Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 24

"Forever!" When Xu Yao said this, both of them were shocked at the same time. What a heavy commitment for a lifetime.
Xu Yao immediately felt relieved. There are too many beauties, so it's not bad for a change. Qian Yu hadn't recovered from the shock just now, her hands were tightly clutching her pants.
The corner of Xu Yao's mouth curled into a teasing smile, "My penis is relatively strong, are you sure it's okay?" Hearing Xu Yao's words, Qian Yu's face turned completely red. I wish there was a hole in the ground to drill into.
"Hey, why didn't you answer?" Xu Yao touched his elbow, Qian Yu's body froze, but he didn't dare to look up at him. How did he ask her to answer?
"I'm hungry." After finishing speaking, he dragged Qian Yu, who was dull and blushing, away. His shy look is so cute, I really want to eat it in one bite.
Life is back on track again.
Qian Yu obediently quit her job and concentrated on being a good wife at home.
The light in Xu Yao's study room was always on, and it took a long time to know how busy Xu Yao was. And Xu Yao is a person who pursues perfection, so the workload has increased a lot.
"Milk." Qian Yu walked in and handed him the milk. Xu Yao never took his eyes off the document, and Qian Yu hurriedly caught it after drinking. Xu Yao had the habit of drinking coffee at night when he was working. Qian Yu said it was bad for his health, so Xu Yao quit.
Xu Yao is a very casual person. When you get busy, you can skip meals for a few days. But with Qian Yu, life began to be standardized. Sometimes, Xu Yao felt that Qian Yu was "very annoying".
"When will it be finished?"
"Why do you miss me?" Xu Yao finally stretched his waist, pinched the bridge of his nose, and said with a wicked smile.
"Is there something I would like your help with?" Qian Yu said shyly while holding the milk cup. Xu Yao looked at Qian Yu curiously. Qian Yu, a stubborn little woman, rarely asks for help. Xu Yao waited for her request with great interest.
"Umm... When I was working part-time, I met a girl named Huanhuan. She was going to celebrate her birthday recently, and I wanted to give her a special birthday gift. Aren't you the president of Shuiyan? I want your help Ask the lead singer of the Hard Rock Band: Chen Yi, can I have an autograph?"
Qian Yu begged fawningly, Xu Yao sighed in disappointment. It was such a small matter, but judging by her expression, she thought it was such a big thing. "a piece of cake!"
"Really?" Qian Yu continued to ask with a happy expression on her face. "Then can you let him sign one for me? It would be best to write on it: For the cutest and loyal fan Lin Qianyu."
Xu Yao half-closed his eyes and looked at Qian Yu dangerously. Qian Yu, who was belatedly aware, didn't feel the displeasure around Xu Yao, and thought that Xu Yao was in a difficult situation, so she said empathetically, "Forget it. You don't need to get it for me. You just need to give my friend a piece of him. It’s enough to have two signatures. Chen Yi is so famous, it’s more difficult to have two signatures.”
"Lin Qianyu..." Xu Yao shouted angrily, including his first and last names.
"You..." He is the president of the imposing Shuiyan Cultural Foundation. How many stars have been held up by him. The shining star in everyone's eyes is just a "commodity" that can make him money in his eyes. Once the characteristics of the commodity are lost, he will throw them away like garbage without mercy.
"What's the matter? Xu Yao, you must get me one. My friend really likes him. I want to give her a surprise." Qian Yu hugged Xu Yao's neck, with tears in his eyes, pleading.
"I must block him!" Xu Yao said angrily. Is he so useless in Qian Yu's eyes? Doesn't she know him: Ouyang Xuyao, what a powerful figure in the entertainment and cultural industry? Xu Yao felt crazy.
"No! On behalf of Chen Yi's loyal fans, I strongly condemn your atrocities."
Xu Yao wanted to kill someone! \


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