Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 13

Ignoring Xu Yao who was chasing behind her, Qian Yu ran desperately, came to the road, stopped a taxi, and sped away. Xu Yao looked at the car going away from behind and felt a headache.
Before Qian Yu stepped into the living room, the familiar sound of numb rubbing hit her ears. No need to ask, it must be that her mother invited a friend to play cards again.
In Qian Yu's eyes, these are a group of idle and boring noble ladies. Apart from shopping and spending a lot of money, they gossip together and play cards together. Their world is too gorgeous and extravagant, but there is a little less real thing in it, what is it, Qian Yu can't say, and she doesn't bother to think about it.
Qian Yu didn't say hello, but walked around to the stairs and climbed up the stairs.
"It's getting more and more unruly." Mrs. Lin just raised her eyelids and snorted coldly from her throat.
"Madam Lin, you have a good heart. Why would such an unruly wild girl adopt her? It's better to raise a dog than her." A noble lady said unfairly on her behalf.
"Don't talk about her, it will spoil everyone's mood." Although Mrs. Lin doesn't like her daughter, she is still not very happy when she hears others say that about her.
Qian Yu hid in her small attic, crying like rain. Inadvertently discovering that the chocolate made for Zhiyuan by herself is still being held by herself, Qian Yu angrily throws it on the wall.
"Big liar, all liars."
"How can you go so far... woo woo..."
After crying all night, Qian Yu, who hadn't slept all night, cheered up and went to school. Life has to go on. If he was defeated so easily, there would be no Qianyu who is as tough as a weed.
"Haha... everyone, look, who's here?" Qian Yu glanced at them and knew that they must all know. Laugh, just laugh! Lin Qianyu, you are absolutely not allowed to cry, and you are not allowed to run away. Qian Yu met their mocking gazes and harsh words, straightened her waist, and sat in her seat.
"Qianyu, I heard about the matter between you and senior Zhiyuan, and I feel sorry for you." Shirley next to her said hypocritically. Qian Yu sneered in her heart, her acting skills are really bad! Qian Yu smiled wryly and ignored her.
"Qianyu..." Zhiyuan whispered her name at the door of the classroom. The students all looked like they were enjoying the show, and Qian Yu walked out to meet Zhi Yuan's complicated eyes expressionlessly.
Neither of them spoke, Qian Yu followed behind him until they came to a corner of the secluded playground. Zhiyuan then said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Qianyu!"
"Is there anything else?" If it was just to say sorry, she would not accept it. How can such an excessive matter be resolved with an apology. As Xu Yao said: If an apology is useful, what else do the police do in this world?
"Ah?" Zhi Yuan looked at the indifferent Qian Yu in front of him in shock, but he still couldn't reconcile with the submissive and understanding Qian Yu he usually knew.
"If not, I'm leaving!" Qian Yu was extremely calm and composed. When she said this, her performance surprised even herself.
"Qianyu, there is a misunderstanding between us, I think we should explain it clearly." His tone was very low, could it be understood that he lacked confidence because of a mistake?
"We had a misunderstanding. I was stupid, I thought you would like me; I was too lacking in self-knowledge. Please don't play tricks like this in the future, it's really too much!" After finishing speaking, Qian Yu stopped looking at him , leave decisively and neatly. Leaving the unspeakable short past together, accompanied by only a little sadness, without the despair of the world falling and the end of the world as imagined by others.
Qian Yu said to herself in her heart, I am fine.
His face was pale and bloodless, and there was a slight tremor in his voice: "Qianyu, I really fell in love with you later..."
However, Qian Yu will never believe it again...
When love is hurt, tears represent her sadness; when love dies with the wind, tears represent her despair; when she stops crying, she no longer believes in love.
Some things are a mistake at the beginning, and the result is destined to be a tragedy...
He missed her forever! When he found her good.


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