Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 19

At some point, Xu Yao had already left. Facing the bright sunshine in the morning, Qian Yu went to school with sore body. Walking alone on the path, Qianyu felt a great sense of loneliness.
She has no friends, and has always been alone, gnawing on her joys, anger, sorrows and joys. At this moment, how she wishes to be like other girls, to have a good friend with whom she can share secrets.
"Qianyu..." Zhiyuan was waiting for him not far away with his schoolbag on his back. Seeing Qian Yu, she hurried over. Qian Yu ignored him and walked away. But Zhiyuan held her arm "Qianyu, listen to me. I really fell in love with you. I know I was wrong before, but after so many days, I have also been punished. I think you are going crazy .”
Zhiyuan said sincerely. Qian Yu sighed helplessly, and pushed his hand away. Now it is not a question of forgiving or not.
"Qianyu, why are you willing to forgive me?"
"Qian Yu..." Xu Yao got out of the car and walked towards them. Seeing Xu Yao walking towards them, Qian Yu was extremely desperate. "Come back with me!" After finishing speaking, Qianyu was not allowed to refute, so he dragged her away. Domineering, his usual style.
Zhiyuan stood there and looked at them in bewilderment.
"Why don't you stay at home and rest?" Xu Yao's car drove in the opposite direction. Qian Yu said anxiously, "No, not in this direction."
"I didn't say I was going to school!" Xu Yao said with a funny look at her.
"I have to go to school today. There is an exam today. If I don't take it, I won't be able to graduate." Qian Yu shook his arm and said in a panic. Xu Yao kept holding the steering wheel with one hand, while Qian Yu shook his other hand.
"I assure you, you will graduate. Not only can you graduate, but you can also go straight to the university department of the school." In order to drive safely, Xu Yao pulled out his arms and held the steering wheel with both hands.
"How is it possible? My grades are so bad." Qian Yu thought that Xu Yao was lying to her, and said amusedly. "Go through the back door! So your graduation certificate and admission notice are all wet!"
"What's wet?"
"Because of moisture!" Xu Yao rolled her eyes and laughed.
To Xu Yao's surprise, Qian Yu was not angry, but said contentedly, "You don't have to do this. As long as I can graduate successfully, I will be very happy. I have already planned to go to work after graduation. I will save some If it goes well, find a very ordinary man, get married, and have a few children. An ordinary but happy life." Listening to Qian Yu's life plan, Xu Yao looked at her with contempt glance.
"You are really contented!"
"I don't want to go to college. I'm not interested in studying!" Qian Yu said to Xu Yao. "It should be prenatal education for children."
"I can't give birth to you." Qian Yu said sadly, lowering her head. "Why?"
"Isn't it pitiful for a child to be separated from his biological mother?"
"Then I'll marry you!" Xu Yao didn't even look at Qian Yu, but looked ahead, and said calmly.
Qian Yu was shocked when she heard Xu Yao's words. The strange thing is that my heart is filled with happiness...
His silhouette is handsome and charming, with a domineering look. Yes, in Qian Yu's eyes, he is a king who cannot be resisted or rejected. The only thing he can do is submit.
And Qianyu is just a little girl at heart, and getting married and having children is her entire life ideal. Qian Yu's heart softened, and Xu Yao gave her what she wanted most.
A smile appeared on the corner of Xu Yao's mouth, obviously, from the corner of his eye, he knew that Qian Yu was looking at him. Qian Yu looked away in embarrassment, blushing.


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