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Cinderella of the Devil's CEO Chapter 30 free read Here - CuerNovel
Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 30

"Yes, we can. We can still love each other as passionately as before." Jingru stopped crying and hurriedly replied.
"I already have a woman... and soon I will have a child..." Xu Yao paused and said painfully.
"Who is it?" Jingru finally held back the tears, bursting the embankment again. She cried sadly and asked in a trembling voice.
"The one in the living room!"
Jingru looked into the living room, staring in disbelief at Qianyu who had already been stunned by shock, with a mocking smile in her eyes, "Xuyao, are you kidding me?" Jingru always thought she was invited babysitter. It's ridiculous, when did Xu Yao lose his aesthetics?
"It's not a joke!" Xu Yao replied unhappily when he heard Jingru's mocking tone.
"Do you love her?"
Silence, long silence, there was no more sound from the door.
Qian Yu was crying in her heart, if she loved, she wouldn't think about it for so long. He doesn't love her. But if you don't love her, why do you still hold on to her? Isn't this way too much?
"I understand, Xu Yao. You chased me before, and now I'm chasing you. We fell in love again." Jingru's emotions changed too quickly, and she was still crying just now, but now she has put away the sadness on her face.
Jingru came to the living room, with red eyes, she gave Qianyu a condescending look. Qian Yu felt that there was a queen standing in front of her, and her eyes made her dare not look up.
"It's so ugly." After finishing speaking, she put on her sunglasses and left gracefully. As if nothing had happened just now.
Qian Yu sat on the chair blankly, unable to recover from the shocking news just now for a long time.
Qian Yu doesn't have the consciousness to regain her man now. What does it mean to "surrender the enemy without fighting", the queen-like eyes just now made her flinch - she has no chance of winning. Unconsciously touching her lower abdomen with her hand, Qian Yu was startled. She may not fight for herself, but her child cannot live without a father.
Even if she is afraid, she must be strong. She must not leave her child without a father. Qian Yu beat herself up for a long time, and was about to get up to call Xu Yao, but Xu Yao came out from inside. The appearance of being out of control just now has long since disappeared.
"Xu Yao..."
"I'm not coming back soon!" Xu Yao didn't even look at Qian Yu, put on his coat, picked up his bag, and slammed the door and left.
Qian Yu heard the door slam shut. The room suddenly became quiet, which made Qian Yu feel scared. Qian Yu, who has been living in a dark corner and is used to being quiet and alone, is about to be strangled by this terrifying quietness, and wants to cry because of suffocation.
"I want to say, let you eat. Didn't you say that you didn't eat at noon? You must be very hungry." Qian Yu finally shed tears. Qian Yu is used to crying silently when no one is around. Because my mother said: if a woman is beautiful, she is beautiful even if she cries; but if she is ugly, if she still cries, it will only annoy others. These words were deeply imprinted in her heart.
She doesn't have the capital to cry in front of people like Jingru. It's so sad, I don't even have the right to cry.
"Idiot, Qian Yu. How could you be in the mood to eat after such a thing happened." Qian Yu laughed at herself in her heart. Fortunately, I didn't tell Xu Yao what I said just now. Otherwise, he would hate her even more.
I really want to talk to someone, I really want to talk to someone. Qian Yu looked at the too wide and deathly silent room, feeling like she wanted to collapse. She misses her little attic, she doesn't need such a big space, she gets scared.
Qian Yu rushed into the dressing room and hid in the dark closet. The small space soothed her fear, but the tears couldn't stop flowing down.
She is not an ugly duckling, an ugly duckling can become a white swan one day. And she has always been a clownfish, a clownfish abandoned by the god of happiness...


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