Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 14

There are battlefields everywhere, and Qianyu feels like a lonely wolf living in the wilderness. Fortunately, in a few months, I can graduate. She comforted herself in her heart.
After returning home exhausted, he heard the cries of his mother and sister in the living room, and Qian Yu looked at them puzzled. Wu Ma came over, sobbing softly, and told her father that the plane he was on had crashed and had been confirmed dead.
Qian Yu felt that all the strength in her body was pulled away, and she fell weakly on the sofa.
Qian Yu, who was dressed in black, stood aside as a family member and kept bowing in gratitude. There was no emotion on her expressionless face, and everyone kept condemning her as an ungrateful little orphan behind their backs. Does sadness have to show on your face?
"My condolences!"
"My condolences!"
Qian Yu looked at his father's former movie fans, media reporters, relatives and friends, everyone seemed to know his father very well, but he was "indifferent" like an outsider.
"Mrs. Lin, please tell me about your feelings about Mr. Lin's sudden death?" A reporter asked awkwardly. The bones of the family are not cold, so how can you feel as a widow.
"Mrs. Lin, how do you plan to deal with Mr. Lin's bankruptcy?" Mrs. Lin just cried helplessly, pear blossoms raining pity.
After finally sending away a large number of media reporters, the three mother and daughter looked at the furniture and decorations in the house covered with labels, and their hearts were filled with despair.
They are now bankrupt with huge debts. The death of their father caused them to fall from heaven to hell.
Ding ding...the phone rang. Qianxue still picked it up, and asked with a choked voice, "Hello, this is the Lin Mansion!"
"I am!"
"I don't want..." Qianxue dropped the phone, threw herself on her mother and cried bitterly. "Honey, tell mom what's wrong?"
"They asked me to make a third-grade movie! Mom, I don't want it." Qianxue cried like the end of the world, even if her father passed away, she had never been so moved.
"Why would they do that?"
"They kidnapped me before...forced me to sign...they took a lot of nude photos of me and forced me to give them money. Now they see that we are bankrupt, so..." Qian Yu sat there quietly, Listen to them crying. Her relationship with them is more awkward than that of strangers. If you are a stranger, you can walk away, but she can't.
She didn't expect her sister, who was always glamorous, to have so many pasts that she didn't know about. She was sitting there in embarrassment when Xu Yao came.
The mother and daughter greeted them like a savior, "Xu Yao, you must help us!" Xu Yao ignored them, but walked straight towards Qian Yu. Qian Yu, who has been ignored all the time, seems to be under the spotlight now, and she is even more restless.
Since the last unhappiness, he seemed to have disappeared from her life. Qianyu was happy for a long time, but he didn't expect him to appear again.
Qian Yu stared warily at the radiant man in front of her with dark eyes, every time he appeared, there would be absolutely no good. This time, what does he want to do?


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