Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 15

The plague-like man actually sat down next to Qian Yu, his eyes glowed like autumn water, looking at the embarrassed Qian Yu, Qian Yu quickly moved away.
"Long time no see!" Xu Yao stared at her face holding back his anger, approached her, and greeted her breathlessly. Qian Yu ignored him, and Xu Yao continued, "It seems that I really underestimated you. You did well in school. If any girl goes through something like yours, she will either cry, make trouble or hang herself, and you really are Tough as weeds!"
Qian Yu listened to his non-yin and yang words, and continued her forbearance. Why do you hate him so much? Qian Yu couldn't tell, but seeing him made her inexplicably irritable and uneasy.
"Talk slowly, I'm going upstairs first." Qian Yu said calmly to the crowd, getting up to leave. But Xu Yao pulled her into his arms like no one else was there, Qian Yu's eyes widened in astonishment, looking at Xu Yao's frost-stained face, he didn't dare to move again.
"Am I so annoying?" Qian Yu didn't dare to answer. The anger emanating from Xu Yao made Qian Yu's heart thump.
"Xuyao...what's going on here?" Mama Lin wondered when they became so familiar. And how could Xu Yao, who had always been rebellious and defiant, suddenly became interested in Qian Yu, a clown.
"That's what you saw!" Xu Yao replied coldly without looking at her. A pair of angry, humiliated and hurt eyes tightly locked on Qianyu's frightened look.
A smile gradually appeared in the dark and prey's eyes, and the ferocious expression began to soften, Qian Yu stared in shock at the face that changed in a short period of time.
Qian Yu would never understand the look in his eyes, this feeling had taken root in her heart from the first time they met. Happiness, indifference, or surprise, no matter what kind of emotion, in his eyes, something indescribable will melt into his eyes, making the expression that should have been pure become blurred, Qian Yu really doesn't care. understand him!
"Let's get straight to the point. I can help you tide over the difficulties, but I have to let her give me a child." Xu Yao's eyes finally moved away from Qian Yu's face. He hugged Qianyu tightly and announced to the others. The tone does not allow others to refute at all.
"Of course it's okay." The mother and daughter looked at each other, and replied with joy in their eyes.
"Qianyu, you are so lucky. The president of the Shuiyan Cultural Foundation actually has a crush on you." Qianxue said sourly. When did this pig hook up with Xu Yao? She didn't know how many opportunities she had created in front of him, but he turned a blind eye to them. I thought he wouldn't be interested in women, but I didn't expect his hobby to be so weird - he likes fat women.
"I don't want to!" Qian Yu said sadly, looking at them and then at Xu Yao. Xu Yao just dragged his cheeks and looked at her with a smile in his eyes. And the other two, as if they hadn't heard her words at all, began to tear up all the seals in the house.
"This is your family?" Xu Yao looked at them and mocked.
"Even if I rape you in front of them, they will help you believe it or not?" Xu Yao sneered presumptuously. Qian Yu wanted to smash that terrifying face to pieces. What kind of person is he? Do you just like watching others suffer?
"Where are you going?" Qian Yu sarcastically asked.
"At least I won't be ashamed of having an ugly daughter; I won't use her as a servant; I won't sell her..." Xu Yao looked at the ugly mother and daughter and said coldly to Qian Yu .
"Aren't you the buyer?" If you didn't tempt them like this, how could they sell her. She can still live an ordinary but peaceful life that belongs to her. Whose fault is it, isn't it because of you that tempted them to do evil?
What is the difference between such a person and a devil, isn't it even more annoying?


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