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Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 34

In the small courtyard room, Zhuo Fan sat cross-legged on the head of the bed quietly, and it took a long time before he let out a foul breath and opened his eyes.

Only one step away, he can break through again and become a cultivator at the fifth level of energy gathering. It's a pity that the energy in the body has been stuck at the peak of the Qi Gathering Four Layer, unable to go any further.

If he had known this earlier, he should have set aside some time on Heifeng Mountain and absorbed the energy of a few more people. It's just that in order to save time at that time, they only let the blood babies kill people, wasting so many practice materials.

Now, with the war imminent, it is not easy for him to let the blood baby go out. Otherwise, if he ran into Elder Jian's group and wiped out his blood baby, there would be no time for him to cry.

Zhuo Fan shook his head helplessly, and murmured: "Be patient, they should fight too!"

However, just as he finished speaking, a terrifying aura suddenly rushed towards them.

Startled, Zhuo Fan hurried out of the house and jumped onto the roof. But he saw that there was already a person standing above the void, and looking around, it was Long Jiu.

At this moment, he was also looking at the direction where the breath was rushing, one eye kept moving, and the strong killing intent spread out without any concealment. Even though Zhuo Fan was a hundred steps away from the Qianlong Pavilion branch, he couldn't help shivering.

"As expected, they are all masters of the Profound Sky Realm!"

Although Zhuo Fan couldn't see the strength of Long Jiu clearly, his guess was also above Tianxuan. Now that he was standing in the void, his guess was even more certain. As for the two newcomers, they are even more experts in the Sky Profound Realm.

Thinking of this, Zhuo Fan looked around, but he didn't see the two people showing up, and immediately thought of their plan. They must have prepared an ambush to make Jian Fan come and go.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and the corner of Zhuo Fan's mouth curled into a wicked smile.

These three old men made such an arrangement, which just showed that Qianlong Pavilion was determined to fight the Nether Valley to the end, regardless of the consequences. In this way, there is no room for reconciliation between the two parties, and the Luo family will be truly safe.

"Zhuofan, what happened?"

At this time, Luo Yunshang, Lei Yuting and others all came to the courtyard, only the old man did not come. Zhuo Fan knew that he was still refining the power of the medicine, and his strength had not recovered. On their side, after all, they lack a master who can really stand up to it.

So he hurriedly shouted: "What are you doing out, go back!"

Their insignificant deeds, in front of the masters of the Profound Sky Realm, can be crushed to death with a single finger, but Zhuo Fan himself can use the Nine Heavens Coiling Dragon Formation to top him.

Seeing Zhuo Fan's solemn expression, Luo Yunshang also knew that the matter was serious, so he immediately picked up his younger brother and led everyone back to the house to hide. Just before leaving, I glanced at him: "Zhuofan, you have to be careful!"

Zhuo Fan didn't speak, just nodded slightly, and then looked into the void again.

"Jie jie jie..."

Suddenly, noisy laughter sounded in front of everyone's ears, and a black cloud slowly floated over Qianlong Pavilion. Accompanied by laughter, an old man in a black robe slowly walked out of the black clouds, his sparse hair was fluttering in the wind, his evil eyes were fixed on Long Jiu who was opposite him, but his cold eyes glanced towards the small courtyard from time to time Take a look.

"Vulture Jian Fan, how brave are you, do you really dare to cause trouble in this old man's territory?" As soon as Long Jiu saw Elder Jian, one eye immediately turned blood red. The deep-seated hatred made every word he uttered full of killing intent.

With a slight grin at the corner of his mouth, Vulture Jian Fan laughed loudly and said, "Long Jiu, your people from Qianlong Pavilion killed our disciple Youquan from Nether Valley, so why don't you allow me to come and ask for justice?"

"Fairness? You people in Nether Valley, do you know what justice is?"

Long Jiu's breathing gradually became quicker, as if thinking of some deep hatred, he shouted angrily, "Who designed to lure the old man to Fallen Leaf City, and who set up the trap to destroy the old man's Zilei Gold with three-on-one Eye?"

Purple Thunder Golden Eyes?

Hearing this, Zhuo Fan couldn't help being startled, he didn't expect that there were still people in the ordinary rank who practiced such supernatural powers.

According to legend, the Zilei Golden Eye is one of the strongest three emperors among the ten emperors in ancient times, and a divine eye of the Heavenly Emperor. The eyes are shining with golden light, implying the thunder of destroying the gods. Even a saint-level master would be completely wiped out by him just by looking at him. Even if it is an ordinary emperor-level master, it is difficult to look at him ten times.

But unexpectedly, such a supernatural cultivation method would be encountered by ordinary practitioners. It's just that I don't know how many days he has cultivated. If it was the sixth heaven, it would be a pity to destroy it.

Even if it was placed on his Demon Emperor, it would be a deeper hatred than the hatred of killing his father or taking his wife.


Jian Fan didn't feel ashamed at all when he heard his words. Instead, he laughed triumphantly and said, "That's because you are stupid. Who is to blame? Back then, you were one of the best experts in Qianlong Pavilion with Zilei's golden eyes. Now that you have no support, I'm afraid He has already retired to the bottom ranks. As one of the Nine Great Elders, but can only guard Fenglin City in this borderland, it is ridiculous."

"Jian Fan!"

Long Jiu gritted his teeth, his whole body was full of momentum, and there seemed to be real blood flowing in one single eye: "Damn the enmity, the old man will not share the sky with you!"

As soon as the words fell, Long Jiu rushed forward. In the palm of one hand, like a golden dragon wrapped around it, he struck out violently.

"Spirit-level intermediate martial skill, Soaring Dragon Claw!"


The sound of the dragon's chant resounded throughout the world, and the golden dragon in Long Jiu's hand rushed out suddenly as if it had come alive. The appearance of baring its teeth and claws seems to completely tear the enemy in front of it.

Smiling coldly, Jian Fan cast a disdainful look, then waved his hand casually.

In an instant, bubbling black air escaped from his robe sleeves, and then turned into black chains, instantly binding the golden dragon. With a pinch of the palm, the golden dragon shattered into pieces with another wail.

"Spiritual rank intermediate level five, ghost chains!"

Jian Fan sneered: "Long Jiu, you used to be a dragon with Zilei Golden Eyes, but now you are a worm. The title of God Eye Dragon Jiu no longer exists..."

However, before he finished speaking, a hand suddenly appeared in front of his eyes and grabbed his wrist.

"Dragon Claw!"

As if being caught by an iron clamp, Jian Fan couldn't break free for a while, but he was not in a hurry, instead he sneered repeatedly: "Hmph, I can't do anything about a spirit-level martial skill, let alone a mortal-level martial skill?"

"Hey hey... this is not to kill you, but..."

The corner of his mouth raised a strange arc, Long Jiu swung Jian Fan straight to the ground! At the same time, the blond-haired old man and the red-haired old man sprang out from nowhere and flew towards the direction where Jian Fan fell.

"not good!"

The pupils shrank slightly, Jian Fan couldn't help being shocked.

Only now did he know what the function of Long Jiu's potential dragon claw was just now. That was not to injure him, but to place him surrounded by three people, so that he had no way to escape.

It seems that Long Jiu is determined to kill himself, but...

Thinking of this, the corners of Jian Fan's mouth curled up in a strange arc.



Accompanied by Jian Fan's loud shout, two men in black robes suddenly sprang out from the black cloud, and rushed towards Long Jiu together.

This time it was Long Jiu and the blond old man who were surprised, it turned out that there was also an ambush in Nether Valley. However, through Zhuo Fan's information, they already knew that Nether Valley had also sent additional helpers here, so they had already prepared countermeasures.

"Old Jiu, hold on!"

The blond-haired old man yelled, without slowing down at all, and rushed straight to Jian Fan. The red-haired old man followed closely, as if he didn't care about Long Jiu's life or death.

Long Jiu grinned, a golden light flashed in his hand, and a long sword shaped like a dragon's head appeared in front of his eyes, and slashed at the two men in black robes: "As long as I can kill Jian Fan, my death is worth it. "

"Third-rank spiritual weapon, Proud Dragon Sword?"

When the two saw the weapon appear, they couldn't help but startled, and they didn't dare to charge forward. As soon as he moved his body, he immediately avoided the slash of the long sword.


A golden light flew out of the sides of the two men in black robes, and in an instant, there was a burst of thunder. Under this golden light, the entire sky was visibly divided into two halves, and it took more than ten minutes before they came together again.

The sharpness of this spirit soldier can cut even the air.

The two men in black looked at each other, terrified in their hearts, they couldn't help but retreated more than ten steps, distanced themselves from Long Jiu. They never expected that Qianlong Pavilion would lend this treasure to him for use.


Seeing that Long Jiu's desperate blow frightened away the two Nether Valley experts, the blond old man couldn't help but applaud loudly. The whole body was full of golden light, and every part of the body showed sharpness, and rushed straight to Jian Fan.

Without the support of those two helpers, Jian Fan was already meat on the chopping board and couldn't run away.

"Old Ninth, take care, let's see how the third brother slaughters him."

The blond old man laughed loudly and waved his arms abruptly. Although he didn't use any martial skills, wherever his arm swung, there would be piercing buzzing sounds in the air, as if he was about to split the sky.

The pupils shrank slightly, and Jian Fan's forehead had already seen fine cold sweat, as if he could smell the breath of death...


Suddenly, just as the blond elder was about to take down Jian Fan's head, a purple light suddenly appeared, followed by a loud bang. The blond elder who was rushing forward was knocked out for no reason, and he couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

The red-haired old man was startled, and hurried to the blond-haired old man. But the blond-haired old man didn't pay attention to his injury, he just looked solemnly at the place where the smoke and dust billowed in front of him.

Long Jiu, who was in the air, looked there with a look of shock.

After a while, a gust of wind blew by, and the smoke cleared away, revealing Jian Fan who was panting inside. It's just that there is no panic on his face at this time, only the madness and arrogance after escaping a catastrophe.

"It's really dangerous. I didn't expect that Qianlong Pavilion would send the third and fifth elders to help this old thing! Overwhelming rivers and seas, golden flood dragons, earth fires and sky exploding flame dragons, this old man has long admired his name. Seeing you today, you really deserve your reputation!"

Squinting their eyes slightly, the blond-haired old man and the red-haired old man stared closely at the front, but they didn't look at him, but the...

Swallow ghost crows!

Zhuo Fan was startled and frowned deeply.

He didn't expect that the monster that Elder Jian sacrificed was actually a devouring ghost crow.

The Devouring Ghost Crow itself does not have any great talent, but it can devour all things and endow itself with the attributes of all things. Therefore, the strength of the Devouring Ghost Crow depends entirely on the owner.

However, it is obvious that this Devouring Ghost Crow is definitely the stronger one.

Zhuo Fan frowned, and looked at one eye of the ghost crow from afar. Different from its other jet-black eye, it was a golden eye pupil exuding light purple light, and there was faint thunderclap in it.

"Three Heavens, Purple Thunder Golden Eyes!"

Zhuo Fan murmured...


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