Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 12

"You're talking nonsense!" Qian Yu retorted unconfidently. The uneasiness that had been hidden in her heart rose up, seeing Xu Yao's evil smile, Qian Yu seemed to have a premonition that something was going to happen.
"Think about it with your pig's head, isn't it strange why the number one student in the school suddenly likes you?" Hearing what he said, Qian Yu's eyes were astringent and uncomfortable, as if there was something like sand in her eyes. It's like coming in, it's so uncomfortable.
Xu Yao's words stepped on Qian Yu's pain. Qian Yu yelled at him angrily, "Do you think that because I am poor, humble, not beautiful, and short, no one will love me? You are wrong, Zhi Yuan is not a superficial person like you."
"He told me I was kind, cute, understanding...He said he liked me, he said..."
"He's lying to you! I'll show you what's true!"
The coldness of winter is much warmer because of the festive atmosphere of Christmas.
Qian Yu and Wu Ma were busy in the kitchen together.
"Miss, stir evenly, the chocolate will be delicious." Wu Ma taught patiently. Madam and Missy would never enter a place like the kitchen. They are beautiful, but they lack human breath, and this fat second lady is the one who pleases her even more.
"Is this right?"
"Who will the second miss make chocolates for?" Wu Ma looked at Qian Yu's picture brimming with happiness, and she already understood half of it in her heart. Qian Yu shyly looked back at Wu Ma, but did not answer.
Today is Christmas, and there are couples of happy male and female couples walking on the street. Beautiful decorative toy candies are hung on the Christmas tree, and cheerful Christmas songs are played from time to time in the store.
Qian Yu is standing by a Christmas tree at the moment, stomping and panting, waiting for Zhi Yuan. Zhiyuan is often late, but Qianyu is used to it, used to waiting, and used to giving. And she didn't feel anything wrong with this at all, as if it was a matter of course.
In such a marriage, she loves very humblely. Seeing him, she became very low, low into the dust. But she was happy in her heart, and flowers bloomed from the dust.
There was a lot of snow falling in the sky, and Qian Yu stretched out her hand to pick up the beautiful snowflakes. The anxiety caused by the long wait was diluted by the sudden falling snow.
"Zhiyuan..." Qian Yu raised her head happily when she heard the footsteps, but she met the lingering man: Xu Yao.
"Still waiting. He won't come today." Xu Yao's tall and slender body was wearing a black windbreaker, making him look even more handsome and extraordinary. However, Qian Yu's face has long been pulled down in displeasure, ignoring him, Qian Yu continued to wait. More than four hours have passed, why hasn't he come? Could something be wrong? Qian Yu's heart was disturbed.
"What are you doing?" Xu Yao angrily dragged Qian Yu away. Qian Yu couldn't resist him and was dragged forward by him.
"I said I would take you to see the truth. You really don't cry when you see the coffin!" He grabbed Qianyu vigorously, frowned, and said in a low voice, restraining his anger as much as possible.
"I'm not going, I'm going to wait for him here!" Qian Yu also stubbornly tried to get rid of his hand, but her strength was too weak, so she was dragged into the car again by him.
When I came to a bar, it was already full of people. Xu Yao pulled her towards the secluded private room inside, and the sound of the carnival crowd on the dance floor behind him gradually became smaller. Standing outside a private room, a familiar male voice came from inside, "I have to leave beforehand"
"You don't want to go to that fat pig, do you? Zhiyuan, don't tell us that you really fell in love with her?"
"Wei, stop talking nonsense, how is it possible? Everyone, don't cheat, quickly take out the money. Zhiyuan let that pig fall into Zhiyuan's tenderness in less than two weeks." A woman's voice was excited. Said.
"Why do we make this kind of bet, isn't it easy for her to fall in love with Zhiyuan?"
"Wrong, wrong... We are betting on Zhiyuan's resistance to nausea. Think about it, when you face such a disgusting pig, you have to tell her that you like her without changing your face. This is not something ordinary people can do."
"That's right...I can't do it even if I'm killed."
Ha ha……
"I did this for Shirley. Shirley said that if Qian Yu fell in love with me, she would agree to my pursuit..."
Qian Yu couldn't listen anymore, held back tears and ran out. There was a crack in my heart that was getting bigger and bigger, and blood was slowly oozing out, slowly forming a wound, which was very painful. She is a fool!


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