Novel Name : Addicted to pestering you: Sleeping with a billionaire CEO

Chapter 30

At night, as quiet as water, the beautiful starry sky is beautiful and blurred.
After finishing speaking, the air on that side was stagnant, reflecting the lingering and nostalgic love of the night, and the tenderness and love of the girl bloomed without regret.
The blazing eyes met his deep eyes that were as deep as the deep sea, annihilated, annihilated, and annihilated again, the hotness was gradually swallowed up by the indifference, and even a faint sarcasm extended from his eyes.
Love is innocent, whose fault is falling in love with him?
Her bold confession and sincere heart turned into contempt in his eyes, how could he give her such contempt.
The slender fingers landed on the thin sling, froze for a moment, then pulled the sling off suddenly, the girl's snow-like skin exuded a seductive luster under the faint moonlight.
The delicate and charming buds stand proudly, as calm and enchanting as weeping kapok. The lower body is a pair of white underwear, which hides the mysterious and alluring stamens that no one has ever mined in the secluded forest, looming and even more seductive.
"Damn it!" The man cursed in a low voice, pulled up the blanket of her body, and quickly wrapped her tightly.
"Uncle, are you scared?" The misty pupils stared at the intoxicating handsome face, everything was still, and after all, it couldn't resist the heartbroken loneliness.
She provoked his anger again, didn't she? The force he put on her made her even laugh mockingly, "Are you reluctant to let me go?"
The strong arms tightly imprisoned her, but it was a pity, not pity, but just fear that the blanket would slip off her body. However, she is extremely greedy for such a hug that is not a hug.
"Do you have to humiliate yourself like this?"
The sonorous voice no longer had the chaos that flashed past before, the bottom of the dark eyes was unfathomable, and the strength in his hands was also increased, but even with a layer of blankets, it was still impossible to separate the thin, creamy eyes. The skin seemed to be burning in his hands.
make a fool of—
Her heart turned cold, and she finally forced him to speak out. His ridicule and humiliation made her despise herself as if she were dead.
At the moment when the pajamas were torn off, she told herself, let him laugh, maybe if she was broken, her heart would die, let go of this love that was supported by one person.
But aren't his words serious? Wasn't his humiliation enough? why? My heart still wants to drag him so desperately, longing for him to give her even the slightest bit of warmth.
Tears flowed down, hating my incompetence, my persistence, and his indifference.
Leaning against him, two red lips lightly imprinted on the pink finger prints, kissing with the softest and softest affection in the world, kissing, accompanied by salty tears seeping into the man's chest, spreading across all limbs skeleton......
She sucked it unrestrainedly, greedily enjoying the warmth of this moment, and the tears kept pouring out, astringent and endless, but she didn't know how to stop.
"Yuyu, enough is enough, enough is enough!"
The man's voice was very gentle, as if he was guiding a child who had lost his way, but also revealed deep helplessness. Although the delicate body in her arms is only eighteen years old, she is well-developed. How could she let others desecrate her beauty so easily, and why she persisted in this ridiculous love so persistently.
He was angry with her for being mean, and also angry with her persistence. Even though he could control the global economy, he couldn't control her little head.
With a gentle sentence, she finally realized that the furthest distance between her heart is not his sharp words, nor his indifference, but his gentle words like water.
She fell into deep despair, staring at his innocent face... as gentle as honey, but like a knife, cutting her.


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