Novel Name : Billionaire Husband Favors His Wife

Chapter 120

Su Ci pursed her lips and explained in a low voice: "I'm not angry."


Shen Zhiyan looked at Su Ci suspiciously, and a hint of teasing flashed in his eyes, "You can hang oil bottles on your mouth, and you still say you are not angry?"

"Not really!" Su Ci quickly covered her mouth, and glared at him coquettishly.

"Okay, okay, I won't talk anymore, can you tell me what happened now?"

Shen Zhiyan stretched out his long arms, his broad palms tightly clasped her slender and soft waist, and brought her into his arms.

Su Ci's body suddenly flew into the air, and Su Ci couldn't help but exclaimed, and subconsciously reached out to wrap his arms around the man's neck.

When she came back to her senses, Su Ci found that she was already sitting on Shen Zhiyan's lap.

The man's strong chest was close at hand, and Su Ci couldn't help but blush.

The girl's fair and delicate cheeks were lightly pink, like a rose in bud, tender and glamorous.

Shen Zhi's eyes darkened, and a dark light flashed in the bottom of his eyes.

"Shen Zhiyan."


Shen Zhiyan raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Su Ci rarely called him by his first name.

I must be really angry this time.

"Your childhood sweetheart is back."

Su Ci gave him a hard look, feeling aggrieved and angry in her heart.

"What childhood sweetheart? When did I have a childhood sweetheart?" Shen Zhiyan's eyes were full of doubts.

He has been cold-tempered since he was a child, let alone a green plum, he doesn't even have a bamboo horse.

The only ones who are close to him are Shen Zhilin and Shen Zhiyu.

"It's Xu Shuyi, she personally said she was your childhood sweetheart!"

Shen Zhiyan's face darkened, and a cold killing intent flashed in his eyes.

"Xu Shuyi is back?"

You don't need to think about it to know whose idea this is.

Xu Shuyi didn't have the guts to disobey his decision, so Ruan Jinglan must have called her back.

But these are not important anymore.

The most important thing now is to coax his little wife well.

"I didn't call him back, and it has nothing to do with me." Shen Zhiyan explained in a low voice.

Of course Su Ci knew that this matter had nothing to do with Shen Zhiyan, but she still couldn't help being angry.

There is a feeling that Xiaobaicai, which I have cared for for a long time, is suddenly being targeted by other pigs.

"Xu Shuyi said that if he hadn't studied abroad three years ago, you would have married her. Is it true?"

"No." Shen Zhiyan said decisively, "Before I met you, I never thought about marrying anyone."

In the past, Shen Zhiyan had been living in pain and torment. All the doctors concluded that he would not live to be twenty-five years old.

How dare he think about feelings?

Su Ci's appearance broke his heart that had been silent for more than twenty years.

He never thought that he could have a relationship that only normal people can have.

And all of this was brought to him by Su Ci.

"Porcelain treasure."


"In this life, I only belong to you, and I only love you alone."

Su Ci leaned on Shen Zhiyan's shoulder, the corners of her mouth slightly raised.

"Then let me trust you this time."

After being confessed by Shen Zhiyan, Su Ci's mood immediately improved.

"Shen Zhiyan, I am a domineering person. If you dare to look at other women more than once, I will..."

"So what?"

Shen Zhiyan raised his eyebrows.

Su Ci pondered for a while, then said, "Just poke your eyes blind."

Looking at Su Ci, who was fierce and fierce, Shen Zhiyan was stunned for a moment, and then couldn't help laughing out loud.

"So cruel?"

"You know you're afraid, don't you? If you know you're afraid, be obedient. Listen to my sister, and my sister will guarantee you a long life!" Su Ci smiled, and a sly light flashed in her eyes.

Shen Zhiyan was amused by Su Ci's serious appearance.

He seriously assured: "There will never be such a day."

After coaxing Su Ci well, Shen Zhiyan led Su Ci's hand downstairs.

At this time, the Shen family members were all sitting at the dining table.

Ruan Jinglan, who always abides by the rules, is uncharacteristically smiling today.

She sat beside Xu Shuyi and served her dishes very enthusiastically.

"Shuyi, eat more. You look thin."

"You shouldn't be used to eating food abroad, right? You have really suffered for three years."

"I specially ordered the kitchen to make these. These are all your favorite dishes."

Ruan Jinglan spoke softly, with a gentle smile on her well-maintained face.

She looked at Xu Shuyi with kindness in her eyes, as if Xu Shuyi was her own daughter.

On the other hand, Shen Zhiyan, who was obviously Ruan Jinglan's child in October, was abandoned by her like a shoe.

Looking at this picture, Shen Zhilin rarely lowered his face.

He put down the bowls and chopsticks in his hand, stared at Ruan Jinglan and Xu Shuyi with serious eyes, a tinge of anger arose in his heart for no reason.

Xu Shuyi noticed Shen Zhilin's gaze and revealed a gentle smile.

"Brother, it's been a long time. I've always missed you when I was abroad."

Shen Zhilin asked in a deep voice: "Why do you suddenly think of going back to China? Didn't Ah Yan tell you to stay abroad?"

Shen Zhilin doesn't like Xu Shuyi.

The former Xu Shuyi was just a dispensable existence to him, and he didn't care about it at all.

But then Xu Shuyi actually caught A Yan's attention.

Shen Zhilin couldn't like her anymore.

Xu Shuyi smiled unnaturally, and explained in a low voice: "I heard that Auntie Ruan was ill, and I was a little worried about her health, so I came back to have a look."

Ruan Jinglan was very moved when she heard the words.

"Shuyi, you have a heart this time. It's rare for you to be filial and worry about my body all the time. It's not like some people who only know how to anger me..."

As soon as Ruan Jinglan finished speaking, Shen Zhiyan took Su Ci's hand and walked into the restaurant.

The moment Ruan Jinglan saw him coming in, the smile on the corner of Ruan Jinglan's mouth froze.

She didn't expect Shen Zhiyan to come down suddenly.

I don't know if he heard those words just now.

But after thinking about it, I heard it when I heard it. What else could Shen Zhiyan do to her?

"Brother Yan~"

Xu Shuyi raised her eyes, and a touch of excitement and joy flashed in her eyes.

Her voice was charming and mellow, but also somewhat indescribably seductive, which made one half of her body tender.

However, everyone present couldn't help but feel a chill.

Even the always taciturn second uncle Shen Yueting couldn't help frowning.

He looked at Xu Shuyi with disapproval.

Xu Shuyi's thoughts on Shen Zhiyan are well known to the entire Shen family.

But Shen Zhiyan is already married.

It's outrageous to use such a coquettish and seductive tone again.

However, both Xu Shuyi and Shen Zhiyan belonged to the big family, so he couldn't get in the way at all.

So, I can only watch the play in silence.

However, Xu Shuyi knew nothing about it.

At this moment, she was full of Shen Zhiyan.

Shen Zhiyan's face turned cold, and his cold eyes fell on her.

Seeing Shen Zhiyan looking over, Xu Shuyi was overjoyed.

She raised her hand shyly, and put the broken hair on one side of her cheek behind her ear.

"Brother Yan, come and sit down quickly. After a busy day, you must be hungry."

Su Ci poked her head out from behind Shen Zhiyan, "Miss Xu, you seem to be sitting in my seat. Mrs. Shen is usually the most respectful of rules. Didn't she teach you the basic etiquette at the table?"

Xu Shuyi's face turned pale, and she looked at Shen Zhiyan in a panic.

"Brother Yan, I didn't know this was Miss Su's seat. Miss Su, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean it."

Xu Shuyi said she was sorry, but she still sat on the chair motionless.

Su Ci narrowed her eyes and sneered in her heart.

"Then Miss Xu knows now?"


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