Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 28

Qian Yu feels that life is as sweet as honey. She never thought she could be favored by God. If it is said that happiness can only be reaped after experiencing thousands of sufferings, then the insults and bullying suffered before are really nothing at all.
Qian Yu sat in the living room knitting little socks for the children. Seeing three pairs of small and cute socks on the table, Qian Yu stroked them happily on her cheek.
She really wanted to tell Xu Yao about this happiness. Although she knew that Xu Yao didn't like being disturbed when she was working, Qian Yu couldn't help but dialed his number, "Xu Yao, I'm Qian Yu."
"What's the matter?" There was the sound of Xu Yao writing quickly on the paper from the other end of the microphone, but Xu Yao's tone was kind. Qian Yu thought he would hang up her phone.
"I knitted three pairs of socks for the baby." Qian Yu said happily.
"Can you knit me a pair too?"
"Qianyu, I'm busy here. Cook dinner for me tonight, and I didn't eat at noon." Qianyu heard the voice of the secretary on the microphone saying that there was a meeting. Xu Yao finished speaking quickly, and then hung up the phone. Hearing the beeping sound of hanging up from the microphone, Qian Yu felt a little distressed.
Just as I was going to the kitchen to prepare food, I heard the doorbell ring. Qian Yu put on her apron and went to open the door in doubt. Who will it be at this time?
"Hello..." Qian Yu opened the door, and the smile on her face froze instantly. Mars hit the earth, not so shocking. Outside the door was Xiao Jingru, the Xiao Jingru on the TV. Qian Yu opened her mouth in surprise, unable to close it for a long time.
"Hello, is Xu Yao there?" Jingru asked with a faint smile, taking off her sunglasses. After finishing speaking, he pushed Qian Yu away and walked in. She changed her shoes familiarly, sat down gracefully on the sofa in the living room, and turned on the TV.
Qian Yu couldn't figure out the situation. What's the matter with her? Whose home is this?
"Make me a cup of coffee." Sitting in the living room, Jingru was puzzled when she saw that she hadn't come in yet. Quietly as if thirsty, he ordered to Qian Yu.
"Okay!" Qian Yu closed the door, ran to the kitchen, and after a while, brought out a cup of delicious coffee.
"It's delicious!" Jing Ru elegantly put a sip on her lips, and then praised Qian Yu. Qian Yu lowered her head in embarrassment.
As quiet as the sun, it is too bright to make people open their eyes. Qian Yu felt this way at the moment, a little dizzy, as if in a dream.
"When will Xu Yao come back?"
"I'll be back around 7 o'clock. But he should be back early today." Qian Yu stood in the living room and said enthusiastically to Jing Ru.
"I want to eat curry today, can I?"
"Ah?" Qian Yu looked at this Jingru who fell from the sky in puzzlement. She never thought that she could sit in the living room and talk face to face with her female role models.
"Xu Yao likes curry very much, and I like it too. Don't you know how to cook it?"
"No!" Qian Yu was confused by this Jingru. But he still obediently went to the kitchen to make curry. But Xu Yao said that he hates curry the most. Xu Yao also said that he didn't know Jingru. However, looking at Miss Jingru's appearance, the two of them clearly knew each other. what happened?
Qian Yu took another look from the kitchen, sitting elegantly in the living room, drinking coffee and watching TV Jingru, and looked at herself again. She had never felt so inferior before.
When God made Jingru, he must have crafted it meticulously; but when he made himself, he must have dozed off.
Qian Yu was so aggrieved, complaining to God, his old man.


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