Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 21

Xu Yao continued to eat his meal, but Qian Yu couldn't calm down. She originally imagined a church wedding, she also imagined designing the wallpaper of the baby room with cornflower patterns, and she also imagined that two people with wrinkled faces can still hold hands happily together Take a walk in the sunset.
Qian Yu stood up with a sad face, and walked towards the room in silence. She and he are not in the same world, so even if they live in the same bed, they are just different dreams in the same bed.
"Qian Yu, what are you doing?" Xu Yao, who was wearing a bathrobe, came to the room, saw Qian Yu packing her luggage, and asked in a harsh tone. "Move away!" Qian Yu replied lightly.
"I mean, why?"
"Everyone seems to have misunderstood. I'm sorry, I can't marry you, let alone give birth to you. Go find another woman." Qian Yu knelt on the ground, pushed Xu Yao to the ground to mess up her clothes, and re- Pack it up and put it in the suitcase.
"A woman who doesn't know what to do." Xu Yao viciously grabbed Qian Yu's arm and threw her to the ground. "I promised to marry you, don't you feel satisfied? I always thought you were a woman who is easy to be content and grateful, but it turns out that you are just a greedy woman." Xu Yao was spraying anger from his nose, and there was a look of contempt on Leng Jun's face. look.
Qian Yu looked at Xu Yao's face sadly, is this his real face? Why is she always being rude to others? She is just the most ordinary woman with the most ordinary wish, why is it so difficult to realize it?
"I'm greedy. Can you let me go now?" Qian Yu said calmly. When in love, love with all your heart; when not in love, let go decisively, this is Qian Yu's character! However, hypocrisy is not allowed, she is too real, she can't do it.
Xu Yao looked at her evilly. When he smiles, people will never be able to distinguish his true emotions. Many complexities are hidden in his smile.
Qian Yu smelled the fragrant and salty smell of fresh blood, and Xu Yao was kissing her slightly pale lips, and there was a tingling pain on her lips, and a cut was broken.
What hurt Qian Yu was that Xu Yao's huge size had already been squeezed into the dry depths abruptly. Apart from the pain, Qian Yu felt no pleasure at all. His eyes kept admiring the pained look on her face with a smile, moving rapidly.
"Don't get emotional! I told you before that I don't like women who cause me trouble." After finishing, Xu Yao lit a cigarette and leaned against the bedside to smoke.
Qian Yu lay on the other side, looking at the bustling city outside the window on the eightieth floor. My heart was always sad, but I persevered in not letting the tears flow out.
"Speak, I order you to speak." Xu Yao irritatedly extinguished the cigarette, pulled Qian Yu, and made the two of them look at each other. Qian Yu just looked at his pretty face expressionlessly. She discovered that he had never known him.
"Men and toothbrushes can't be shared. I can't share a man with another woman. If we can't agree on this, I don't think we can live together." After finishing speaking, ** walked into the bathroom. Xu Yao half-closed his eyes and stared at the bathroom door, listening to the sound of water inside.
Qian Yu always thought that she didn't understand Xu Yao, how could Xu Yao really understand Qian Yu...


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