Novel Name : The only cute wife: the black-bellied president is very dedicated

Chapter 30

After the secretary stepped back, Lu Tianyu walked in. He was wearing a black suit, smiling with peach blossom eyes, and he felt more energetic than three months ago.
"Brother, long time no see."
"Your boy is finally back. I thought you met a foreign girl in England and would not come back."
"No way, China is my home."
Lu Tianyu is the CEO of Xinyu Group and Gu Jue's good friend since high school. The relationship between the two of them is very good. Because Lu Tianyu is a few months younger than him, they always call him brother.
"Brother, it seems that you are in a good mood recently. What's the good thing, let me hear it?"
"You've seen it all."
"I'm guessing too. What's the good thing? Could it be that I have a sister-in-law?"
"Roughly the same."
Lu Tianyu was very surprised, and exclaimed: "Really? Brother, you really found me a sister-in-law? What does it look like, let me see quickly."
Gu Jue smiled, not wanting to hide anything from him, took out Su Tao's photo in his wallet, and handed it to him.
"Brother, you really have a woman, and you still put the photo in your wallet, tsk tsk, my sister-in-law is very beautiful, with long hair, big eyes, and her breasts... are quite big."
"Where are you going to look?" Gu Jue snatched the wallet with a displeasure on his face, "I haven't seen you in a few months, you haven't changed at all, you're still the same color as before."
"Just kidding, bro, don't be angry, hey, if you have time some other day, why don't you take your sister-in-law to dinner?"
"This can be, wait for me to arrange it."
Seeing Gu Jue's happy appearance, Lu Tianyu suddenly became curious, and asked, "How did you and sister-in-law meet?"
When Lu Tianyu asked, Gu Jue fell into memory.
About the story of him and Su Tao, where should I start?
"Do you remember what I told you about the first time I offered a business card to a woman in a bar about a year ago?"
"Remember, what's wrong?"
"The woman took my business card and later threw my business card in the trash."
"Yeah, that woman is really... courageous."
Well, that woman is your sister-in-law. "
"Ah?" Lu Tianyu pondered for a long time, "So that's how it is."
He dared to throw away his business card, that incident left a deep impression on him, until this year, fate made him meet that woman again, a woman who ignored him so much, in the end, she was eaten dry by him Wipe it clean, and then trick her into working in his group. Now, the two of them even got their certificates?
"Brother, there were many women who chased you before, but none of them caught your attention. My sister-in-law just lost your business card, so you fell in love with her? This reason is a bit far-fetched."
"What do you know?" Gu Jue picked up the document on the table, and slapped it on Lu Tianyu's head, "Love at first sight, why do you need so many reasons, understand?"
"I understand, I understand. You and your sister-in-law fell in love at first sight. When you fall in love, you fall in love. There are so many reasons, right?"
Thinking of Su Tao, the first time he met her, and the little things he had been with her recently, the corners of Gu Jue's mouth couldn't help but rise slightly.
Lu Tianyu watched from the side, thinking, Gu Jue has met true love, otherwise he wouldn't be smiling so happily. This is the first time he has seen this kind of smile.
"By the way, when will you get a serious girlfriend?" Gu Jue asked Lu Tianyu.
Lu Tianyu put on an innocent expression and said, "Since when did I have a girlfriend?"
"What do you think?" Gu Jue raised his eyebrows. The two of them have known each other for so long. He has already figured out what kind of person he is. "When did you have a girlfriend seriously? What I'm talking about is that The kind of people who can get married have always been the girls who are devoted to you, but what about you? How do you treat others? Break up when you get tired of playing. "
"Don't speak so harshly, I also want to have a serious girlfriend, but those women... Forget it, let's not talk about it, brother, I just listen to you, the next girlfriend must have a good talk and get married development direction, okay?"
"now it's right."
After chatting for a while, Lu Tianyu was about to leave. He left Gu Jue's office and pressed the button of the elevator on the first floor, but he didn't know what happened. The elevator was broken and stopped on the 33rd floor.
Lu Tianyu thought he was on the first floor, but he realized something was wrong when he got out of the elevator.
just re
While waiting for the elevator, he inadvertently heard such a voice——
"Hey, the manager asked me to translate an English document, but I'm not a student of English. How can I translate? Isn't this embarrassing?"
"What information? Show me." Su Tao stopped the frowning colleague and asked kindly.
"Su Tao, by the way, I heard that you majored in English in college, right? That's really great, please help me quickly, can you translate this information?"
Su Tao took the document, glanced at it, nodded and said, "No problem, just leave it to me, and I'll give it to you when I finish translating it."
"Thank you so much, Su Tao, you are really my benefactor!"
Lu Tianyu was chewing gum boredly, and the moment he turned his head, he suddenly saw a person who looked like his sister-in-law.
That woman, why does she look so much like a sister-in-law? Could it be...
Lu Tianyu guessed something, with a wicked smile on his face, it turned out that his sister-in-law's name was Su Tao, and she also worked in Tianchen Group, did Gu Jue arrange this on purpose?
"Hey girl, do you need my help?"
Lu Tianyu walked up to Su Tao and said with a smile.
Su Tao looked up at him, she didn't know this person at all, what could he do for him? So her first feeling was that this man was a hooligan who came to strike up a conversation with her.
"Why are you ignoring me? Sister-in-law... the girl is so beautiful, does she have a boyfriend?"
"Sorry, I'm already married."
Su Tao was busy translating that document, and didn't have time to talk to this person, so she wanted to send him away quickly.
Lu Tianyu smiled, is this a flash marriage? It's true that Gu Jue didn't notify him before getting married, so he's still a buddy?
When I saw her photo just now, I thought she was quite beautiful, but I didn't expect to see her even more beautiful when I saw it up close!
"Hey, I mean you! Where are you looking?"
Su Tao was upset, and quickly covered her chest with her hands.
Where did this guy come from? Why are you like a pervert? Still staring at my chest, what are you looking at! What catches your eyes.
Lu Tianyu waved his hand and hurriedly explained: "You misunderstood, I didn't mean to look at your place."
(end of this chapter)


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