Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 17

Qian Yu stayed quietly in her room, slowly packed her luggage, and planned to move to the dormitory in the store, and didn't want to deal with these glamorous people in the showbiz anymore.
From childhood to adulthood, the people she came into contact with were either handsome guys or beautiful women. As an ugly duckling, she seemed too out of the ordinary. If you live among ordinary people, will your fate be better?
"The docile kitten has finally stretched out its sharp claws!" Qian Yu stopped folding the clothes, closed her eyes in pain, and knew that the lingering guy was coming without turning her head.
Taking a deep breath, Qian Yu continued to move her hands. But Xu Yao didn't care about her indifference at all, and visited her pigeon house. Qian Yu worked hard for an entire hour on the work that could have been completed in half an hour, but the more it cleaned up, the more messy it became.
Glancing at the great plague god in boredom, he found that he was sitting in his bed, peeking at his diary. Qian Yu rushed towards him quickly, with his long arms raised high, no matter how Qian Yu grabbed him, he couldn't reach him.
"Peeping other people's diaries, shameless!"
"Nobility has never been my epitaph!" Xu Yao played a snatching game with Qian Yu with great interest.
"I didn't expect your life to be so miserable. I really admire your weed-like spirit for being able to live to this day." Xu Yao said with a smile.
"Why do you keep pestering me?" Qian Yu panted heavily, and sat down on the bed resolutely. "Because you're mine now. You don't forget they sold you to me, do you?"
"You go and sue me." Qian Yu said angrily. Do you know that buying and selling people is breaking the law?
"I'm not legally illiterate, so of course I won't sue you. However, I can make you live on the street. And your sister is going to make a third-class movie and be bullied by the underworld..." Xu Yao lifted Erlang's legs, lit a cigarette, and leisurely He spat in circles and said lightly.
The feeling of decadence, but very charming. Qian Yu shook her head, recovering from the gradually lost emotions, and kept reminding herself in her heart: This man in front of her is a devil! Don't be tempted by the devil to sell your soul.
Qian Yu was silent for a moment, no matter how they treated her, she couldn't make up her mind to let go of the family relationship where blood is thicker than water. The corners of Xu Yao's mouth curled up, watching her performance with satisfaction. The smoke powder in his hand fell on the bed, Qian Yu frowned and stared at Xu Yao, and Xu Yao also looked into Qian Yu's bright black eyes.
Slowly Xu Yao's eyes had a strange feeling undercurrent, warm eyes looked at her tenderly, very focused, so focused that Qian Yu thought he had feelings for her. Xu Yao slowly approached her, and when he was about to kiss her, Qian Yu suddenly asked, "Why me?"
"It's really ruining the atmosphere!" Xu Yao lowered his head with a wry smile, and when he looked up again, the tenderness in his eyes had already disappeared. Qian Yu couldn't see through the man in front of him.
"Come on, drink tea. You must be thirsty." Mother Lin came in through the open door with two cups of tea. With a bright smile on his face. Qian Yu looked at her strange mother with a wry smile, this was the first time it stepped into her room.
"Xu Yao, you're welcome!" Mother Lin picked up a cup of tea and handed it to Xu Yao. Xu Yao motioned for her to put it on the table expressionlessly, and Mama Lin smiled awkwardly.
"Talk slowly. What's the matter, give me an order." Neither of them said anything, and Mother Lin coughed awkwardly, closed the door and went out.
"It's late. Please go back!" Qian Yu picked up a cup of tea thirsty and drank it down. Then he gave Xu Yao the order to chase away the guests. Xu Yao lit another cigarette, picked up the tea on the table, and drank it gracefully, with no intention of leaving at all. Seeing him drinking tea gracefully like a prince, Qian Yu felt that he was very vulgar just now.
As time passed by, Qian Yu's face began to flush, and her body was extremely hot. Xu Yao, who hates so much, has changed... His lips, I really want to kiss them. Qian Yu's eyes gradually blurred, full of desire. Xu Yao looked at the strange Qian Yu in surprise, and suddenly his lower abdomen tightened.
Xu Yao instantly understood what was going on.


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