Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 32

Ten days later, Zhuo Fan secretly sneaked back to the small courtyard of Qianlong Pavilion with Lei Yuting and the two of them.

They came back and forth, more than half a month passed. Fortunately, Lei Yuting, according to Zhuo Fan's instructions, stabilized the Heifengshan bandits in the city before leaving, otherwise they would have done it long ago.

And those bandits have not seen any movement for a long time, and there is no way to move in Nether Valley.

Back in the small courtyard, Solanum nigrum and Long Jie were not here, so Zhuo Fan had to ask the guard to arrange a room for the old man, and then went to find Luo Yunshang.

A quarter of an hour later, in a hut, with Xiaocui's cry, the door suddenly opened. Xiaocui ran to Lei Yuting's side with tears in her eyes, "Miss."

Wiping away the tears in front of her eyes, Lei Yuting scratched her little nose and said with a smile: "Silly girl, they didn't make things difficult for you, did they?"

Shaking Xiao Qiao's head, Xiao Cui said excitedly: "Miss, don't worry, everyone in the Luo family is fine except for that bad housekeeper surnamed Zhuo."

"Cough cough cough...Little girl, you can't speak ill of others even in front of others. Be careful that I will punish you."

Immediately afterwards, Zhuo Fan accompanied Luo Yunshang and entered, with Commander Pang and Luo Yunhai following behind. After hearing Xiaocui's words, the three of them all snickered.

Luo Yunhai sympathized even more and said: "Little girl, you are finished. My brother Zhuo likes to spank people's butt the most. If you dare to offend him, be careful of your ass."

Hearing this, Xiaocui couldn't help being startled, and hurriedly hid behind Lei Yuting.

Zhuo Fan had no choice but to roll his eyes. Could it be that in the eyes of these two little guys, he has a fierce image? Luo Yunshang and Commander Pang looked at each other, and they both laughed, but their eyes were full of warmth.

Zhuo Fan has always gone his own way, and the first impression of others meeting him is definitely not good, even very bad. The two of them didn't like Zhuo Fan at first. But after getting along, they found that Zhuo Fan was the one they could really rely on.

"You are... Yunshang?"

Suddenly, a somewhat excited voice sounded, and everyone looked for their reputation, only to see an old man behind Lei Yuting looking at Luo Yunshang excitedly. Then, he looked at Luo Yunhai again: "Then you... are Yunhai?"

"God bless, Brother Zhennan's two children are safe and sound!"

"Senior, I don't know you are..." Luo Yunshang looked at the old man and asked doubtfully.

After Zhuo Fan came back, he just brought her to meet the owner of Heifeng Mountain in a hurry, trying to understand the relationship between Heifeng Mountain and the Luo family, and why they were targeted by Nether Valley at the same time. Along the way, it was too late to explain the situation.

Seeing this scene, he hurriedly introduced: "This is the Lord of Heifeng Mountain, that is, the leader of the bandits that destroyed Guiyun Village."


Hearing this, Luo Yunshang was startled, and his face gradually darkened. For the first time, a strong killing intent appeared on his quiet and dignified face, and the vitality of his whole body was also unstoppably emitted.

Seeing this, Lei Yuting hastened to protect her adoptive father, for fear that the eldest lady would kill her adoptive father.

Slowly stretching out a hand, the old man pulled Lei Yuting away. With tears in his eyes, he twisted his body forcibly, knelt down in front of Luo Yunshang with a plop, and slowly closed his eyes: "Yunshang, from the Luo family! It's all my fault, you just kill the old man."


"Lord of the mountain!"

Lei Yuting and Xiao Cui shouted together, but the old man shook his hand and murmured: "I owe this to the Luo family, and none of you are allowed to do anything for a while."

Luo Yunshang was stunned, looking at this old man with handicapped hands and feet, he was so full of anger that he couldn't express it anymore.

Zhuo Fan patted her on the shoulder, and said quietly: "This old man has been attacked by Yang Ming a long time ago. He can't move or speak, and he is recovering better now. The attack on Luo's family has nothing to do with him!"

"Then why didn't you say it earlier?" Luo Yunshang gave Zhuo Fan a resentful look, blaming him for letting him almost kill a good person by mistake.

Zhuo Fan touched his chin, and said lightly: "This old man's eyesight is dim, and he lured wolves into the house, which led to the tragedy of the Luo family. So it's only natural for you to kill him for revenge."

Rolling her eyes helplessly, Zhuo Fan's logic always made her unacceptable.

Although what he said made sense, the reason for the blame was too far-fetched. She, Luo Yunshang, was not one to blame others. What's more, listening to the old man's words, it seems that he has a relationship with his father.

So he quickly helped him up and said, "Senior, you are also a victim, and you can't be blamed for this."

"No, brother Zhennan and I were close friends, but the Luo family died because of me. I am sorry for his spirit in heaven." The old man wiped away the hot tears in his eyes, his expression twisted in pain.

Luo Yunshang was shocked again when he heard this, and after glancing at Luo Yunhai, seeing that he was also shaking his head in confusion, he hurriedly asked: "Senior, why have I never heard my father mention you?"

Taking a deep breath, the old man calmed down his excitement a bit, and said quietly: "The Luo family is famous, but the old man was born as a bandit, so how can he be able to climb high. It's just that I hit it off with your father and became brothers. Later, we were afraid of affecting the reputation of the Luo family, so we went back and forth secretly. Besides, my Lei family has an ancestor's instruction that we must not be enemies of the Luo and Cai families."


Suddenly, Luo Yunhai screamed in surprise, and murmured: "Daddy told me before that no matter what happens, I will live and die with the Lei and Cai families. I know the Cai family, but I don't know that the Lei family is you?"

Luo Yunshang was taken aback, then looked at Luo Yunhai: "Why didn't father tell me?"

Hearing this, Luo Yunhai raised his head proudly, and said with a chuckle: "Daddy said, this is a man's secret, don't tell it to your women's family, let alone outsiders."

Zhuo Fan frowned slightly when he heard this, and murmured: "Could it be that... the ancestral training of the Lei and Luo families is only passed on to the patriarch?"

"That's right, this ancestral motto was indeed passed on by the family heads for generations, but the old man has no children, so he didn't pass it on. Besides, the old man has made friends with brother Zhennan, so how can he hurt the Luo family?"

Thinking of this, the Luo family died because of him, the old man shook his head in shame again.

"Old man, do your Lei family have family-inherited martial arts?" Zhuo Fan asked suddenly.

Nodding his head, the old man said lightly: "My Lei family's low-level martial arts of the spirit level, Jinglei Finger, passed it to Tinger because I had no children. Unfortunately, the jade slip that stored the martial arts was later given by that bastard Yang Ming. Take it."


Zhuo Fan clapped his hands, as if thinking of something: "That's right, they are here for this."

Then, he hurried out the door, "Stay here and wait for me to come back."

Everyone was startled and looked at each other, not knowing what he was going to do...

The Qianlong Pavilion Fenglincheng branch was still the tall gatehouse and the two guards. Zhuo Fan walked straight into it, and no one dared to stop him.

"Brother Jiu!" Zhuo Fan shouted as he walked, looking for Long Jiu's location.

At this time, he saw a closed door, and the two guards in front of the door were Solanum nigrum and Long Jie, so he knew that Long Jiu must be inside. So, he hurried forward and said loudly, "Brother Nine!"


Solanum nigrum rushed to the column and said angrily: "Shut up, Uncle Jiu won't see any visitors today, so get out of here."

"Hmph, I'm not a guest. I have something important to talk to Long Jiu, so get out of the way." Zhuo Fan waved his hand and was about to force his way in, but was stopped by Solanum nigrum and Long Jie together.

"What important things can you have? Don't think that Uncle Jiu values you, so he just kicks his nose! This is the Qianlong Pavilion, and you are not allowed to be presumptuous." Solanum nigrum stared at Zhuo Fan fiercely, and his feet were stuck in the corner like nails. on the ground.

"Brother Zhuo, Uncle Jiu will never see you today, you should go back." Long Jie also said firmly.

Seeing this scene, Zhuo Fan knew that it was useless to force him, so he couldn't help but chuckled: "Little girl, do you know where I have been these few days?"

"Hmph, where can you stinky men go? Last time I took two of them back, I guess I've slept in some gentle village this time." Solanum nigrum rolled her eyes and sneered.

Can't help laughing, Zhuo Fan shook his head helplessly: "Hehehe... I think so too, but I'm not as leisurely as Miss Long. To be honest, I went to check the trend of Nether Valley. Soon, they will come to raid Qianlong Pavilion, don't blame me for not reminding you!"

"Hmph, bragging. You can know the whereabouts of those people in Nether Valley, unless the cow can fly to the sky." Solanum nigrum pouted and smiled disdainfully.

Shaking his head helplessly, Zhuo Fan pretended to turn around, but still said loudly before leaving: "Tell Uncle Jiu for me, saying that I took the Luo family out to hide, so as not to implicate us after you are all destroyed by Nether Valley."

After finishing speaking, Zhuo Fan strode back.

Hearing this, Solanum nigrum felt like cursing. We are not mean to you, are you the one who crosses rivers and demolishes bridges and curses us before leaving?

However, she hadn't cursed yet, and with the sound of the door creaking, the closed door slowly opened, and Long Jiu's old voice came from inside: "Brother Zhuo, please come in!"

Solanum nigrum and Long Jie were taken aback, and hurriedly bent down and said respectfully, "Yes!"

However, before they got up, Zhuo Fan ran past them like a swipe: "No need to invite, I came in by myself, hehehe..."

Seeing Zhuo Fan's triumphant look, Solanum nigrum pouted angrily: "What's so good about this kid, isn't he just a fifth-level formation master? Uncle Nine thinks so highly of him."

With a wry smile, Long Jie closed the door again and looked at Solanum nigrum helplessly.

This is a typical case where you can’t eat grapes and think grapes are sour. If you, Miss Long, become a fifth-level formation master, then Uncle Jiu will not only value you, but may even lift you up to the sky... Exit the transcoding page , please download the app Love Reading Novels to read the latest chapters.

On the other hand, Zhuo Fan walked straight inside without paying attention to Solanum nigrum's growing dissatisfaction with him. The room was so huge that even the long corridor took five or six minutes to walk.

When he saw the light, Long Jiu was sitting on a tall chair, looking at him with a smile. And behind him, there are also two identical chairs. It's just that the back of the chair was facing him, and only the tall chair back could be seen from Zhuo Fan's direction.

"Hehehe...Brother Zhuo, why are you looking for this old man?"

As soon as he came in front of Long Jiu, he smiled, but soon, that smile changed color and gradually became gloomy: "But I want to remind you, if you talk about trivial things today, I will never take it lightly." Forgive me."

Can't help touching his nose, Zhuo Fan smiled noncommittally: "The masters of Nether Valley have arrived, and they are going to raid here soon. Is it a big thing or a small thing?"

"If it's true, of course it's a big deal!"

However, before Long Jiu could speak, a more vicissitudes of voice suddenly came from the chair behind him, and then the two chairs turned slowly, and two more terrifying auras than Long Jiu suddenly pressed towards Zhuo Fan .

He was so pressed that his breath was stagnant, and he couldn't help but retreated more than ten steps back.

A drop of cold sweat slowly trickled down from his shocked face...


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