Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 25

Seeing that the old man seemed to be hesitating, Zhuo Fan smiled lightly and said, "Well, I'm at a disadvantage, and I'll sell you another piece of information."

"Hmph, what information do you have, can it compare to our Qianlong Pavilion?" Solanum nigrum raised its head and said disdainfully.

Smiling slightly, Zhuo Fan was noncommittal: "I know that the power of Qianlong Pavilion is all over the world, but cats have their way, and mice have their way. I know it, maybe you don't know it."

Solanum nigrum curled its lips, obviously not believing it, Long Jie also shook his head lightly. Only Long Jiu stared at Zhuo Fan's eyes with one eye, with a serious face.

If other people said these words, Long Jiu would definitely dismiss them. But Zhuo Fan, the behavior of the past few days has given him too much shock. He had to pay the utmost attention to this young man's words and deeds.

"Tell me to see!"

Xie Yi smiled, and Zhuo Fan said lightly: "Do you know that people have come to Nether Valley?"


Surprised, Long Jiu screamed out.

Since the founding of the country, the Seventh Family of Yuxia had already divided their territory. Fenglin City was the exclusive area of Qianlong Pavilion, and other families were not allowed to send people to garrison it, otherwise it would be equivalent to provocation and would lead to a war between the two families.

Of course, it is not included for the children of the sect to play around, so Youquan can come here, and Qianlong Pavilion will not take care of it. However, powerful people such as family elders cannot enter at will, at least with the consent of the local aristocratic family.

Zhuo Fan heard Luo Yunshang talk about the Seventh Family Law, so he tried it out here. Sure enough, looking at their expressions, they didn't know the existence of the old man.

"This is impossible. I have always been in charge of Fenglincheng's eyeliner. No one can enter here at will without telling me." Long Jie shook his head and said very seriously.

"Hmph, don't listen to him, he must be fooling us again." Solanum nigrum glared at Zhuo Fan fiercely, and said coldly.

Only Long Jiu kept staring at Zhuo Fan and said seriously, "What evidence do you have?"

Smiling and shaking his head, Zhuo Fan said lightly: "There is no evidence."

"Then you are talking nonsense." Solanum nigrum waved his hand and gave Zhuo Fan a contemptuous look.

Zhuo Fan laughed and said, "But that man looks like a bald old man. Both Cai Rong and the head of the family named Sun call him Elder Jian!"

"Vulture Jian Fan?"

Suddenly, Long Jiu's one-eyed retracted suddenly, and the aura of his whole body could not be stopped. The powerful momentum forced everyone to stagnate and retreat again and again.

After a long time, he calmed down again.

Zhuo Fan gasped heavily, his heart trembled. Just now, Long Jiu's aura was full of naked killing intent, and even his heart couldn't help shaking.

"Jiu Ye, have you had a problem with that old man?" Zhuo Fan asked tentatively.

"It's not just a knot, Uncle Jiu's one divine eye was destroyed by him." Long Jiu didn't speak, Long Jie sighed.

Hearing this, Zhuo Fan couldn't help but feel happy. I'm afraid that you have no hatred and no hatred, since there is a deep hatred, it will be easier to handle.

"Jiuye's condolences!" Zhuo Fan pretended to sigh and shook his head.

After waving his hands, Long Jiu's eyes flickered coldly: "Okay, since you can tell the man's appearance, the old man will believe you. There is a yard a hundred meters away from here, you can go there."

"Thank you Jiu Ye!" Zhuo Fan clasped his fists, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and led Commander Pang out. But before he walked a few steps, Long Jiu's gloomy words came again.

"Boy, where did you see that old ghost?"

Stopping, Zhuo Fan said lightly: "The Cai family, but it may be in the Sun family now."

"Understood!" Long Jiu nodded, and his fists made a resounding bone explosion. After the two of Zhuo Fan left, they said coldly: "Ajie, send a message to the family to ask them to send more elders. I don't want Jian Fan to leave here alive. In addition, during this period, you will move into that Yard, take care of the Luo family, I don't want them to cause any trouble and let Jian Fan run away."

"Uncle Nine, the other party is the elder of Nether Valley. If he dies here, I'm afraid the war between the two families will never be avoided." Long Jie glanced at Long Jiu and said worriedly.

"Hmph, this time he didn't obey the rules and came to the old man's territory. If the old man lets him go back alive, he will be sorry for the lost eye."

Seeing that the persuasion was fruitless, Long Jie sighed secretly, and went down with Solanum nigrum. It's just that the moment they left, they heard Long Jiu's angry laughter...

In the early morning of the second day, Zhuo Fan moved out of the inn with the three of Luo's family and came to the yard provided by Long Jiu. This is the courtyard of Qianlong Pavilion for entertaining distinguished guests, and it is not much bigger than the previous Guiyun Villa of the Luo family. It is the best yard in the whole city, bar none.

And the eyeliners of the Luo family who have been staring at each family immediately reported back after getting the news.

For a while, news of the Luo family's entry into Qianlong Pavilion spread all over the streets and alleys. Everyone knows that the Qianlong Pavilion is not only the Luo family's big backer, but also attaches great importance to the Luo family. Otherwise, it would be impossible to give them an exclusive courtyard with no dead ends for protection all day long.

After the Cai family and the Sun family learned about it, they were even more fortunate that they did not agree to Elder Jian's request at that time. Otherwise, looking at the situation, whoever dares to harm the Luo family, Qianlong Pavilion must kill it.

Just like that, the moment Luo's family stepped into that courtyard, they were instantly recognized as the number one family in Fenglin City in the city, overshadowing the original Cai and Sun families, even though there were only four of them.

"Are we going to live here from now on?"

When he first entered the courtyard, Luo Yunshang was shocked by the grandeur of the courtyard, especially those guards with a post at three steps and a sentry at five steps, all of them were masters above Qi Gathering Realm. There are more than 20 special guards in golden armor guarding in all directions. They make her feel like her father, and they are obviously masters above the bone forging level.

Such a powerful guard lineup can only be achieved by the Yuxia Seventh Family.

Luo Yunhai and Commander Pang couldn't help but stare blankly, Commander Pang was overwhelmed by the powerful aura of these many masters, while Luo Yunhai was full of curiosity.

"Old Pang, how about giving you such a team to rebuild the Luo family in the future?" Zhuo Fan patted Commander Pang on the shoulder and said with a smile.

Hearing this, Commander Pang shook his head shyly: "Any one of the guards here is better than me. It would be great if I could be one of them. How dare I expect to lead such masters as them."

But even though he said that, there was a ray of hope in his eyes.

Zhuo Fan smiled and said, "There will be that day."

However, as soon as he finished speaking, a sneer came suddenly: "Mr. Zhuo Fan, it turns out that you are not only fooling others, but even your own people. You, the housekeeper, are here to fool you."

Everyone looked up and saw Long Jie and Solanum nigrum walking towards them.

Since knowing that their Qianlong Pavilion was calculated by Zhuo Fan, Solanum nigrum lost a good face towards Zhuo Fan, and this time he said contemptuously: "With the aptitude of this Commander Pang, he can at most cultivate to the sixth level of Qi Gathering. This We are just junior guards here, but we can’t be a commander. I advise you, a small family should not dream of a big family.”

Hearing this, Luo Yunshang and Commander Pang couldn't help bowing their heads sadly, but Zhuo Fan's face turned cold.

"Miss Solanum Kui, there is a saying that don't bully the young and poor, you are going too far."

"Hmph, don't bully young people and be poor, those are self-deceiving words to comfort you daydreamers. But any important family is accumulated by hundreds of thousands of generations. Don't think that It’s amazing to rely on your cleverness to take shelter of our Qianlong Pavilion. In the eyes of this young lady, Fenglin City is nothing more than a speck of dust. Even if you rule here, you are just a frog in the bottom of a well. You don’t even know how big this world is..."

Hearing Solanum nigrum teaching himself endlessly, Zhuo Fan couldn't help laughing angrily.

He doesn't know how big the world is, is he a frog in a well? Is there any mistake, he is a majestic demon emperor who came down from the sanctuary. In his eyes, the entire Tianyu Empire is just a speck of dust, let alone your Qianlong Pavilion.


As if seeing Zhuo Fan's anger, Luo Yunshang gently tugged on his sleeve, frowning deeply. After all, the other party is from Qianlong Pavilion, and now we rely on him, so we must not offend him.

Long Jie also seemed to think that Solanum nigrum's words were too much, so he patted her on the shoulder and shook his head at her. But she snorted secretly and ignored it.

"Miss, please borrow the spirit stone." Zhuo Fan said with a gloomy face.

Luo Yunshang was slightly taken aback, not knowing what he was going to do, but still handed him a ring.

Taking the ring, Zhuo Fan jumped onto the highest roof here, looked down and looked around.

"Hey, this is not your home, what are you doing jumping up, come down quickly." Solanum nigrum pouted and said bitterly.

Ignoring her, Zhuo Fan looked at it for a while, and said lightly: "The third-level defensive formation, Panlong formation."

As soon as these words came out, Long Jie and Solanum nigrum were shocked. Because what Zhuo Fan said was exactly the defensive formation that Long Jiu had set up for this courtyard. But this kid actually saw through it at a glance.

However, before they recovered from this surprise, Zhuo Fan jumped into the air again, and the spirit stones in the ring "swish, shua, shua" fell around like raindrops. In just a quarter of an hour, nearly ten thousand spirit stones had already been buried in the land of this courtyard.

When Zhuo Fan jumped off, Long Jie and Solanum nigrum looked at him together: "What did you just do?"

Without answering them, Zhuo Fan suddenly sealed.

In an instant, the ground in the entire courtyard began to tremble. Immediately afterwards, with a dragon chant, nine golden dragons suddenly emerged from the ground and flew towards the sky.

The roar of the dragon resounded in the entire sky of Fenglin City, and everyone didn't understand why, and watched the vision in the sky one after another.

In a secret room of the Sun family, Elder Jian suddenly opened his eyes and was shocked: "Who is setting up the formation, could it be that old ghost? No, it's impossible, he doesn't have the ability to set up such a large formation."

In the Qianlong Pavilion, Long Jiu stepped forward, looked at the vision coming from the yard with a face of shock, and murmured: "That is the old man's coiling dragon formation? No, no, the old man's coiling dragon formation Not that powerful."

At the Heifeng Mountain Pass, an evil young man looked towards Fenglincheng, frowning deeply: "What happened in the city, did the plan go ahead?"

After thinking for a while, the young man shook his head again, and murmured: "No, no, it's impossible for Elder Jian to be so reckless. Then, what's going on..."

Everyone was attracted by this miracle. A quarter of an hour later, Zhuo Fan's hand formula changed again, and the nine golden dragons suddenly returned to the courtyard and entered the ground.

But at this moment, a golden light visible to the naked eye has slowly floated up and surrounded the entire courtyard.

"You...what the hell did you do?" Solanum nigrum stammered.

Ignoring her at all, Zhuo Fan respectfully returned the ring to Luo Yunshang, and said lightly: "Miss, just now I saw that this coiled dragon formation is only a third-level formation, and I'm afraid it can't protect the safety of the lady. So I decided privately , to upgrade the formation to the fifth-level formation, the Nine Heavens Panlong Formation, it took a lot of spirit stones, please punish me."

What, five-level formation?

Hearing Zhuo Fan's words, Solanum nigrum and Long Jie couldn't help clicking their tongues, and they were all stunned.

There are not many people in the entire Tianyu Empire who can set up the fifth-level formation, and even the Seventh Family may not have such talents. But this kid unexpectedly arranged a five-level formation casually.

Could it be that he is a fifth-level formation master?

Seeing the shock of the two, Luo Yunshang knew that Zhuo Fan was deliberately humiliating them, so he obeyed. Anyway, it was the first time she saw Zhuo Fan who was so humble. It just happened to take the opportunity to lose my temper with him, it must be very enjoyable.

Thinking of this, Luo Yunshang laughed secretly, and suddenly his face collapsed: "Steward Zhuo, you should have been punished for misappropriating so many spirit stones without permission this time. But I think you are sincere, so I don't blame you, let's go .”

What, punished? There is a fifth-level formation master in charge of the family, even the family of Yuxia VII has to pay a high price, who would dare to punish him?

For a while, Solanum nigrum felt as uncomfortable as eating a dead fly.

Immediately afterwards, Luo Yunshang, accompanied by Zhuo Fan, walked in arrogantly, followed by Commander Pang and Luo Yunhai who were equally shocked but also secretly laughing.

Only Solanum nigrum and Long Jie were left standing in place with mixed feelings in their hearts.

They would never have thought that Zhuo Fan, who thought he could only calculate and was no more than the second level of Qi Gathering, turned out to be a fifth-level formation master.

How could a small family in a remote area have such talents...


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