Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 8

Today is a half-day class on Saturday, so I have an afternoon of play time. Walking with Zhiyuan on the street will attract passers-by's amazed and surprised eyes from time to time. Of course, the surprised gaze was on Qian Yu, and Qian Yu had already gotten used to it, so she didn't want to go out with them.
"What should we play first?" Zhiyuan asked in embarrassment when he saw the overcrowded playground and the atmosphere of joy everywhere.
"Anything is fine!" Qian Yu replied lightly. Zhiyuan looked at her quietly. Qian Yu turned her head in confusion and ignored him. Recently, I always meet some inexplicable people and inexplicable things.
"It would be great if all the girls were like Qian Yu." Zhi Yuan sighed.
"Every time I ask other girls this question, they always say what they want to play, and they never care whether I like it or not. Qianyu is so cute!"
"I'm ugly!" Qian Yu said lightly. What a playboy, I don't know how many girls I have brought here. Qian Yu laughed in her heart.
"Qian Yu is so cute!"
"When you praise a woman's appearance, you can praise her for being beautiful; if she is not beautiful, you can praise her for being cute; if she is not even cute, you can praise her for being temperamental. Thank you for not saying that I have Temperament!" Qian Yu said jokingly.
"Haha...Qianyu, you are so cute." Qianyu stood there watching Zhiyuan leaning back and forth with a smile, and the tourist also looked at him inexplicably.
"Is it that funny?"
"I'm sorry...but...haha..." Qian Yu couldn't bear him, and came to the carousel by herself. The eyes are attracted by the beautiful and gorgeous carousel. I always feel that it is a very happy and happy thing to do a merry-go-round with my beloved. The dizzy feeling, the charming picture, the feeling of being in love.
"I want this seat!" Qian Yu pointed at the carousel obsessively, and said childishly to Zhi Yuan. Zhiyuan was taken aback, took her hand, and went on a carousel ride together.
"With a gorgeous appearance and gorgeous lights, I am a merry-go-round horse in this heaven. Just to fulfill the child's dream. Climb on my back and take you to soar. I forgot the sadness that can only run in place, I also forgot that I was locked forever. No matter how long I can stay with you, at least I can let you fantasize about flying with me. A galloping Trojan horse makes you forget about the pain..." Qian Yu hummed softly happily Faye Wong's rotating wood has a happy smile on her face, and a special kind of brilliance in her black eyes. Zhiyuan looked at Qianyu and was a little lost.
"I like stories about fairies, princes, and princesses... Every time I think of fairies in this world, the Little Mermaid will feel very happy. I feel that there are many things worth looking forward to in this world." Qian Yu spread her arms, Close your eyes and imagine yourself flying in the clouds. She is just an ordinary girl. I wish I was Cinderella, and I hope that the prince on the white horse will come to her with a glass slipper.
"Be careful, this is very dangerous!" Zhi Yuan grabbed her arm worriedly.
"It doesn't matter. It's rare that I'm in such a good mood today." Although Qian Yu said so, she withdrew her hands and held the armrest firmly.
"It's so dizzy!" Zhiyuan and Qianyu said with a little dizziness after getting off the merry-go-round. "What else do you want to play?" Zhiyuan asked happily. He didn't know why he suddenly wanted to do the things she liked to do with her. Seeing her happy made me feel happier too.


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