Novel Name : CEO's Diamond Lover

Chapter 30

Zhitong stood at the door for a long time before carefully pushing the door in, ready to scold Xitong. [Text first release]
"You still don't come in after you come back, just stand there and feed the mosquitoes! Have you eaten!"
Unexpectedly, Xitong didn't lose her temper, Jian Zhitong nodded and said that she had eaten, but just told her to tell her when she went out, so as not to worry her.
"Understood, sister, I promise in the future."
Seeing that her sister didn't blame herself, Zhitong felt that it was unreal, like a dream.
Back in the room, Zhitong took out the check and wanted to hide it, but Xitong came in on heels, and asked casually when she saw it.
"What is it, you want it from Dongzang, show it to my sister."
Zhitong crumpled the check into a ball and quietly flicked it out towards the back of the closet.
"It's okay, sister. I'm looking for something. The phone number I'm looking for belongs to those former classmates. I want to see if they have any connections. I want to find something to do."
Knowing that Zhitong was not telling the truth, Xitong turned off the light and lay down without saying a word.
Zhitong closed his eyes and waited for Xitong to fall asleep, then took out the flashlight, got up quietly, lay down on the ground and looked behind the cabinet, then took out a pair of sweater needles and stretched out his hand to dig it in, it took a lot of effort to get it out come out. Stand up and unfold the check. Fortunately, although it is a little wrinkled, it is not damaged, so it should not affect the cashing!
"What are you thinking about? You're so preoccupied. Let me have a look."
Xitong took the check from Zhitong with a blue face, Zhitong reached out to snatch it, but Xitong refused to let go, Zhitong looked at the torn check
"Satisfied! What do you want?"
"It seems that I should be asking you this question. What do you really want? A lesson learned from the past. Don't you still know how to repent? Where did this check come from? Tell me clearly."
Said Xitong slapped Zhitong's face hard, Zhitong's face turned from white to red, shouting
"What did I say, this is brother Jun's compensation for getting me expelled from the school last time. Isn't that okay? What a lesson from the past, it's just bad luck."
"It's just, don't you have any sense of shame?"
"Crazy, I don't bother to talk to you. Why should I be ashamed? How many people in this society are mistress lovers? Why should I be ashamed? Even those celebrities are the same, let alone me, a small commoner."
Xitong heard Zhitong's unreasonable stomach, and slapped Zhitong fiercely, Zhitong touched the blood from the corner of his mouth, gritted his teeth, and said to Xitong word by word.
"Okay, if you have the guts, you can kill me, otherwise I will do what I did before going out later, and I will do it later,"
Xi Tong trembled angrily, raised her hand again, looked at the clear five finger prints on Zhi Tong's cheek, then slowly lowered her hand, and wanted to touch Zhi Tong's cheek in the past, Zhi Tong turned her face away
"Stop beating, right? If you don't beat me, I will leave, and I will treat you as my sister in the future."
Zhitong grabbed her bag and covered her face and ran out, Xitong sat slumped on the ground with tears streaming down her face.


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