Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 25

The peaceful life was broken, and the mother came to Qian Yu's residence in the afternoon, looking like a domineering lady.
"Milk tea!" Mother Lin ordered to Qian Yu. Qian Yu smiled wryly and went to the kitchen to make tea for her. Their relationship is always that of master and servant. '
"Xuyao treats you well." Mother Lin looked at the luxuriously decorated house and said sourly to the ugly daughter. She started rubbing her temples again, and Qian Yu looked at her with displeasure.
"Qian Yu, you are a lucky girl, Xu Yao actually fell in love with you. You must know how to cherish your blessings." Mother Lin asked with great care. Qian Yu hung her head and did not answer. She didn't think she would be so kind.
"Do you have anything to do?" Qian Yu asked lightly in a distant tone.
"Qianyu, don't forget that I am your mother." Lin's mother said displeasedly when she heard Qianyu's distant tone. Qian Yu was equally displeased. When the children need their mother the most, the absence of the mother has led to the lack of relationship between the two people so far. Some things, once gone, never come back. Especially for things like feelings, it is not enough to make up for them. And Lin's mother didn't seem to come to mend her mother-daughter relationship with her daughter.
"I found a house in Australia, and I plan to retire there when I get old. The price is just right, so I plan to buy it."
"Then you buy it."
"Your mother, I don't have any money. You have money now, of course you have to honor me."
"I don't have money either. I also need to be supported by others."
"Go and ask Xu Yao for it."
"No!" Mother Lin threw the tea cup at Qian Yu's face angrily, but Qian Yu didn't dodge, and the tea cup smashed against her forehead. Qian Yu felt that blood was flowing down, but didn't care about it.
"You...have your wings hardened, haven't you?" Mother Lin came over to hit Qianyu, but Xu Yao who appeared angrily held her hand firmly.
Xu Yao shook off her hand and said coldly, "Get lost!"
Mother Lin saw that she couldn't get any bargain, so she left in despair.
"You're back..." Qian Yu's expressionless face finally showed joy. Just about to get up to prepare bath water for him, Xu Yao stopped him.
Xu Yao took out the medicine box, gently wiped off the blood stains on her forehead, and put a Band-Aid on her. Qian Yu suddenly hugged his neck, sobbing softly.
"It hurts?" Xu Yao asked puzzled. Qian Yu's tears fell down Xu Yao's neck, and Xu Yao's heart ached.
"No. You are so kind to me, I am so touched. No one has ever been so kind to me." Qian Yu shook her head, tears flowed uncontrollably, tears of happiness.
Xu Yao kissed the corners of her eyes, kissed the tears on her cheeks, and the kiss fell on Qian Yu's lips, "I have always been gentle to you. It's just that you have never accepted it. Every time you see me, I am like a cat." I saw the mouse..."
"The mouse saw the cat." Qian Yu burst out laughing. Seeing her bursting into tears, Xu Yao smiled and did not refute.
"Xu Yao is a very gentle person." Qian Yu exposed her dimples, and kissed Xu Yao's lips proactively. The corners of Xu Yao's mouth also raised unconsciously, this was the first time she was so proactive.
"Wait..." Xu Yao took out Chen Yi's autograph from his bag: For Lin Qianyu, the cutest loyal fan. There are also two cartoon villains drawn below, one is of course the handsome Chen Yi; the other is the fat Qian Yu.
"How to reward me?" Xu Yao squatted in front of Qian Yu, and said childishly.
"Thank you!" Qian Yu's tears flowed again. Xu Yao looked like he was about to faint, and then stretched out his hand to tear off the signature. Of course, Qian Yu took it away with a pursed smile, not letting him succeed.
"I don't care, feed me yours tonight." Of course Qian Yu knew the deep meaning of feeding him, but she still pretended to be stupid and said, "Of course. I made a lot of delicious food tonight, and I will definitely feed you full." Hug."
After speaking, he walked towards the kitchen, Xu Yao yelled from behind...


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