Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 20

This is a high-rise building in the city center. For the convenience of work, Xu Yao has a temporary residence here. Xu Yao asked Qian Yu to move here, and Qian Yu came over without refusing. When Xu Yao gave her the key, the joy in Qian Yu's heart was beyond words.
Qian Yu is this kind of woman. Once you fall in love with each other, you will give in with all your heart. Xu Yao is a reliable man, a woman's dream marriage partner. Rich, stable, mature, considerate, gentle, almost all the advantages of a successful man are in one. Few women will not be tempted, and Qian Yu, who has low self-esteem, is no exception. "What's more, when this kind of man tells you that he is willing to marry you.
Ding ding... The doorbell rang, and Qian Yu came out of the kitchen wearing an apron, and picked up the microphone, "Hello!"
"I'm back!" Xu Yao's warm voice came from the other end. Qian Yu said in surprise, "'re back?"
Shouldn't I say welcome back? Xu Yao wondered in his heart.
"You're back." Qian Yu stood at the door, waiting for Xu Yao to come home. When Xu Yao saw Qian Yu wearing an apron, his heart warmed. Then he hugged Qian Yu mischievously, putting all his weight on her body, Qian Yu frowned and insisted.
"Are you tired? The bath water is ready for you." Qian Yu patted his shoulder and said softly. "En!" Xu Yao kissed the corner of her mouth, took off his coat and tie, threw his bag on the sofa, and walked towards the bathroom. After a while, I heard the sound of splashing water inside.
Qian Yu packed up the clothes and ties that Xu Yao had left behind, and put them away.
Estimating that Xu Yao was about to finish washing, Qian Yu brought out the meals she cooked. When he came out again, he found that Xu Yao was already sitting at the dining table, eating shredded pork with his hands. Qian Yu hurriedly handed him the chopsticks in her hand.
"It tastes good!" Xu Yao praised. "I have a special purpose to learn." Qian Yu said happily. The happiest thing for a cook is when the eater says the food is delicious.
"Actually, you don't have to. Just find a servant." Xu Yao said distressedly.
"I like it. My wish is to get married and be a good wife." Qian Yu filled a bowl of soup and handed it to him.
"Then can you learn kung fu? I am more concerned about this aspect." Xu Yao said with a charming smile. Qian Yu froze when she scooped up the soup, and then her cheeks gradually turned red, like red apples, tempting Xu Yao to kiss Fang Ze.
"But I don't know where to learn it?" Xu Yao was swallowing, when he heard Qian Yu's serious and shy expression, the food stuck in his throat, and he coughed violently.
"Are you okay?" Qian Yu poured him a glass of water, handed it to him, and then patted his back. Xu Yao finally felt more comfortable, looked at her helplessly, and groaned inwardly. He was just joking, wouldn't this little idiot take it seriously?
"I was joking just now. Forget it."
"Just say what you want." Xu Yao said while eating, watching her hesitate to speak. He is always like this, he can see through her at a glance, but she has never been able to see through him. Even when he said he liked her, there was complicated emotion in his eyes.
"What's your relationship with Shirley? She seems to like you very much."
"Qian Yu, listen carefully. I don't like jealous women. And I don't want to stick to it. You should have heard that I'm very hardworking and there are many women out there." Xu Yao's words were like knives, piercing Qian Yu's heart. feather heart. Qian Yu was in so much pain that she couldn't help crying, and the tears fell into the bowl.
"But, you said you would marry me." Qian Yu said unconfidently.
"Yes! But, I never said that you should keep your body like a jade!"


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