Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 22

Since everyone broke up last time, Xu Yao seemed to have evaporated, and Qian Yu didn't wait any longer. Start planning your life.
Thanks to Xu Yao's blessing, she was able to graduate from high school smoothly. However, she did not choose to go to university, but chose to step into social work. She knew in her heart how difficult it would be for a high school graduate to step into society, but she had a dream. A humble but ordinary dream belonging to Qian Yu.
Qian Yu cleaned the room, Xu Yao tidied up her clothes, put the keys on the table in the living room reluctantly, and left with her luggage. The house that had given her a lot of hope...
"A set meal!"
"Bill, please!"
Qian Yu was so busy that she felt like she was going to pass out. Finally, when it was time to get off work, Qian Yu changed into her overalls and walked towards the dormitory.
Although life was hard, fortunately, Qian Yu had a good relationship with her colleagues, and they didn't discriminate against or bully her. She finally had a friend. Thinking of this, Qian Yu smiled.
"Qian Yu is back?" Roommate Yu Xin greeted enthusiastically. This is a four-person dormitory, except for Qianyu, the other three are college students.
"Qianyu, we are talking about men, come over and talk together?" Qianyun pulled Qianyu and sat on a small table with snacks on it.
"What's there to talk about with men?" Qian Yu was tired all day and really wanted to go to bed. She didn't understand why these young ladies were so energetic. Is she old? However, she is the youngest of them all. Sadly, she looks older than them.
"In a few days, we will start school. It will be difficult for everyone to get together in the future, come?" Huanhuan said coquettishly.
"Okay." Qian Yu sighed helplessly.
"We were talking about our love history just now. Has Qian Yu ever been in love? Tell me?" The three people looked at Qian Yu and asked expectantly.
"I'm sorry. I've never been in a relationship. I'm so ugly, how could anyone like me?" Qian Yu said with low self-esteem. It is true that she has never been in love with anyone else. She just talked about two ridiculous and sad love affairs with herself. She is a fool.
"Qianyu, you are not ugly at all. You have such a perfect face, if you lose weight, you will definitely fascinate all the boys." Qianyu looked at the three of them, unable to hear the mocking tone. Although Qian Yu felt that there was no malice, she would not take their words seriously. A person who has been called ugly by others since he was a child, and when he grows up, he cannot get rid of the inferiority complex in his bones.
A few years later, Qian Yu has changed from an ugly duckling to a white swan, becoming a superstar and a heartthrob. When she is praised by others, she still feels guilty.
"Why can't I meet a good man?" Huanhuan said angrily, resting her chin on the table.
"First, good men are sorry for their looks; second, handsome men are not good; third, handsome and good men are married; fourth, handsome, nice but unmarried men Incompetent; Fifth, men who are handsome, nice, unmarried and rich...have no interest in us; sixth, men who are handsome, good, unmarried, rich and interested in us...all Seventh, a man who is handsome, good-looking, unmarried, rich, interested in us and not caring about us is gay; eighth, handsome, good-looking, unmarried, rich and interested in us is not romantic Ghost heterosexuals, if we get close to them first, they won't lose interest in us...What about such people, what's wrong?!"
Haha... Everyone roared with laughter, leaving Qianyu stunned. Their theories about men are too profound, and Qian Yu doesn't understand so much. Qian Yu separates reality from ideal in her own way, and then daydreams on this basis.


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