Novel Name : Enchanting ex-wife is so sultry

Chapter 30

"Shen Che, what are you doing?! Do you know that there are many reporters around here? Do you still want to be in the headlines?"
Qiao Chuchu hurriedly stepped forward to hold Shen Che back, she knew that Shen Che followed them away, he must be looking for trouble for Gu Ning, so she followed them worryingly.
Fortunately, a group of reporters had already left, and their movements were not too big at the moment. Otherwise, it would be a lot of trouble if they were photographed by reporters.
"How did Ran Sheng feel sorry for you? How dare you hurt her again and again?!"
Breaking free from Qiao Chuchu's hand, Shen Che rushed up again and punched him hard on the left side of the cheek, which was in stark contrast to the previous position.
"Shen Che, that's enough."
This time, it was Lin Ransheng who opened the mouth, and successfully stopped Shen Che's fist that was about to hit again in mid-air.
"This is between us, you let me talk to him myself."
Her pale face and crumbling body made Gu Ning panic.
Seeing this, Qiao Chuchu originally planned to hold Shen Che's hand and put it in the air, but quickly retracted.
Sure enough, Lin Ransheng's just one sentence was far more useful than everything he had done. In his mind, she will always be different.
With a wry smile, he stood silently behind Shen Che, looking at him.
"Ran Sheng, he hurts you like this, why do you help him? Do you love him so much? Are you still the Lin Ransheng I know?!"
Shen Che was already extremely angry at this moment, to this point, why did Lin Ransheng still help Gu Ning? ! Is he that good? ! So good that Lin Ransheng is willing to abandon her original self for him? !
"Shen Che, that's enough. I know you like me, but I'm very grateful for everything you've done for me, but I don't need it."
Lin Ransheng looked at Shen Che calmly, because she knew Shen Che's feelings for her, so she was unwilling to accept everything he did for her. And she doesn't need anyone to intervene in the matter between her and Gu Ning.
Especially Shen Che.
Shen Che never expected that Lin Ransheng would reject him so bluntly, without even leaving any hope.
"Ran Sheng, is it really fair for you to treat Shen Che like this?"
Seeing Shen Che's injured face, Qiao Chuchu couldn't help but speak. Although she knew that Lin Ransheng had never liked Shen Che, but seeing his injured appearance, she still felt wronged for him.
"Qiao Chuchu, this is none of your business."
Although Qiao Chuchu was helping her, Shen Che was helping Lin Ransheng, which made Qiao Chuchu's eyes turn red.
"I knew I shouldn't talk to you! You don't know what to do!"
Qiao Chuchu stomped her feet, stood behind him with red eyes, and remained silent.
"Chuchu, Shen Che, I know that you are doing it for my own good. No matter what, I don't want you to intervene in the affairs between me and Gu Ning."
After finishing speaking, Lin Ransheng stuffed Gu Ning, who was still in a daze, into the car again, and drove away.
Seeing Lin Ransheng's car gradually disappearing from sight, Shen Che looked lonely, Qiao Chuchu felt distressed and angry at the same time.
Distressed because he didn't get any return for his efforts, angry because Shen Che clearly knew that Lin Ransheng was not interested in him, why didn't he look back at himself? Is he really that bad?
Shen Che took off his suit jacket, held it in his hand, and left the parking lot step by step. Qiao Chuchu still couldn't bear it, and followed him closely, and followed him into a bar.
He stopped, sat in front of the bar, and ordered a glass of high-strength H26 bomber. The brightly colored cocktail was placed in front of him, and he drank it in just a few seconds. High-concentration spirits have a spicy aftertaste, and after drinking it in one breath, I only feel uncomfortable in my stomach.
At the charity dinner just now, he didn't have time to eat anything, and now he was drinking on an empty stomach, and his stomach felt uncomfortable, which made him frown. But he didn't intend to stop at all. Instead, he ordered a bottle of strong Volga and drank one cup after another.
After all, Qiao Chuchu couldn't stand it any longer, and snatched the wine bottle and glass that he was about to drink, and threw them aside.
"Shen Che, if you are a man, you can either snatch Lin Ransheng from Gu Ning, or give her up completely. What kind of man are you here to drown your sorrows with wine? Shen Che, I really look down on you!"
Qiao Chuchu would rather watch him snatch Lin Ransheng away from Gu Ning than to see him drink away his worries.
"Qiao Chuchu, what does this have to do with you?"
Shen Che's capacity for drinking was not good in the first place, he was already a little dizzy after drinking nearly a bottle of spirits, if it wasn't for the constant pain in his stomach, he might have passed out long ago.
"It's really none of my business! But if you have the ability, don't let me see you like this! Since you let me see it, then it's none of my business!"
Xu Shi saw Shen Che's uncomfortable face, Qiao Chuchu paid the bill and forcibly took Shen Che away from the bar.
"Qiao Chuchu, let me go!"
"Qiao Chuchu, I don't need you to care about me!"
"Qiao Chuchu, I hate you!"
At this moment, Shen Che didn't have the strength to break free from Qiao Chuchu's hands. He could only watch helplessly as he was taken away by her and stuffed into the car, but his mouth still didn't stop. It has no effect on Qiao Chuchu.
Qiao Chuchu drove him to the hospital. Shen Che didn't have any strength in his body at the moment, so he could only let Qiao Chuchu and the doctors and nurses fiddle with him. After some examinations, she was relieved after confirming that it was only a slight stomach bleeding.
Shen Che had already fallen asleep at this moment, paid the fee, and finished the hospitalization process. She looked at him lying in the hospital bed and fell asleep, and her heart was full of distress, and the anger at that time was completely gone.
His right hand gently caressed his face, his face was pale without a trace of blood. Under the eyes, there is thick black and blue, it seems that he has not rested for a while. In his sleep, he still seemed a little uncomfortable. He frowned and moved his body. Qiao Chuchu was so frightened that he retracted his right hand, for fear that he would find out his movements when he woke up.
But after making sure that he hadn't woken up, she stroked his face carefully again, and quietly took his hand, clasping her fingers tightly.
She can only do these actions before he wakes up. When he wakes up, she might hate herself, right?
Thinking of this, she couldn't help but lower her head, a trace of hurt flashed in her eyes, why couldn't he look back at herself?
His whispering sound reached her ears, and she quickly let go of his hand, looking at him who slowly opened his eyes, with a nervous expression.
"Are you okay? Does your stomach hurt? Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?"
Shen Che was a little puzzled by Qiao Chuchu's series of questions, not knowing what happened.
"Why am I in the hospital? Why are you here?"
Instead of answering Qiao Chuchu's question, he asked about her instead.
"You drank too much last night. I sent you to the hospital and found that you had slight stomach bleeding."
Qiao Chuchu deliberately ignored the part where she forcibly brought him to the hospital, but put pillows on his back and raised the bed so that he could lie down and sit up.
"Thank you then. I'm not hungry now, please help me get a sitter if you can."
Shen Che pursed his lips, still feeling a slight pain in his stomach. Although he had forgotten some of what happened last night, he didn't want to bother Qiao Chuchu now.
"Do you hate to bother me so much? Am I better than a nurse?"
Qiao Chuchu suddenly became a little angry, what was Shen Che thinking? Why is it that he is unwilling to accept even though he is willing to do these things for him?
"Or do you want me to tell Lin Ransheng about this?"
She was betting that he didn't want Lin Ransheng to know about his hospitalization.
###032 leave
Sure enough, after she finished speaking, Shen Che immediately pursed his lips and stopped saying anything to make Qiao Chuchu leave. Seeing this, Qiao Chuchu suppressed her unhappiness, got up and went outside to buy breakfast.
Lin Ransheng and Gu Ning drove back to Gu's house last night, handed Gu Ning to the housekeeper, and drove away.
Gu Ning didn't seem to have recovered from what happened at the charity dinner. He was in a daze until he got off the car. He didn't even notice that Lin Ransheng had left.
What kept murmuring in his mouth was "She died...she died...".
Seeing this, the butler quickly sent him to Gu's house. When Qi Shuangjuan learned that Lin Ransheng sent Gu Ning back and left, she was even more angry. She knew that Lin Ransheng and her son were not suitable. Just back from a charity dinner? This woman must be restraining her son!
Thinking of this, the anger in my heart only felt worse, and I looked at the housekeeper with unkind eyes: "If the young mistress comes back in the future, you are not allowed to open the door! I don't have such a daughter-in-law!"
The butler nodded quickly. Qi Shuangjuan, who was furious at the moment, was not something to be trifled with.
Lin Ransheng drove the car, left Gu's house, and returned to the small apartment where he had been living before.
Originally thought that he would live in Gu's house forever, there were only a few sets of simple clothes left in the small apartment, and the original sofa and bed had already been covered with white cloth. Looking at the situation in front of him, Lin Ransheng felt bitter. It seems that he still needs to live here for a while.
Perhaps, I will need to live here in the future.
I poured a glass of red wine, sat on the windowsill, and looked at the street view downstairs.
It was only nine o'clock in the evening at this moment, and when I looked around, there were bright lights within the range of sight, and I looked at my room again, even though the lights were on, I felt a chill.
Originally, when she decided to start over, Chen Xi's name appeared in their lives again. only she knows
, What does this name mean to Gu Ning. When Chen Xi was still alive, he couldn't replace her. Now that she is dead, she will probably remain in his heart forever.
And Lin Ransheng, does she really have to continue to wait? The current waiting is completely hopeless, and she will never be able to compete with a shadow.
However, her eyes have never tolerated sand, so how can they continue like this?
She hardly dared to continue imagining, only feeling a headache, drank the red wine in the glass, leaned against the window and fell into a deep sleep.
When I woke up the next day, it was already six o'clock in the morning. There were several missed calls and two text messages on my phone. Three of them were from Gu Ning's phone, and the other was from Qiao Chuchu. Among the text messages, one was from Gu Ning. He hoped that Lin Ransheng would give him a chance to explain, while Qiao Chuchu had a few short words.
Shen Che was hospitalized.
When Lin Ransheng learned that Shen Che was hospitalized, Lin Ransheng was a little worried, but thinking of having Qiao Chuchu by her side, her worries would be superfluous. At this time, if Qiao Chuchu was by his side to take care of him, Shen Che might take this opportunity to let Shen Che see her goodness. If she appeared by herself, it might make things worse.
When I saw Gu Ning's text message, I added his number to the blacklist and didn't want to see any more information about him.
At this moment, she just wants to be quiet for a while.
I looked at the time, but it was only 6:30 in the morning. I cooked some noodles by myself. After arranging the work for the past few days, I bought the air ticket for the day and prepared to leave Hong Kong City.
Too many things happened recently, which made her a little tired. She just hoped that she could go to another place to be quiet for a while, even if she walked around alone, it would be much better than here.
After packing up a few clothes, turning off the phone, buying a new phone card, and telling the secretary Lily of her new number, she drove to the airport.
This time she did not go abroad, but instead flew to Belvedere, which is some distance away from Hong Kong City.
Belvedere is like spring all year round, even in this late autumn weather, it is as comfortable as spring, without suitable coolness. During the four-hour flight, she slept very well and hardly dreamed. When she got off the plane, she was much more energetic than when she was in Hong Kong.
After getting off the plane and turning on the phone, the phone was silent, not even a text message.
It's been a long time since she tried a mobile phone so quiet, and then she thought that her mobile phone had been turned off. At this time, who would care about herself?
Logged into her WeChat, took a picture of the sky in Belvedere and sent it to Moments, and only commented that the sky here is really blue, and then she continued to throw her phone in her bag and continue her journey.
With only simple luggage, she didn't choose to stay in a five-star hotel like she used to do on business trips, but chose to stay in an inconspicuous inn. The inn has a strong ethnic style, and even the decoration has a strong ethnic style, which she likes very much.
Before she took over the Lin Group, her biggest dream was to walk through these streets with a drawing board on her back, draw the customs and customs she likes, and do what she likes to do.
However, all of this is not suitable for what the president of the Lin Group is doing.
Therefore, even if it is a trip, you can only stay outside for a maximum of two days.
Even if it is only 48 hours, it is enough for her.
Belvedere at noon is quiet. Most of the people on the street are local residents. They are warm and friendly. When Lin Ransheng doesn't know the way, they will warmly tell her the direction, and some kind-hearted people will even take her to the destination.
At the end of the day, she gained a lot. She bought some ethnic jewelry and a set of ethnic costumes.
The prices of these things may not be as good as a skirt she usually wears, but Lin Ransheng likes this kind of life so much that she even wants to stay here.
It was already sunset, and Lin Ransheng returned to the inn full of enthusiasm, but unexpectedly, he saw an unexpected guest.
Gu Ning.
How did he get here?
When Lin Ransheng saw Gu Ning for the first time, he thought of this question. He obviously turned off his mobile phone, even Lily just knew that he had changed the number, and he didn't know where he went, how did he know?
"I'm sorry about what happened last night. Since you refused to answer my call, I have no choice but to come to you in person."
Gu Ning laughed, there was no apology in his tone, but his eyes were extremely sincere.
When he regained his composure yesterday, it was already six o'clock in the morning. Perhaps it was because Chen Xi's death shocked him so much that he couldn't control his emotions at all, which made Lin Ransheng so embarrassing at the banquet.
He immediately called Lin Ransheng, but found no one answered.
At that moment, he really panicked.
He was even afraid that Lin Ransheng would really never care about him again.
(end of this chapter)


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