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Novel Name : Super Warrior

Chapter 60

The sound of "shashasha" was getting closer and closer, and suddenly, a tall shadow appeared in everyone's field of vision.

Not a beast, but a human!

And not just one, but two.

What are these two people doing here in the middle of the night?

I saw these two people actually walking to the grave of the farmer uncle. At this time, one of them lit a cigarette with a lighter. Through the light of the lighter, I could see clearly that this person was the horse-faced person I had seen during the day. Man, the birthmark with a bunch of red hair on the left cheek is particularly conspicuous.

The other person was an old man with a stooped figure and his waist almost bowed down. The old man also lit a cigarette, but he used a sweat rod-it is really rare for people to use this thing these days.

"Master, is that thing really here?" The horse-faced man glanced at the old man and asked.

The old man coughed and said, "Ahem... it's here."

"Master, do you really want to dig up this grave?"

"Hmm." The old man murmured, unwilling to say much.

The horse face unloaded a hoe from his shoulder, removed the wreaths piled on the grave, and began to dig the grave.

The people ambushing all around were stunned!

Who would have thought that these two people would actually come to dig a grave!

The farmer was even more open-eyed, and almost rushed out to shout to stop—but his shoulder was pressed down hard. He turned his head, only to hear Yang Hao whispering in his ear: "You must hold back, you must not be impulsive!"

The farmer almost gritted his gums and said, "But they are digging my uncle's grave!"

"I know, but for the sake of our plan, you must hold back!"

The farmer had no choice but to bury his head and dig at the grass on the ground hard. At the same time, he bit the corner of his clothes with his mouth to prevent himself from making any sound. Yang Hao quietly crawled all the way over and informed everyone not to be impulsive.

The soil in the newly buried grave was still relatively loose. Although Yang Hao and the others deliberately compacted the soil today, it was not very laborious to dig the horse's face. More than forty minutes later, the grave was dug open by the horse's face, revealing the dark coffin.

Ma Lian panted like a cow, wiped the sweat and dirt from his face with his sleeves, threw away the hoe, lit another cigarette, and asked while smoking: "Master, what should we do next?" ?”

"Do you still need to ask me? Cough..."

"Master, the longevity old man may not have that kind of thing in him. Besides, if his grand-nephew finds out about this matter, I'm afraid it won't be easy to handle. His grand-nephew's group of friends are really powerful. I heard that they have the Ministry of National Security. The authorization is more powerful than the police and the army. If they pursue this matter..."

"Kubianshi, do you talk so much nonsense?" The old man took a few puffs of cigarette and said a little impatiently.

Ku Bianshi didn't dare to make another sound. After resting for a while, he used a flat iron rod as thick as the mouth of a tea cup (the head of the iron rod was pointed, a bit like a yizhi, but much more powerful than a yizhi) and pried it around the coffin. All the coffin nails were pried loose, and then he inserted the hoe into the gap in the coffin. He just heard a "hey" sound, and with a hard force, he pried the heavy coffin lid loose...

As soon as the coffin lid was opened, a mysterious atmosphere emanated from the coffin.

The people who were ambushing around felt a cold chill on their backs. They wondered what on earth these two people were going to do. Could it be that, as Yang Hao said, there was something valuable hidden in the corpse of the farmer's uncle?

After Ku Bianshi pried open the coffin lid, he couldn't help but hesitate a little. After all, the business of opening coffins and stealing corpses was not an honest matter. Although he didn't believe in ghosts and gods, he still had a feeling that "if you walk too much at night, you will always encounter something." To the ghost" feeling.

At this time, the old man walked to the coffin, took out a few pieces of paper (probably the ghost coins, also known as paper money), burned them with fire, and then muttered something in his mouth - as for what he said, no one heard clearly. .

"Okay, now you go down and get the body up!"

Ku Bianshi hesitated for a moment, but facing the sharp gaze of the old man, he had to jump into the tomb to move the body in the coffin. After a lot of effort, he picked up the corpse of the farmer uncle and put it down. to the ground next to the coffin.

The old man squatted down and touched something on the corpse of the farmer uncle, as if he was looking for something.

When his hand touched the left thigh of the farmer's uncle's body, he suddenly stopped.

"Master, did you find anything?"

"Bring a knife!" The old man's tone was cold.

Ku Bianshi then handed over a dagger, and the old man took it and swung the knife to stab the thigh of the farmer's uncle's corpse - I don't know if he wanted to cut open his pants or what?

At this moment, a dog barking suddenly came from the distance.

Although the barking of the dog was far away, at least several miles away, the old man seemed to realize something and actually put away the knife and said in a hoarse voice: "We can't do it here, we must get him away! "

"How? Shall we carry it away?"

"You carry him on your back!"

"Master, I have been working hard for a long time, and my waist hurts and my legs feel numb..."

The old man looked at Ku Bian Shi and showed a strange smile: "Well, today I will let you, the younger generation, open their eyes."

When Ku Bianshi heard the old man's words, he immediately said happily: "Master, are you saying you want to drive him away?"

"If you don't get up and go, are you still willing to carry him?"

"Master, this disciple thought that all your work was just to fool people. Can you really drive him away, or do you want the disciple to chop him into seven or eight pieces and put him in a basket?"

"Chop it into seven or eight pieces and put it in baskets. Is that called rushing?" the old man scolded with a sneer.

"What does Master mean?"

"Of course I really let him get up and walk by himself!"

At this time, not only Ku Bianshi was surprised, but Yang Hao and others who were ambushing around were also extremely excited. Unexpectedly, they were about to witness a historical moment! From the conversation between the old man and Ku Bianshi, they have come to the conclusion that this old man is exactly a mysterious corpse hunter! At the same time, everyone also thought of who this corpse chaser might be.

At this time, the old man took out something from his body and stuck it on the seal of the farmer's uncle's body (that is, between the eyebrows). Since it was too dark, the old man and Ku Bianshi just used the cigarette butt to hold it. The firelight was operating, so it was impossible to see clearly what it was. I could only roughly know that it was a round thing as big as a finger. Yang Hao and others immediately thought of a word - the legendary Chenzhou sand, also called cinnabar! A special item for corpse hunters!

The old man pasted something on the head of the corpse - probably it was yellow talisman paper. Yang Hao and the others had actually seen this talisman paper at the farmer's uncle's house, but they thought it was of no use.

After the old man finished pasting the cinnabar and yellow talisman paper, he burned a few more pieces of paper money, then took out a small stick about one foot long, muttered something, and suddenly pointed the stick towards the corpse and shouted: "Get up!"

God! A breathless sight appeared

I saw that the corpse of the farmer uncle was really slowly moving. The hands and feet were slowly moving. It was really moving, and it was definitely not an illusion!

"Master, is he alive?" Ku Bianshi seemed to be stunned by the strange sight in front of him.

The old man said: "He is not alive, he is just a zombie!"

"Zombie!" Ku Bianshi's heart pounded. Maybe he didn't do this dirty thing once or twice, but this was the first time he saw a corpse that had been dead for several days and had been buried still moving!

Not only him, Yang Hao and others were also horrified. Everyone was trembling, thinking they were dreaming.

"Don't be silly, help him up!"

"What? Are you going to help him up? Will he strangle me to death?" Ku Bian Shi was so horrified that he started to cry.

"Why would he strangle you to death when he's already dead? Ahem..." The old man became excited and coughed again.

Ku Bianshi had no choice but to squat down and help the deceased's body cautiously...

I saw that the deceased's hands and feet were struggling and twisting, just like a cockroach that had been knocked to the ground. This scene was so horrifying that Ku Bianshi's buttocks were a little sticky. It seemed that The shit was scared out of me!

He finally helped the deceased's body up, only to hear the old man say again: "Okay, let him go now, just follow him and walk behind."

The old man said, and took a step.

The corpse was trembling and dangerous, but it also took steps!

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