Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 24

call out!

Under the dark night, a red light flashed, passed through the doors, entered Zhuo Fan's room in the inn, and penetrated into his body instantly.

Exhaling a long breath of turbid air, Zhuo Fan opened his eyes, secretly rejoicing in his heart. Fortunately, the blood baby ran fast, otherwise it would have been destroyed by the bald old man.

He never expected that he would meet such a strong person in the Cai family. Although he couldn't see the old man's cultivation, but that person gave him the feeling that he was no different from God Eye Long Jiu, obviously his strength was not inferior to Long Jiu.

And once the blood baby is destroyed, both he and the blood baby will die as well. But on the contrary, if the blood baby survived, even if he blew his heart, it would not be life-threatening. Because from the moment he was refined into a blood baby, the blood baby was his heart.

"It seems that we have to step up our practice and strengthen our strength." Zhuo Fan secretly thought.

At this moment, he has deeply realized that the danger is approaching. Although at present, Nether Valley and Qianlong Pavilion can still maintain stability for the time being, but the intervention of Heifeng Mountain may become a fuse, and the Luo family will be in danger by then.

So the most important thing for him now is to raise the blood baby to the bone forging level before the big war comes. At that time, even if he met someone as strong as Long Jiu, he still had the power to fight.

Thinking of this, Zhuo Fan hurriedly closed his eyes and practiced kung fu, refining the energy and blood energy brought back by the blood baby.

All of a sudden, he saw blood-colored red light flickering in his lower abdomen, and streams of red air rushed towards his heart along the tendons. And with the gathering of these air currents, the big hole in front of his chest miraculously began to heal. And the weak beating of the heart pulse also began to gradually become stronger.

In just half an hour, the injury on his chest was completely healed. If someone hadn't seen it with their own eyes, no one would believe that he just blew himself up during the day.

After the injury was healed, Zhuo Fan stepped up his exercise and refined the Yuanli brought back by the blood baby one by one to form a black air flow. Part of it flows to his dantian, and part of it is returned to the blood baby to improve its cultivation.

The origin power of more than fifty Qi-gathering masters was refined one by one. Zhuo Fan quickly broke through the bottleneck of the third level of Qi-gathering, and then rushed to the fourth level of Qi-gathering.


There was another crisp bang, Zhuo Fan and the blood baby both broke through to the fourth level of energy gathering.

Zhuo Fan couldn't help but be overjoyed, this leap in strength came too easily. It was less than ten days before he broke through the second level of Qi gathering, but this time he broke through the second level again and again.

But when he wanted to break through to the fifth level of energy gathering, the energy brought back by the blood baby was already exhausted.

Taking a deep breath, Zhuo Fan didn't feel that he was still a little bit unsatisfied, but he broke through twice in one breath, which already made him satisfied.

Looking up at the window, the sky was already slightly bright. After stretching his muscles and bones, he got up and walked out the door. The people from Heifeng Mountain were coming, so he had to find a safe refuge for the Luo family.


Zhuo Fan opened the door, but before he could take a step forward, a huge object hit his foot inexplicably with a "plop". After he took a closer look, Luo Yunshang rubbed his sleepy eyes and crawled up awkwardly.

"What are you doing in front of my room?" Zhuo Fan frowned, wondering.

Yesterday, his mind was always connected with the blood baby, and his attention was on the Cai family. After the blood baby came back, he continued to practice. He didn't pay attention to the movement outside the room at all, so that he didn't know that there were people outside the room.

"Damn it, when did I become so careless? If the person outside the room just now was an enemy, he would have died by now." Zhuo Fan secretly blamed himself.

Luo Yunshang saw Zhuo Fan's angry face, and a trace of apology flashed across his face, and he murmured: "I was afraid that your injury would worsen and there would be some accident, so I kept looking after you outside. Since you are fine now, I will go gone."

"Wait, you mean you were guarding outside all night?" Zhuo Fan couldn't help but said lightly.

A blush flashed across Luo Yunshang's cheeks, she turned and left without saying anything, but her pace was unusually quicker than usual.

At this time, Commander Pang came over and saw that Zhuo Fan was safe and sound, he couldn't help being overjoyed: "Brother Zhuo, it's great that you are fine. Do you know that your injury yesterday was really terrible, and it scared us to death. The eldest lady has been there You are guarding the door, lest something happen to you. Hey, where is she?"


Zhuo Fan touched his nose and said lightly, but there was an unprecedented sense of warmth in his heart.

"Damn demon!"

Zhuo Fan cursed again, how could he be moved by doing such a little thing for a woman? It must be the demons of that little servant of the Luo family again.

"By the way, Lao Pang, you came just in time. Come with me to the Qianlong Pavilion."

"But Missy and the others..."

"Don't worry, after yesterday's incident, no one dares to touch their siblings now, if they don't want to offend Qianlong Pavilion..." Zhuo Fan smiled evilly.

Commander Pang was stunned for a while before he realized it. He couldn't help but put up a thumbs up, and looked at Zhuo Fan with reverence. Although he didn't understand Zhuo Fan's whole plan, it was obvious that Zhuo Fan created this kind of momentum that made outsiders mistakenly believe that the Luo family was backed by Qianlong Pavilion.

"Housekeeper Zhuo, Lao Pang really admires you this time. If you don't become the housekeeper of the Luo family, who can take on this great responsibility? You were really inferior to cleaning the courtyard before."

With a big laugh, Zhuo Fan patted Commander Pang on the shoulder and shook his head helplessly.

That person before was really not me...

A quarter of an hour later, the two came to the gate of Qianlong Pavilion. The two guards standing at the gate were still the same two they had seen at the beginning. Only this time, as soon as the two saw Zhuo Fan and the others, they immediately bowed down respectfully and saluted.

"Guest, please come inside."

"Why, don't you need to report?" Zhuo Fan smiled evilly.

He laughed twice, and one of the guards knew that Zhuo Fan still held grudges, so he hurriedly apologized and said: "Before, we had eyes but didn't know Mount Tai. We didn't know that you were a big customer and could make a deal of one million yuan. How can we be qualified for a VIP like you?" How about stopping you?"

"Huh, dogs look down on people!" Zhuo Fan sneered, and walked in with Commander Pang arrogantly, leaving only two guards bent obediently, obviously hated to death, but still with a smirk .

Walking into the gate, Zhuo Fan and the two met Solanum nigrum head-on. But unlike the last time when they treated each other with courtesy, this time Solanum nigrum saw them, but snorted angrily and turned away.

"Uh... Did we offend her?" Commander Pang was taken aback, looking at Zhuo Fan puzzled.

Zhuo Fan smiled lightly, naturally clear in his heart.

"Miss Solanum nigrum, is Qianlong Pavilion so welcoming to guests?"

"Hmph, are you also considered guests?" With a raised brow, Solanum nigrum glared, "Are you still worthy of being our guests after plotting against us?"

Touching his chin, Zhuo Fancan laughed and murmured, "What a little girl, but she's still too young!"

Zhuo Fan's voice was very soft, but very clear, especially the disdain, which was completely felt by Solanum nigrum. She has always been a high-profile jewel in the family, and she has never been so underestimated, especially when she is her peers.

"Zhuofan, who do you think is too tender?"

"It's you, Miss Solanum Kwai!" Zhuo Fan smiled slightly and said lightly, "Whether it is in the business field or the relationship between the Seventh Family, it is all based on the calculation of interests. If you are calculated, you will become angry from embarrassment. Survive in this world? In comparison, that friend named Long Jie that day was much more mature than you. He knew that he was tricked by me, so he left without saying anything. In my opinion, being willing to admit defeat is also a kind of strength .At least next time I want to plot against him, it won't be so easy."

I couldn't help being taken aback, Zhuo Fan had never heard of Solanum nigrum before.

She was transferred from the master's house to study with Long Jiu. In the master's house, the elders said that she was very talented, but she was not enough to entrust her with important tasks. Coming here, Long Jiu said the same thing, but Long Jie, who was not as talented as her, was trusted by Long Jiu.

She has never understood what is going on, but now it seems that she understands something...

"Love and hatred can't help you, profit is the most important thing." Zhuo Fan looked at Solanum nigrum with a little confused eyes, smiled and said, "How about we let go of our personal grudges and talk about business? By the way, prove your talent. "

Solanum nigrum thought for a while, then nodded slightly.

But at this moment, with a light cough, an old voice sounded: "Mr. Zhuo Fan, let the old man talk to you."

The three turned their heads and saw Long Jiu walking slowly towards the crowd accompanied by Long Jie. When Long Jie saw Zhuo Fan, a strange look flashed in his eyes.

Yesterday, he clearly saw Zhuo Fan blew himself up, but now he is like a normal person, not even injured at all, breathing evenly and full of momentum.

Could it be that he healed his injury overnight? How is that possible?

"Master Jiu, don't you give young people a chance?" Zhuo Fan smiled and said without paying attention to the surprise in Long Jie's eyes.

Slowly shaking his head, Long Jiu chuckled and said: "Hehehe... I was tricked by you when I talked to you, how dare I let these dolls practice. If I hadn't already figured out your details , knowing that you are a doll who is not yet twenty years old, I must think that you are some hidden thousand-year-old monster hiding in the Luo family."

Almost got it right!

Zhuo Fan couldn't help laughing, waved his hands and said, "Master Jiu is too famous, how can I compare with Master Jiu?"

"Stop talking nonsense!" Suddenly, Long Jiu's expression turned serious, and he said coldly, "What are you doing here today?"

"I want to find a house as the home of the Luo family. I wonder if Master Jiu has any good places to recommend?"

Touching his beard, Long Jiu said calmly, "Why does this old man want to help you?"

"It's very simple, Qianlong Pavilion owes us! Besides..." Zhuo Fan smiled strangely, and said quietly, "This is also convenient for you to monitor us, isn't it?"

The pupils of his eyes could not help shrinking, and Long Jiu was shocked.

This kid really understood everyone's thoughts. Ever since Youquan was killed yesterday, Qianlong Pavilion has fallen into a passive state. The relationship with Nether Valley is also extremely delicate, and the war will start at some point.

And the Luo family is an even more unstable factor, because of Qianlong Pavilion, no one dares to touch the Luo family now, but it also allows the Luo family to make troubles at will. Maybe one is not good, and it will provoke a real war between the two great families.

So Long Jiu had already planned to monitor the Luo family in an all-round way, but at this moment, Zhuo Fan suddenly appeared and said these words. This couldn't help but make Long Jiu's heart murmur again.

What is this kid thinking?

He never expected that he, an old guy who has experienced hundreds of battles in the arena, would be toyed with and applauded by a young guy, and he still couldn't see through the situation, which made him feel very uncomfortable...


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