Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 29

The doorbell rang again, and Qian Yu wanted to run out happily, but Jing Ru took the lead. Seeing Jingru, Xu Yao's face changed drastically.
"Why are you here?" Xu Yao's face was frosty, and his tone was vicious. When Xu Yao saw Jingru, first he had a look of surprise, and then a look of heartache.
"I missed you, so I came here." Jingru hugged his arm and said coquettishly.
"Get out!" After finishing speaking, Jingru didn't wait for an answer. With one hand, he pushed her out the door. Qian Yu hurried over to stop him.
"Xu Yao, what's the matter with you?" Qian Yu ran out of the kitchen, saw Xu Yao who had never lost his composure before, and rudely pulled Jing Ru out of the door. Qian Yu hastily pulled Xu Yao away and held Xu Yao's hand, Xu Yao's anger was finally extinguished.
"The meal is ready, let's eat together." Seeing the chaos and embarrassment of the scene, Qian Yu suggested with a wry smile to the frosty Xu Yao and the mournful Jing Ru.
Xu Yao turned and walked into the house, followed by Jing Ru. The two sat at the dining table without speaking to each other. Qian Yu brought out the rice.
"How many times have I told you that I don't eat curry." Xu Yao yelled at Qian Yu. The dish Qian Yu was holding in his hand almost fell to the ground when he yelled at her like this.
"Xu Yao, do you hate me so much now?" Jingru covered her face and cried. A beautiful woman is so charming when she cries, Qian Yu was a little dazed for a moment. However, Jingru's crying brought her back to reality.
"Xuyao, if you don't like it, eat something else. Why are you so angry?" Qianyu said to Xuyao gently while handing the tissue to Jingru. It was like a mother talking to her wayward child. Annoyed, Xu Yao ran to the bedroom, locked the door, and kept quiet out of sight.
Why do you want to come back? Xu Yao hid in the bedroom, leaning against the door in pain, his body slowly slipped, and he sat on the ground in a state of embarrassment.
"I'm sorry!" Qian Yu said apologetically to Jing Ru who had been crying. Today's Xu Yao is really rude and abnormal. Such a beautiful Jingru was so fierce to her.
By the way, Xu Yao is a perverted uncle. Judging by the type she likes, you can know his special hobby. Qian Yu looked at herself, and smiled wryly to find an excuse for Xu Yao. But this appearance cannot be forgiven, Xu Yao went too far today.
The kind and simple Qian Yu didn't feel at all that someone was taking away her happiness, instead she was fighting for her rival.
"Why won't you forgive me? I have given up everything for you and come back, why?" Jingru cried. The voice was so sad that Xu Yao in the bedroom trembled when he heard it.
"Xuyao, I love you! After so many years, I will never forget you." Jingru ran over, separated from Xuyao by a door. The two sat on both sides of the door, crying quietly, breaking Xu Yao's heart.
Is the distance between the two people only the thickness of a door? If so, how can Jingru break through?
"I believe you must still love me. Otherwise, the villa in the suburbs will not be intact; every year on my birthday, I will receive a blue enchantress from you; on our children's memorial day, you will go Worship him..." Jingru was so sad that she couldn't speak anymore.
"Why do you want to come back?" Xu Yao, who had been silent all this time, finally stopped being so tough, and a sad voice came from the other side of the door.
"I found that I can't forget you. I have always loved you deeply. I thought that when I went to France, this feeling would fade and be forgotten over time. But, I was wrong. My love for you The love is getting stronger and stronger, and the desire to be with you is getting stronger and stronger. I love you...I have always loved you! Xu Yao, I love you..." Jingru touched the door with her hand, Xu Yao on the other side of the door confided.
"We can't go back..."


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