Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 260

"Fortunately, my husband won't have children, otherwise I wouldn't know the meaning of my coming back." Song Ci said seriously.

"Are you looking for a fight?" Huo Mu glanced over with a cold gaze.

Song Ci winced and changed the subject calmly: "Let's eat. After dinner, I have to go to work."


Huo Muchen didn't make it difficult for her anymore. He just pressed the internal line and asked Chu Huaibei to deliver the food.

Song Ci sat obediently on the side of the sofa, watching Chu Huaibei bring in the food and twitching the corners of his lips.

Cooperating with her to come up, I didn't want her to eat right away!

However, Song Ci touched the cold bracelet on his wrist, and caressed the pattern on the bracelet carefully. The corners of his lips could not stop rising, "The gift my husband gave is really good!"

This compliment made Chu Huaibei, who brought the meal in, twitch the corners of his lips speechlessly.

As soon as he came in, he was sprinkled with dog food. He wanted to take a super long annual leave, but it's a pity that it's just July and he's busy with work!


After the two had lunch, Song Ci hurried back to work. There were only six days, and every minute was racing against time.

She walked forward, and Lu Ziyan followed back stepping on the pace. He even glanced at the bracelet on Song Ci's wrist, and a look of astonishment flashed in his eyes.

Lu Ziyan looked away at a glance, raised the corners of his lips, and smiled evilly: "Congratulations, Third Brother, it's not in vain to use so many connections to 'invite' people back to Huacheng, but you don't know that I am accompanying Old Man Zhou to visit Huacheng today. City, but he dragged me to drink tea all morning, wasting my earning time all morning.

Master Zhou said today that if he hadn't looked at your design drawings, he wouldn't have helped you carve the final touches and help you install the chip. He couldn't do such a thing that was harmful to others, but he still did it. In the end it worked out pretty well. "


After missing a word, Huo Muchen put on his gold-rimmed glasses and stared at the computer while working expressionlessly.

"Third brother, you put a tracking chip in the bracelet, does third sister-in-law know about this?" Lu Ziyan sat on the black soft sofa and fell back lazily.

Huo Mushen narrowed his eyes, his thin glasses shone with a strange light: "You told her about it."

"No, how dare I?" Lu Ziyan's back suddenly straightened, and under his trembling long eyelashes, the light in his eyes was distorted, "Third brother, I still advise you to tell your third sister-in-law about the matter, otherwise your third sister-in-law will misunderstand you. You are monitoring her, and your original intention is good. After all, the third sister-in-law has never been to the Huo family, and the Huo family is large, so if she gets lost, you are worried about her safety."

The Huo family only looked at the surface, it was calm, but it was actually dangerous.

There are not only three bedrooms in the old house of the Huo family, but also two bedrooms in the group of villas standing next to it, which is equivalent to a nest of wolves and tigers, fighting each other all the time.

Don't look at Mr. Huo being easy to talk to his family, but he is also a master of tricks, otherwise how can he support the huge Huo family!

Mr. Huo is now retreating behind the scenes, but he keeps everything in mind all the time.

Huo Muchen's eyes fell coldly on Lu Ziyan, and he couldn't hide away. Lu Zi felt a creepy trembling feeling, and looked up at him in confusion: "Third brother, what did I say wrong?"

"It's not wrong." Huo Mo paused, then smiled: "You came here to tell me, you know my secret?"

Lu Ziyan shuddered, and subconsciously leaned back, as if he could withdraw his complacent analysis just now: "..."

"Lao Liu," he raised his eyebrows and lowered his voice to Lu Ziyan: "Do you know that there are two types of people with long lives?"

"Which two kinds?" Lu Ziyan gritted his teeth and asked.

Huo Muchen moved his lips: "I know too much, but I know too little."

Lu Ziyan shrugged his shoulders, lit a cigarette involuntarily, and gradually relaxed his body by blowing on the smoke ring, his voice became more calm: "Third brother, I belong to the former, and I want to live longer."

Huo Muchen glanced at Lu Ziyan, who was smoking, and smiled conspiratorially, "Haha, what are you doing here?"

"Third brother, there are two things. Because of Su Xuening's apology, AK has been manipulated by us in overseas news. Now its reputation has declined in a large area, and it is one step closer to your acquisition of AK. There is another thing. I sent it to you. The eldest family of the Yan family knows this. This matter almost broke out, now Yan Baichuan should have no intention of pestering you and third sister-in-law anymore."

Huo Mu's eyes swept over Shen Yinzi, the black pupils hidden behind the lenses were deeper, and his stern facial features were also covered with frost, he said seriously: "Have you found all the transaction information of Yan Baichuan?"

"Would it be too fast to act now and push Yan Baichuan too hastily?" Lu Ziyan checked Yan Baichuan's domestic and foreign transactions and found out that he is really a cunning man. On the surface, he accompanied Mr. Yan to go abroad, but in fact he had already arranged for him in China. Various forces.

The most hateful thing is... he was the one who arranged the school where Song Ci was recommended to go abroad!

If he hadn't checked carefully, he would never have imagined that Yan Baichuan had deployed so many traps and was just waiting for Song Ci to be delivered to his arms!

Steal people, snatch them!

"You don't need to do anything, Mr. Yan still has to live for a few more days." Huo Muchen casually pushed the gold thread with his index finger, leaning his elbow on the sandalwood table, his brows pressed coldly, and he glanced at Lu Ziyan: "The third bedroom of the Huo family how?"

"As the third brother thought, the Huo family didn't react at all, but... Ye Mei next to Dong Huo is not very honest, it seems that she is also a person who is about to move and wants to be superior."

Lu Ziyan pursed his lips.

Huo Muchen's long, jade-like fingertips tapped on the table, making a deep thumping sound.

In the tens of seconds of silence, the man clasped his hands on the document, and said a calm word: "Take your time, attack the Yan family first, and warn AK by the way, the ownership of E star belongs to M&R only. If they are restless and want to cooperate with the Yan family again, then M&R doesn't mind terminating the contract, we have plenty of money and time to waste it..."

After a pause, Huo Muchen added: "If the delivery time is delayed, the design drawings will be taken out first and promoted first."


Lu Ziyan then heaved a sigh of relief: "I'll tell my sister-in-law now that she doesn't have to work hard. It's not easy to hand in the design drawings in a week. If you hand in the full set of procedures, it will be a blast!"

The condensation on Huo Muchen's face did not diminish even a little, and he looked at Lu Ziyan: "No need."

"Third brother, do you want to exhaust the third sister-in-law to death? Or are you really worried that the Huo family will step on us?" Lu Ziyan asked: "Besides, I am almost engaged to Su Xuening in name, if she dares to embarrass the third sister-in-law under my nose, I still don't kill her?"

"I like to see Xiao Ci begging for me."

Huo Mochen laughed.

Lu Ziyan: "..."

Mr. Huo has a unique way of doting on his wife. He dotes on his wife so much that he wants to see her come over and beg him!

But I heard from the eldest brother that Song Ci is different even when he is drunk, so he must be different when asking for help!

He is so miserable. Huo Muchen can marry Song Ci, but he will marry Su Xuening!

One eats fudge and the other eats shit!


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