Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 18

Xu Yao got up and locked the door, paused, and approached Qian Yu step by step. The room was too small, and within a few steps, Qian Yu was in front of her. Qian Yu could smell the faint smell of tobacco on his body, as well as the charming masculine breath emanating from him.
He pinched Qianyu's chin, and his disordered breath blew her cheeks, his eyes were as ambiguous as his breath. Opening her sweet cherry lips lightly, greedily absorbing the sandalwood in her mouth, her little mouth is so sweet and fragrant, Xu Yao completely lost his mind. I was completely addicted to the strange fragrance of her body, unable to extricate myself for a long time! I just want to entangle with it and have a good indulgence.
When his four lips are entangled, the sweetness of Rumo's exchange is enough to shake every string of his heart. His kiss was like the warm sea water under the sun surrounding her, making her unable to escape, only sinking. The fine white teeth nibbled on the cool and thin lips, and the soft tongue played deeper into the hot and humid lips, tugging at the heart he thought he could control, setting off wild waves of madness, making his heart beat faster and throbbing happily.
His greedy lips slid over her lips, moved to her collarbone, and kissed her little by little, leaving a pink mark on her smooth and fair skin. He turned back and kissed her lips again.
At some point, the two of them were already lying on the little wooden bed behind her, and as he kissed her all the way, she felt dizzy and dizzy.
An ambiguous atmosphere permeated the room, the flimsy cot babbled, and each other's heavy panting, accompanied by rhythmic shaking, made Qianyu even more dizzy, his consciousness gradually blurred, and his body seemed to be no longer hers.
The effect of the medicine in Xu Yao's body gradually receded, and he, who was conscious, did not regret what he did just now. He always wanted her!
He couldn't control his desire for her, he staggered his body, pressed against her soft body, hugged her plump body tightly, feeling the mingling of milk and water just now.
"Fucking with me, is that so unbearable for you?" Xu Yao sneered, wiping away the tears from her closed eyes, and an unknown fire rose in his heart.
"Why did you do that?"
"Ask your mother. But she put medicine in the tea, I just couldn't help it. Besides, you didn't look very intoxicated just now. Why did you pretend to be innocent after it's over, it's disgusting!" Xu Yao said cruelly talking.
Xu Yao bit her lip fiercely, Qian Yu felt the pain, opened her eyes, saw his playful eyes, and the corner of his cold mouth, she burst into tears from heartache, and covered her tearful eyes with her hands. He only felt that the palm of his hand was full of hot and humid flesh, which hurt his heart.
"Open your eyes and look at me!" he ordered angrily.
Qian Yu's eyes closed even tighter.
Xu Yao forcibly pulled her hands away, pressed them on top of her head, and started another plunder. This time, he had a deliberate intention to conquer. He wanted her to be crazy about him, to make her body hot because of him, and to take back all the words that she didn't want him. He wanted her to have the same regrets and desires as he did.
it hurts……
Qian Yu has been crying silently, but she held back the pain, held back the sadness, and gritted her teeth to keep herself from crying. She is strong, she has always been!


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