

"How about... wait until I get dressed before we talk?" Bai Shuruo asked.

Han Yangting stood up and walked towards her, sniffed in front of her, and said, "It smells really good."

She smelled of milk after just taking a bath, her skin was white and rosy, and her breath was warm.

He couldn't help but kissed her forehead and said, "Then I'll wait for you."

"En." Bai Shuruo paused.

For some reason, when he kissed her, the figure wearing No. 7 jersey flashed in her mind.

She paused and couldn't help but blame herself for being distracted.

Han Yangting thought she was shy, so he went back to the room first.

Bai Shuruo slowly put on his pajamas and sat on the bed for a while before going to Han Yangting's room.

Han Yangting was leaning on the bedside reading a book. When he saw her coming, he patted the place next to him: "Ruoruo, come here."

His room was not in the same tone as hers. His room mainly had cool colors, the furniture was mainly gray and white, and the quilt was also gray. She was very uncomfortable with it.

"Brother Han, how about..." Bai Shuruo said with difficulty, "I'd better go back to my room and sleep. I'm not sleeping honestly, for fear of kicking you."

"I don't mind." Han Yangting said.

"It's quite troublesome for two people to sleep. We have different schedules. You are used to getting up early and I am used to going to bed late. It will affect me when you get up. Tomorrow is Saturday, I want to... sleep in and then get up to go to work."

Han Yangting stared at it for a few seconds.

Feeling guilty, she quickly lowered her head.

But Han Yangting then smiled and said, "Since Ruoruo doesn't want to sleep with me, then go back to the room. We'll sleep separately, don't force it."

"Hey, okay." Bai Shuruo breathed a sigh of relief.

But when she turned around, she looked back at Han Yangting and felt a little guilty again.

As a man, he has really accommodated her.

Back in the room, she lay down on the bed and thought for a while. Thinking of her birthday party, her sense of guilt became stronger.

She felt that she really owed him a lot.

But then I thought again, in fact, there is no need for husband and wife to sleep in the same bed every day. We have different schedules and different sleeping postures. Being tired of being together every day will not lead to good rest.


the next day.

Bai Shuruo arrived at the office at 9:30 in the morning.

Meng Ze has already arrived. When he saw her, he greeted her lukewarmly.

Bai Shuruo also nodded lightly, then returned to his seat and sat down.

Meng Ze seems to have forgotten what happened last night. He has been working hard, but Bai Shuruo glances at his back from time to time.

Bai Shuruo thought to himself, this Meng Ze may be a master of love on the official account if he is hot and cold for a while.

A master in the field of love doesn't do dog licking, he treats girls as if he is away, so that girls can care about him.

Bai Shuruo originally wanted to ask him if he had ever worked as a librarian in the lake before, but seeing Meng Ze like this, she dismissed the idea.

So what if it is, so what if it is not?

A few more days passed peacefully.

On this day, there was a car carnival jointly organized by a car enthusiast and a certain sound in Fengcheng. The scale was not bad.

Bai Shunan sent Bai Shuruo and Meng Ze there. Firstly, they were designers, so they might find inspiration there. Secondly, the carnival was aimed at car enthusiasts, and it would not be of much use if others went there.

Starting in the morning, Bai Shuruo asked Meng Ze: "Meng Ze, how are you going to the scene later?"

Meng Ze said: "Go by motorcycle, how about you?"

"I'll take a taxi."

Meng Ze said, "Why take a taxi? It's a waste of money. I'll just pick you up by the way. Let's go back together."

If Bai Shu thought about it, he said with a smile, "That's fine."

It's still the men's motorcycle. If Bai Shu takes over his helmet, the damn safety buckle will still fail to buckle.

So, it was Meng Ze who withheld it for her.

The two got on the motorcycle and set off in a hurry.

Ling Feng just came back from outside. He watched the speeding motorcycle disappear from sight, and then walked into Bai Shunan's office: "Why did Ruoruo and her subordinate ride off together on a motorcycle?"

Bai Shunan was busy, so she raised her head and asked, "What's the problem? There is a carnival today, and I let the two of them go."

"The kid won't love Han Yangting, right?"

Bai Shunan said: "How is it possible? My sister is not that kind of person. As for that kid..."

"That kid is quite popular with the girls in the company after he played basketball last week."

"My sister is not an ordinary girl, she doesn't like Meng Ze's, don't worry." Bai Shunan has a plan in mind.

Ling Feng paused, thinking to himself, could it be that he was thinking too much?

Forget it, since his sister doesn't say anything, why should he worry about it?


The car carnival was held at a farm in the suburbs.

Many of the people who come here are car enthusiasts. It’s fun to discuss cars together, test drive other people’s cars, discuss the performance of the cars, and complain about the shortcomings of some models.

Bai Shuruo is not good at socializing, but she is good at listening, so there is no embarrassment.

She clearly remembered what they said. Which car has its advantages and which car has its shortcomings. She can use them for reference when she returns home.

Meng Ze came here on a motorcycle today, but he is also very knowledgeable about cars and chatted with everyone.

In the afternoon, the event ended, but it started to rain.

Summer is coming soon, there has been a lot of rain recently, and it comes unexpectedly.

The others all came by car, so naturally they were not afraid of the rain. After a while, the people in the farm were almost gone.

Bai Shuruo and Meng Ze sat awkwardly under a pavilion to hide from the rain. Next to the pavilion was his motorcycle. The motorcycle was soaked, making the iron on it shine brightly, as if to mock them for not even having a car. , I also came here to participate in the car carnival, and it was more like going to the motorcycle carnival.

Meng Ze asked Bai Shuruo: "I'm sorry, Director Bai. It was me who made you unable to go back. How about I call you a car?"

Bai Shuruo naturally wanted to refuse: "We came here together. If I leave, you will be alone here. Just wait, the rain should stop soon."

However, although the rain was not heavy, it was raining non-stop.

"Then, Director Bai, please step in and stop getting caught in the rain. It's not good for girls to get caught in the rain."

Bai Shuruo smiled.

As soon as she walked in, Meng Ze suddenly reached out and brushed her hair, "Your hair is wet from the rain."

Bai Shuruo hurriedly said, "It's not a problem."

Then, Bai Shuruo looked up at him and asked, "Meng Ze, have you been to Hudong Middle School before?"


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