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Novel Name : Dark Night Love: Vampire Husband, Let's Fight

Chapter 100

"Well done!" Facing the violent storm of attacks, Honglian smiled and waved his sword to meet them.

With the red lotus attracting the attention of others, Bei Mingxun took the opportunity to finish charging up his power. He swung the black magic sword fiercely and swept towards the surrounding enemies with an invisible stance.

In an instant, a strong wind rose from Bei Mingxun's feet. His long hair was flying, his clothes were fluttering, and a black ancient formation appeared under his feet. That wonderful power cheered up the vampire's spirit, and at the same time powerfully broke through it. Opened the holy formation of the church.

Blood Hunter shouted: "This is not good, retreat quickly!" Mr. Mo Bai was not around, and their situation became extremely dangerous. At this time, the Blood Hunter executives from Pearl City came to take command.

I saw strong winds blowing in the courtyard, the ground shook slightly, and the sacred position completely disappeared, and Bei Mingxun and Jun Zetian also took the opportunity to escape into the night.

Without the constraints of the formation, why should they be afraid of those blood hunters? Even in an association church, if three people are together, they can come and go as they please.

When Bei Ming left, he didn't look back, otherwise he would definitely have seen Li Wuyou holding the Forbidden Demon Spear.

She stood on the balcony of the dilapidated villa with complicated eyes, watching him blend into the night and disappear into the distance. Her fingers trembled slightly, but she never pulled the trigger of the forbidden demon gun.

Some vampire hunters wanted to catch up, but Mr. Mo Bai suddenly appeared and said: "Some low-level vampires are here and are attacking the outside of the church. It's important for everyone to protect the association first."

It turned out that he had just discovered that some low-level vampires were attacking the church outside, so he took some people to support him. Unexpectedly, so many things happened here. Bei Mingxun and the others not only escaped, but also killed so many vampire hunters. .

This battle was extremely cruel and dealt a huge blow to the Vampire Hunters Association. The association in Pearl City suffered heavy losses...

Many people watched their comrades die and felt extremely resentful in their hearts. This hatred made them cry bitterly and curse.

Li Wuyou, who was watching all this quietly upstairs, chose to remain silent. The moment the formation weakened, she rushed to the window to see what was going on below.

She could clearly see Bei Mingxun's evil look and their running posture. What was even more dazzling was the blood red on the ground and the remains of the blood hunter.

In this battle, at least thirty vampire hunters died...

And she, in addition to feeling cold in her heart, was left with endless annoyance.

Yan Chifeng walked to Li Wuyou and said, "It's a pity that they ran away again. Now you understand, there is only life and death between vampires and hunters. There is nothing right or wrong."

He was not a fool. Li Wuyou's absent-minded attitude just now, coupled with her hesitation when shooting, made Yan Chifeng understand that this junior sister might be a little concerned about vampires...

The forbidden demon gun was in Li Wuyou's hand, but she watched Bei Mingxun escape but didn't fire a sniper - what does this mean?

It shows that she also cares about Bei Mingxun to some extent, and the vampire is not really wishful thinking.

Yan Chifeng didn't like this. He felt that since Li Wuyou regarded being a hunter as his life goal, he should completely hate vampires, and there was no need to show mercy to Bei Mingxun. If she had shot earlier, maybe That Bei Mingxun has now been executed.

Li Wuyou glanced at Yan Chifeng. He had nothing to say and remained silent.

In her heart, the conflict had already reached the extreme. Even if Yan Chifeng didn't say anything, she was still blaming herself crazily and asking herself, why is this happening... Why didn't she take action just now? Instead of helping the hunter, he watched him escape and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Dark Night Love: Vampire Husband, Let's Fight


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