Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 27

Today is the weekend, Xu Yao finally has time to be with Qian Yu. Qian Yu cherishes this rare time and is tired of Xu Yao.
Xu Yao crossed his legs and sat on the sofa reading the newspaper, while Qian Yu watched the entertainment news, sitting at Xu Yao's feet like a lazy cat.
"It's rare that I have time, why don't we go out for a walk?" Xu Yao asked boredly.
"No. You finally have time and don't want others to disturb us."
"The following is the latest news for you: Ms. Xiao Jingru, the only daughter and heir of the owner of the largest law firm in China, is currently returning to China. The beautiful Ms. Xiao Jingru was once active in the modeling industry. Three years ago, she resolutely decided to get rid of the title of vase, Went to study abroad at Paris Faculty of Law, worked as a model at the same time, and passed the bar exam."
"Miss Xiao, may I ask what is the reason why you gave up the great achievements you made in France this time and resolutely returned to China?"
"Find the lost love!"
On the TV, a beautiful and noble woman full of intellectual beauty said with an elegant smile on the screen. Qian Yu is completely attracted to her, she is the woman Qian Yu yearns for.
"Xu you know her?" Qian Yu asked excitedly, tugging on Xu Yao's corner. "Why do you ask that?" Xu Yao asked back with a livid face.
"I envy her very much. She has a good family background, a good mind, a beautiful face, and a good figure... She is not a model, I think Xu Yao should know her. I think it will be a very happy thing to know such a perfect person .” Qian Yu explained.
"I don't know!" Xu Yao angrily turned off the TV and walked towards the bedroom. Qian Yu followed him in puzzledly, lying beside him, staring at Xu Yao with clear deer-like eyes.
"Did I say something wrong, did I do something wrong?" Xu Yao opened his eyes, looking at her pure black eyes, and at this moment, he was full of unease. He was also attracted by her pair of black eyes for the first time.
"I'm hungry." After finishing speaking, he raised his hands. Qian Yu hurriedly pushed him away, "What's the matter?" Qian Yu leaned closer to his ear shyly, and whispered, "I'm pregnant!" When Xu Yao heard his words, the displeasure just now disappeared.
"Haha... My Qianyu is indeed the most powerful."
"No!" Qian Yu thought that he would stop when he heard the news that he was pregnant, but he didn't expect him to continue to be dishonest.
"What's the matter?" Xu Yao frowned, wanting to be dissatisfied.
"I'm pregnant, you have to abstain from sexual intercourse. Otherwise it will be bad for the baby." Qian Yu said righteously. An image of a loving mother who swears to the death to defend the rights and interests of her children. But Xu Yao didn't care, "I will be careful."
His hot desire rubbed against Qianyu's soft and intimate body... His hands moved wantonly on that delicate body that seemed to be boneless...
Qian Yu felt her whole body was hot, like a fire, but her whole body was spreading with an inexplicable pleasure... her heart and body were trembling slightly... and then she felt as if she was about to suffocate due to lack of oxygen...
Pulling her legs apart, one pushed forward and squeezed into her body, setting off wave after wave.


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