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Novel Name : Butler of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 21

In the early morning of the second day, Zhuo Fan was meditating in the room of the inn when he suddenly heard a rush of footsteps coming towards him. After a while, but with a loud bang, the door was pushed open abruptly. Commander Pang broke in panting heavily, looking at Zhuo Fan with an anxious expression on his face.

"It's not good, the outside is surrounded by people from the Sun family."

Slowly opening his eyes, Zhuo Fan showed a strange arc at the corner of his mouth: "The person who finds fault has finally come."

"Uh, why are you in no hurry?" Commander Pang asked strangely.

Waving his hands indifferently, Zhuo Fan got up and walked out: "I'm waiting for them, call the two siblings to come out together."

Hearing this, Commander Pang rolled his eyes helplessly. This Zhuo Fan is the housekeeper of the Luo family in name, and he also calls out one young master and one young lady in front of outsiders, but in private, he has never looked at the siblings.

In the past, Commander Pang would have to replace the master to rectify the family law. But now he is used to it. The most important thing is that he feels that Zhuo Fan has a sharp mouth and a tofu heart. Although he scolded the young master and miss every day, he was the first to stand up and defend them every time they encountered a crisis.

Just like when he returned to the inn yesterday, he scolded Luo Yunshang, blaming her for talking too much, which almost broke his negotiation with Qianlong Pavilion. Although the lady felt wronged and didn't understand what was negotiated yesterday, but judging from Long Jiu's expression when she left, she knew that Zhuo Fan had taken advantage of Luo's family.

Now that the Luo family has fallen so far, they can get one million spirit stones in an instant, so that they will not be reduced to the streets or live under the fence, all thanks to Zhuo Fan.

Most importantly, all of them heard Long Jiu's evaluation of Zhuo Fan yesterday. As long as he is there, the Luo family will recover one day.

"A capable person, everyone should be so arrogant at the moment!" Commander Pang touched his chin, looked at Zhuo Fan's back with some envy, and turned to find Luo Yunshang and the others.

After a while, in the lobby of the inn, Commander Pang accompanied Luo Yunshang to Zhuo Fan. It seemed that he was still brooding over what happened yesterday, and Luo Yunshang's face was branded with traces of grief.

"Let's go, miss and master."

Zhuo Fan gave a wink, Luo Yunshang snorted secretly, took his brother's hand and walked out.

With a "squeak", the door of the inn slowly opened.

Luo Yunshang is worthy of being the lady of a rich family, the moment she opened the door, she restrained all the expressions on her face and became graceful and dignified. When Zhuo Fan saw it, he had to secretly admire that Luo Yunshang was indeed a model of everyone's beauty.

More than 30 Sun family guards gathered outside the door, most of them are masters above Qi Gathering Realm. There are two leaders, one is Sun Yufei, the young lady of the Sun family who was beaten up by Zhuo Fan in the Cai Mansion that day, and the other is a young man who looks like a jade tree facing the wind, with a folding fan floating in the wind in his hand. She couldn't help looking at Luo Yunshang's graceful figure.

Seemingly noticing the man's eyes flicking at him, Luo Yunshang turned sideways, looked at Sun Yufei and said, "I don't know why Miss Sun brought so many people to us today?"

"Huh, I asked you knowingly, you won't forget the good things he did to Miss Ben in the Cai Mansion not long ago." Sun Yufei pointed at the indifferent Zhuo Fan, and said viciously, "Today I will let your Luo family stay here and completely exterminate the family." .”

Hearing this, Luo Yunshang's brows trembled unconsciously, and the hand holding Luo Yunhai became tighter, but when he saw Zhuo Fan's expression, he relaxed again.

In so many critical moments of life and death, Zhuo Fan can always resolve the crisis by surprise. Whether it is facing Cai Rong or facing Long Jiu, as long as Zhuo Fan is confident, he will be able to settle it.

And compared to those two masters, these people in front of them are not worth mentioning at all.

At this time, Luo Yunshang already understood that as long as Zhuo Fan didn't panic, it would be fine.

Looking at Zhuo Fan with an indifferent face, Luo Yunshang inadvertently showed a slight smile, raised his chin arrogantly, and said loudly: "My Luo family has stood in the wind for hundreds of years, how can I say that the family is exterminated? Miss Sun , the Sun family moved to Fenglin City only a few decades ago, please pay attention to your words and deeds."

At this moment, Luo Yunshang finally regained the arrogance and self-confidence that the eldest lady of the Luo family should have, and this kind of self-confidence made everyone stunned unconsciously.

Comparing the two, Sun Yufei, a lady from a prosperous family, seems like a shrew and wild girl, while Luo Yunshang is what a lady from an aristocratic family should really look like.

Looking around at everyone's expressions, Sun Yufei was so angry that her face was flushed, and her energy couldn't stop bursting out: "Luo Yunshang, this lady will let you know today that a phoenix that has landed is not as good as a chicken."

As soon as the words fell, Sun Yufei rushed towards Luo Yunshang suddenly, and Commander Pang saw it and hurried to protect the lady. However, before the two sides fought, a folding fan blocked in front of the two of them.

"Cousin, you..." Sun Yufei looked at the owner of the fan in puzzlement, her eyes were red.

With a faint smile, the young man didn't look at Sun Yufei, but looked at Luo Yunshang, and said respectfully: "Miss Luo, please forgive my cousin's rudeness. In fact, we are here today to find a housekeeper for my cousin. To be fair, it has nothing to do with the lady. As long as you hand over that person, I promise not to hurt the Luo family."

"Cousin, didn't we agree to wipe them all out? Why..." Sun Yufei was startled and said anxiously, but the young master swung his folding fan and covered her entire face behind, completely ignoring her. .

"And, if Miss is willing, I can help Miss to restore the Luo family's past glory." The young master continued.

"No need, Zhuo Fan belongs to my Luo family, and to trouble him is to trouble the Luo family. I am the head of the Luo family, so come to me if something happens." Luo Yunshang stood in front without any fear.

Laughing, the young master shook his head helplessly: "I advise Miss not to be impulsive. If you knew my identity, I'm afraid you wouldn't say that."

Frowning slightly, Luo Yunshang stared closely at the man's eyes.

"Under Youquan, disciple of Nether Valley."

"What..." Luo Yunshang was startled, took a breath, took two steps back unconsciously, and murmured, "You are... the Seventh Royal Family..."

"Hahaha...you're scared!" Sun Yufei laughed loudly and looked at everyone in the Luo family proudly.

The dignified, unprecedented dignified color covered the faces of everyone in the Luo family except Zhuo Fan. If it is said that facing Long Jiu in Qianlong Pavilion before, the two sides were just negotiating business, not rivals, so there was nothing to be afraid of, but now the relationship with Nether Valley is truly hostile.

Any member of the Yuxia Seventh Family can instantly destroy or prosper a secular family just by moving their fingers. And the Sun family is really related to the Yuxia Seventh Family, no wonder even the Patriarch of Cai Rong's generation has to look at the face of the little girl of the Sun family.


Luo Yunshang held Zhuo Fan's hand anxiously, her voice trembling unconsciously.

Showing a reassuring smile, Zhuo Fan stepped forward, looked at Youquan and said, "I am Zhuo Fan, the housekeeper of the Luo family. What do you want, one-on-one or you two together?"

"Hmph, it's just like what my cousin said, an arrogant dog slave." You Quan sneered, and walked slowly towards Zhuo Fan, "To deal with people like you, all the way will only insult the reputation of Nether Valley."

As soon as the words fell, Youquan disappeared instantly after hearing a "shua".

Zhuo Fan's pupils shrank, and he fell to the side suddenly, turning his head. When he raised his head again, there was already an obvious bloodstain on his cheek.

Blood flowed drop by drop along the bloodstains, and the place where he was before was already taken by that man.

"Huh, I escaped." Youquan sneered, and looked at Zhuo Fan strangely, as if looking at a plaything.

"Six levels of energy gathering, a cultivator of the magic path."

Zhuo Fan narrowed his eyes, and a weird smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: "Interesting."

Just now Youquan's attack was strange and ghostly. If Zhuo Fan hadn't had rich experience in actual combat, he would have died under his assault. However, this also allowed Zhuo Fan to figure out that the cultivation technique of Nether Valley is really a magic way.

If this person is encountered by others, it must be very difficult.

Because the way of magic is all about the quick way to pursue great strength, it is weird and domineering, but it is also full of danger. Orthodox cultivators, on the other hand, take one step at a time. Although their strength is not as good as that of a demonic master, there will be no deviation in cultivation.

And this also shows that although Youquan is at the sixth level of energy gathering, his strength is much higher than this. But Zhuo Fan only has the second level of Qi gathering now, but the gap between the fourth level in the magic way is much larger than that in the righteous way.

Fortunately, Zhuo Fan is an old demon head of the Demon Dao, and he has some knowledge of various martial arts and martial arts skills of the Demon Dao. This may be his only magic weapon for victory.

"Zhuo Fan, are you okay?" Luo Yunshang looked at the bloodstains on Zhuo Fan's face and shouted anxiously.

Standing up slowly, Zhuo Fan reached out to wipe a trace of blood on his face, and an excited smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. It's not that he hasn't challenged before, but his opponents are all righteous masters. This is the first time he has encountered a demon master stronger than himself, and there is a rare sense of freshness in his heart.


Even if it wasn't for the Luo family, for the plan he had already planned in his heart, the battle with Youquan was imperative. This has nothing to do with rational thinking, but the unreasonable passion of an old devil.

Seeing Zhuo Fan's eyes suddenly becoming bloodthirsty, You Quan was stunned instead.

According to common sense, his blow is absolutely fatal. Even if someone escapes by chance, they will be frightened and have no courage to face him again. But I never expected that Zhuo Fan not only didn't have a trace of fear, but rather enjoyed it.

"Could it be that……"

Youquan just thought of something, but there was a "huh", forcing him to quickly reach out to block it.


A blood-red handprint exploded on his palm, and the powerful impact forced him to back up again and again. It was only after he stopped that he realized that his hand was bleeding.

"Cousin, be careful, Uncle Cai Rong also suffered from this palm." Sun Yufei shouted to remind.

Youquan frowned, and his frivolous cheeks became solemn for the first time: "It's troublesome, I didn't expect to meet someone of the same kind here..."

Looking up at Zhuo Fan, I saw him smiling inexplicably at himself, Youquan sighed helplessly, and secretly became wary.

If I had known this kind of person earlier, I shouldn't be in this muddy water...


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