Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 10

On the way home from school, Qian Yu was humming alone. On the way home, several girls from the school stopped her and pushed her to the ground. One of them crossed his arms and asked.
"I heard that you and senior Zhiyuan are dating?"
"Yes!" Qian Yu replied firmly. She doesn't care even if they get a meal from them.
"Haha...fat pig, you take a piss and look like your sow. With your stupid and ugly appearance, why did senior Zhiyuan fall in love with you?" Hearing the affirmative answer, several girls glanced at each other , laughing.
"He said he liked me!" Qian Yu said unconvinced.
"Ghosts believe it. You must be shamelessly pestering Senior Zhiyuan..." The tall girl grabbed Qianyu's hair, spit, and yelled loudly. Before they could speak, the girls at the back stepped up and held Qianyu's arm one by one, supporting her. The girl just now swung her arm angrily, and slapped Qianyu's face fiercely, once or twice, differently. After a while, Qian Yu's cheeks swelled up.
"Shameless old sow...I'll kill you. Let's see if you dare to be so cheap..." Qian Yu bit her lips tightly, staring at them stubbornly, with a look that she would rather die than surrender.
"What are you doing?" A car stopped on the side of the road, and a tall and handsome man got out and shouted at them. The girls ran away in fear, leaving Qianyu alone.
"Qian Yu?" Qian Yu raised her tear-filled eyes, looking at the somewhat blurred figure. Finding out that it was the person she hated the most: Ouyang Xuyao, she clutched the torn neckline tightly and strode away.
"Hey... don't go, tell me what happened?" Xu Yao caught up with Qian Yu and asked worriedly.
Recently, I have been busy with merger and acquisition plans abroad, and I came to see her as soon as I returned to China, but I didn't expect to see such a scene. What's even more exasperating is that she looked like she couldn't dodge when she saw the plague god. Is he that unobtrusive?
"It's just a small conflict. Please let me go!" Qian Yu angrily shook his restraints, but his grip was so tight.
"Being beaten up like this is still a small conflict? How did you offend them?" Xu Yao saw her tattered top, the neckline was torn, exposing her chest, so she quickly took off her suit jacket and put it on for her.
"Thank you! Can I go?" Qian Yu asked coldly. Before he could answer, Qian Yu flew away. Seeing her running away in a hurry, Xu Yao was very annoyed. Desperate to run away from him again?
"I heard that you are dating senior Zhiyuan?" Shirley asked curiously at the same table. Qian Yu nodded lightly, not wanting to continue discussing this issue with her.
"Right now, there is a lot of rumors in the school. Many girls who have a crush on Senior Zhiyuan are so sad that they are going to die... They even said that they will jointly block you. Be careful!"
"I'm going to the bathroom!" Qian Yu walked out of the classroom annoyed, went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and let out a long breath.
She's so tired! The whole school girls are hating her now. Changing classrooms without telling her; someone put a snake in the locker; school forums are full of all kinds of unbearable news about her.
But when I think of Zhiyuan, I feel that everything is worth it. In order to defend her love, she will definitely fight to the end.
"Fighting!" Xiaoxiao stood up, took a deep breath, and clenched her fists to cheer herself up.
He went to open the small door of the toilet, but found that it could not be opened. Qian Yu tried hard, but found that the door was locked from the outside.
"Hey... who is it?" Xiao Xiao asked, and a large bucket of cold water poured down on her head... Qian Yu, who was trembling all over, looked at her drowned self, wanting to cry without tears. When will they be able to have enough of this kind of mischief.
She can't take it anymore!
The door was opened, and a group of girls looked at Qian Yu, who was covered in water, and smiled triumphantly. "How is it? Has your dizzy stupid head been woken up?"
"If you promise us to break up with senior Zhiyuan, we will let you go..."
"Never!" Before they could finish speaking, Qian Yu said decisively. Pushing them away, rushed back to the classroom, grabbed the schoolbag, and ran home angrily.
She also didn't understand why she, who had always been cowardly, was so tough. If they were put together, she would obediently do what they said. Is it because of Zhiyuan's affirmation of himself? It's hard for someone to accept her, tolerate her, and cherish her. Qianyu, who has always been lonely and inferior, cherishes and struggles.


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