Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 26

Xu Yao once said: Only a home with Qianyu can become a home; without Qianyu, every place is a battlefield.
"Boss, do you really want to get married?" My friend Qian asked puzzled. Especially after knowing who to marry, I was even more astonished.
"Extremely serious! Besides, I might already be pregnant. I don't want my child to become an illegitimate child." Xu Yao said while processing the document. But when he said "super serious", his expression was also extremely serious.
"It's so ugly." Qian said, looking at the photo on Xu Yao's desk, frowning.
"I have seen too many beautiful women. The ugly things hidden behind that beautiful skin make me vomit. Of course I also like beautiful women. It is best to be beautiful in appearance and heart. However, so far, I have not Met. And Qianyu made me feel warm and relaxed, that's enough." Xu Yao said with emotion. The industry they are in meets too many beauties and handsome men. It is no exaggeration to say that the most indispensable thing is beautiful women.
"What if Jingru is back?" Xu Yao's hand holding the pen suddenly stopped when he heard the name that made him crazy.
"We have already broken up." Xu Yao replied annoyed. Apparently he didn't want to talk about it.
"Xu Yao..." Qian Yu's figure appeared at the door. Nerves with a headache, because seeing Qian Yu made me feel a lot better.
"How did you come?"
"I went shopping and brought you lunch by the way." Qian Yu said thoughtfully. There are soups and vegetables, complete in color, fragrance, and reasonable nutrition. Xu Yao looked at the sumptuous lunch she brought, and said distressedly, "I'll just order takeaway, and you don't have to trouble yourself in the future."
Qian Yu just looked at it with a smile and didn't answer. Xu Yao knew that it was useless for him to stop him. Xu Yao likes the feeling of being pampered by Qian Yu.
"It smells so good. Boss, I finally know why you married her." Qian admired while secretly eating. Xu Yao rolled his eyes at him, and said displeasedly, "It's not because of this that I got married. Otherwise, just hire a nanny."
"Hi, I'm Song Qian. I've known Xu Yao since we wore crotch pants. We skipped class together, fought, had sex, and even went to the bathhouse to peek at girls taking a shower..." Song Qian had a handsome face, saying Qian Yu introduced herself. But soon, that handsome face became discouraged, and Xu Yao smashed it with an ashtray.
Qian deftly dodged it, and said childishly, "You can't hit it, haha..."
"I brought a lot of food, you should come and eat too." Qian Yu said calmly. Pick up the ashtray on the ground and put it in its original place. Then a bowl of soup was served to everyone and handed to them.
"How did you get in?" The two were scrambling for food, Xu Yao suddenly remembered that people outside the company could not enter.
"I said it was for food delivery." Qian Yu said with a mysterious smile and proudly. It took a lot of effort to sneak in successfully.
The headquarters of the Shuiyan Cultural Foundation, because they are all big-name celebrities, for safety reasons, it is difficult for idlers to enter.
"Why don't you say it's my girlfriend?"
"How could they believe it? Or is it that food delivery is more reliable and easier to break into the company. Facts have proved that my decision is completely correct." Xu Yao looked at the optimistic and inferior Qian Yu, and the delicious food It became hard to swallow.
"What's wrong? Are you full?" Qian Yu asked when he saw that he had stopped eating.
"In the future, tell others that she is my girlfriend. If others don't believe it, just call me. I'll tell them myself." Xu Yao said angrily. After finishing speaking, he took a big bite of the rice. Qian Yu knew that he was angry, Xu Yao always ate slowly.
"It doesn't matter to me. Just be nice to me." Qian Yu said emotionally. She knew who he was, and she was self-aware. If the media knew her girlfriend was like this, I don't know how they would write about him. She doesn't want to see him being laughed at by others.
If he has this heart, she is very content.
Seeing her appearance, Xu Yao scolded in distress and annoyance.


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