Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 37

bang bang bang!

The man in black made three palms in a row, and Zhuo Fan immediately formed his handprints, and a layer of yellow golden light floated up to block them. After about twenty moves, the man in black stood in the void, looked down and sneered, "It's really not easy to be able to manipulate the third-level formation Panlong formation so proficiently at such a young age. It's a pity that the old man you met today .”

As soon as the voice fell, the black-robed man rushed towards Zhuo Fan. Zhuo Fan sealed again, condensing a golden mask to block his way. But the man seemed to have expected it long ago, and unconsciously added two more forces in his hand, and struck out with a palm.

With a loud bang, the golden mask shattered instantly, and the man in black rushed towards Zhuo Fan at an unabated speed: "Hmph, the strength of a master in the Profound Sky Realm is beyond what you, a Qi Gathering Realm kid, can imagine."

A strange arc was drawn at the corner of his mouth, and Zhuo Fan murmured: "The power of the fifth-level formation is not what you, a rookie in formation, can expect."

With a soft snort, Zhuo Fan suddenly changed his hand formula.

"First Heaven!"


Following Zhuo Fan's yell, the ground suddenly shook violently, and then a golden dragon shadow roaring up to the sky suddenly flew up from the ground and rushed straight towards the man in black.

He curled his lips in disdain, the man in black had just seen this trick before. With a flick of his hand, dozens of black chains sprang out again, tearing the golden dragon into pieces.

However, just as the golden dragon disappeared, Zhuo Fan's hand formula changed again.

"Second Heaven!"

Ho ho!

Following two howls that shook the sky, two golden dragons jumped out from the ground and rushed towards the man in black.

Surprised, the black-robed man never expected that there would be two dragon shadows in this formation, which was already different from the Panlong formation he knew.

However, it still didn't bother him. With a wave of his hands, black chains flew out from both sleeves of his robes, and with a ruthless flick, the two golden dragons were torn apart.

However, before he could take a breath, Zhuo Fan's shout sounded again.

"Three Heavens!"

Three golden dragons soared into the sky!

"Four heavens", four dragons!

"Five Heavens", "Six Heavens"... until Zhuo Fan shouted "Nine Heavens", the nine golden dragons were already hovering proudly in the air. The ferocious roar and powerful momentum resounded over the entire Fenglin City.

Let the big families in the city shrink in the house one after another, not daring to make a sound. They had probably never seen such a terrifying battle in their lifetime.

The panting man in black looked at all this with a look of horror on his face. In any case, he never imagined that a kid in Qi Gathering Realm could control such a powerful formation.

"This is not the Coiling Dragon Formation!" The man in black looked solemnly at the nine majestic golden dragons around him, and those nine golden dragons also stared at him fiercely with their ferocious dragon eyes.

The corner of his mouth curled up in a strange arc, Zhuo Fan let out a long breath, and said lightly: "This is the fifth-level formation, the Nine Heavens Panlong Formation, come and break if you have the guts."

Hearing this, the man in black took a deep look at Zhuo Fan, and then laughed wildly: "Hahaha... Interesting, I didn't expect you to be able to control the fifth-level formation at such a young age. The old man treats you really well." I'm getting more and more surprised."

"I'll ask you one last time, do you want to come to my Nether Valley?" The man in black looked at Zhuo Fan, his eyes full of crazy covetousness. It's like seeing some precious beauty, and I wish I could swallow it right now.

With a disdainful sneer, Zhuo Fan said coldly: "I don't like your broken place!"

"Okay, since you don't want to be one of us. For a young man like you, the old man will never let you stay in this world."

As soon as the words fell, the black-robed man stomped suddenly, and smashed at Zhuo Fan with a "swish" like a meteor, his eyes were full of killing intent.

Zhuo Fan is only in his teens now, but the black-robed man is deeply afraid of his calm and sophisticated methods and his talent far beyond his current stage. If this young man is allowed to grow up for a few more years, he will definitely be their formidable enemy in Nether Valley.

Rather than regretting it then, it would be better to destroy him now.

Fully understanding what he was thinking, Zhuo Fan also realized that this would be an endless battle of life and death. So as soon as the hand formula was changed, the nine golden dragons rushed down and came to Zhuo Fan at a faster speed than the man in black.

Then the nine dragon tails flicked fiercely.


The whole world resounded with piercing buzzing. Before the man in black came to Zhuo Fan, the powerful aura of the nine dragon tails was already approaching him, making him unable to stop breathing.

He couldn't help being startled, he never expected that the power of nine golden dragons attacking together would be so powerful. Helpless, the man in black hurriedly swung the black chain with both hands.


As if the sky was collapsing and the earth was sinking, the entire sky was trembling constantly. The moment the black chain and the dragon's tail collided, the man in black was thrown flying by nine dragon's tails.

He flew straight to a height of more than ten feet before stopping, and couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Smiling coldly, Zhuo Fan looked at the man in black in the air, showing disdainful eyes: "With only this ability, you can become an elder? Nether Valley, how did you get into the ranks of the Yuxia Seventh Family?"

Hearing this, the black robe's lungs almost exploded.

He would never have imagined that he would be beaten into such a mess by a kid in the Qi Gathering Realm in his lifetime. If this matter gets out, wouldn't he become the laughing stock of the entire empire?

Even if he returned to the valley, he would probably be severely punished by the valley owner.

"Boy, even if you kneel down and beg me this time to join Nether Valley, this old man will definitely kill you."

The pupils of the eyes gradually turned red, and with a flash of light in the black-robed man's hands, a round golden wheel suddenly appeared, the diameter of which was the size of an arm, and it exuded a sinister aura.

"Magic treasure?"

Zhuo Fan's pupils shrank unconsciously, and his complexion gradually became serious.

Magic treasures are weapons refined by masters of the magic way, just like the spiritual weapons of righteous people. With the help of this magic treasure, the strength of the black-robed man might be multiplied several times.

"The elders of the Nether Valley actually used magic treasures against a junior in the Qi Gathering Realm. Wouldn't it be ridiculed by the people of the Seventh Family?" Zhuo Fan narrowed his eyes and couldn't help but sneered.

Shaking his head evilly, the black-robed man's eyes radiated madness: "Hehehe... If there is no one alive, it won't spread!"

Hearing this, Zhuo Fan's complexion changed drastically.

Originally, Zhuo Fan wanted to provoke him with words and asked him to put away the round wheel. But... he really deserves to be a master of magic, he really has no shame. However, if it were him, he would probably do the same.

People who want to save face like righteous people, who are determined to fight fairly, and die in vain in the end, are no different from fools in the eyes of magicians.

That's why, even the masters of the magic way are unwilling to fight against those who are of the same way. In addition to being vicious and vicious, they are also shameless. Once a war breaks out, there is no room for change except life and death.

"Jie Jie Jie... boy, die."

The man in black gave a strange laugh, and rushed towards Zhuo Fan, Zhuo Fan hurriedly formed his handprints, and the nine golden dragons flicked their tails.

However, at this moment, the original wheel in the black-robed man's hand emitted a silver light, and then the black-robed man's speed suddenly accelerated, like a silver scimitar, passing nine golden dragon tails in an instant.

Then, with a sound of "tearing", the nine golden dragons snapped off.

"So fast!"

The pupils shrank unconsciously, and Zhuo Fan gasped. Just now the man in black suddenly accelerated, and his nine dragons couldn't catch him at all. He understood that it was definitely the auxiliary function of the round wheel.

But at this moment, a silver light suddenly appeared in front of him, and the man in black looked at him with an evil smile: "Boy, you can't escape this time."

Gritting his teeth hard, Zhuo Fan could clearly see that the round wheel was covered with sharp sawtooth. The cold silver light seems to be able to cut open the air.

"Third grade magic treasure?" Zhuo Fancan said with a smile.

"Good eyesight." The man in black nodded, showing a strange smile, "You are still the first person in the Qi Gathering Realm to die under the evil moon wheel of this third-grade magic treasure."

"Wait." Zhuo Fan waved his hand anxiously, "If I join Nether Valley now..."

"It's too late!" The black-robed man laughed, and the evil moon wheel cut straight at Zhuo Fan.

The pupils of the eyes shrank, and Zhuo Fan felt a deep unwillingness in his heart. He had just reincarnated, and he was going to die in vain again. Thinking of this, Zhuo Fan sighed and slowly closed his eyes.


Suddenly, a loud noise of thunder came into his ears, and Zhuo Fan felt that he was not dead. He opened his eyes immediately, but saw a tall old man standing in front of him. Drops of blood dripped from his arm.

On the opposite side was the man in black, with bright red blood on the evil moon wheel in his hand.

"Who are you?" the man in black asked coldly.

"Heifengshan, Lei Yuntian!" The old man shouted loudly, his whole body exploded with lightning, "If you dare to attack the Luo family, you are making the old man your enemy."

Hearing this, Zhuo Fan discovered that the old man was the owner of Heifeng Mountain. It was just that he was dying at the time, but now he is full of energy.

"You have recovered your strength?" Zhuo Fan said in surprise.

The corner of his mouth couldn't help grinning, Lei Yuntian turned his head to look at Zhuo Fan, and said gratefully: "Thanks to the housekeeper Zhuo, the old man not only recovered, but also broke through to the Profound Sky Realm."

Hearing this, Zhuo Fan was even more overjoyed. What he needs most at this moment is such a master.

"Hmph, what can a kid at the Qi Gathering Realm and an old man who just broke through to the Profound Sky Realm do? Shouldn't he just die on the old man's evil moon wheel?"

The man in black gave a disdainful smile, and lifted the evil moon wheel, which was still stained with Lei Yuntian's blood.

"That's not necessarily true." Smiling strangely, Zhuo Fan suddenly knotted his handprints, and nine golden dragons rose into the sky again, "Master Lei, please listen to my command, this time the old man's life will be killed."

Lei Yuntian looked at Zhuo Fan's confident eyes, and nodded fiercely, showing immense trust for no reason. And the man in black laughed wildly as if he heard some of the funniest jokes in the world.

"Hahaha... You kid's formation has already been cracked, and adding an old man who is not yet stable in the Profound Sky Realm is no match for this old man at all!"

Smiling evilly, Zhuo Fan murmured: "I have never employed people according to family law. There is no better situation than now. Mr. Lei, let's go!"


Maybe Zhuo Fan saved his life, Lei Yuntian trusted Zhuo Fan unconditionally. When Zhuo Fan gave an order, he knew that he was not the opponent's opponent, so he bit the bullet and rushed forward.

"Thunder Finger!"

Lightning flashed, and Lei Yuntian struck out with one finger.

The man in black smiled disdainfully, and with a flick of his hand, the black chain flew straight towards Lei Yuntian. If he was hit by this black chain, he would be seriously injured even if he did not die.

However, at this moment, the nine golden dragons rushed forward.

The man in black had no choice but to soar into the air, and with the help of the silver light, quickly slashed across the nine golden dragons, cutting them into two pieces again. Then, he rushed straight to Zhuo Fan.

"It's better to kill you first."

The speed of the man in black was strange, and Zhuo Fan had no time to form a seal, but at this moment, Lei Yuntian suddenly appeared, pointing his finger at his throat.

"Looking for death!" The man in black had no choice but to attack Zhuo Fan's evil moon wheel and had to turn and chop at Lei Yuntian. With a gratified smile on his face, Lei Yuntian rushed towards the man in black without hesitation. Even if Zhuo Fan deliberately asked him to die for this rush, he was willing.

He deserved to die for the Luo family!

However, just when the Xie Yuelun was about to chop off Lei Yuntian's head, a sudden change occurred!

Zhuo Fan took advantage of the time when the black-robed man changed his attack, and immediately finished the seal formula, bit the tip of his tongue, and spurted out a mouthful of painstaking effort: "Huh, let me show you the true power of the Nine Heavens Panlong Formation!"

Zhuo Fan let out a loud shout, and suddenly, the nine golden dragons that had just been cut off quickly turned into little golden lights and gathered towards Zhuo Fan. The next moment, Dan heard a dragon chant that shook the ancients and the present, and a giant dragon that was more than ten times larger than the previous nine suddenly sprang out from the ground and rushed straight towards the man in black.

The pupils of the eyes shrank involuntarily, and the black robe was terrified, but it was too late.

The dragon's speed was faster than when he was assisted by the evil moon wheel, and he came to him in a breath. Before he had time to use the evil moon wheel to resist, the dragon's head had already hit him head-on, bringing him straight into the sky.

"How is it possible...a kid in the Qi Gathering Realm..."

With the last roar of the man in black, the giant dragon exploded on the top of the sky with him in its mouth...


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