Novel Name : Cinderella of the Devil's CEO

Chapter 7

Xu Yao was picking up things at the service desk, when he turned around, he saw that fat figure rushing out the door, then stopped a taxi and sped away.
"It's really easy to lie!" She was only here to pick up something, so she didn't really think he was coming to open a room, did she?
When Qian Yu came home, she saw Jun Xi sitting in the living room. Qian Yu restrained the ecstasy in her heart, walked slowly, and was about to speak, but Junxi saw her first, and greeted her, "Qian Yu, come here."
Qian Yu obediently walked over like a puppy, "Brother Junxi, long time no see!"
"Well, it's been a long time. I've been busy with concert tours for a while, and I'm so tired." Junxi said with a sunny face. Only Junxi would not show disgust towards her, only Junxi would comfort her when she was crying.
"Where are you going crazy again?" Qianxue scolded with an angry face.
"I went out to eat with my friends." Qian Yu replied softly.
"You're so fat, you still eat. It's really broken!" Qianxue mocked viciously. This is Qian Yu's hidden pain. And Qianxue would take it out to ridicule her from time to time, and Qianyu felt very helpless about it.
"Xiaoxue, this is too much." Junxi frowned slightly and stopped.
"Junxi, you actually murdered me for another woman." Qianxue changed her fierce appearance just now, Xiaoniao hugged Junxi's arm comfortably, lay in his arms, and said delicately. Junxi, who was displeased at first, saw her appearance, scratched her nose, and said with a smile, "Okay. I was wrong, can't it?"
"It's more or less the same!" Qianxue kissed Junxi cheaply and obediently, then hugged Junxi tightly, and made a face at Qianyu, with a proud expression on her face.
Seeing their intimacy, Qian Yu went back to her room with interest.
She and they are not in the same world! It is doomed that she has no intersection with him and cannot meet him.
A person is not born with low self-esteem. So did Qian Yu. If she was born in an ordinary civilian family, maybe she is just a fat girl, and she can grow up happily. The sad thing is that she lives in a gorgeous showbiz family, and she comes into contact with handsome men and beautiful women, as well as the dirty people in the showbiz.
"Is Lin Qianyu there?" Qianyu, who was studying in the classroom, looked up and saw a boy holding a large bouquet of roses at the door of the classroom. Qian Yu walked over to meet the eyes of the students suspiciously.
"I am!"
"Hello, senior Zhiyuan asked me to give you flowers." Qian Yu held the flowers in doubt, and saw a card in the flowers: Qian Yu, can you be my girlfriend?
There was a lot of discussion in the classroom, and a girl ran over recklessly, snatched the card from Qian Yu's hand, and read aloud: Qian Yu, can you be my girlfriend?
"You fat pig, you also want to be Zhiyuan's senior's girlfriend..." Several Zhiyuan's die-hard fans in the classroom came over, surrounded Qian Yu, and threatened.
Qian Yu looked blank, she didn't remember knowing this person, "I don't know him!" Qian Yu said in a low voice.
"Zhiyuan, the son of the school manager, has a good mind and a good athletic ability. He is the school grassroots of our school. You don't even know him. Who are you lying to?" Bawanghua in the class pushed Qianyu against the wall and asked funnyly. But Qian Yu really didn't know him.
The flowers were thrown on the ground by them and trampled to pieces. Just when Qianyu was at a loss, the boy named Zhiyuan came to Qianyu's side, hugged her in his arms, and announced, "From today on, Lin Qianyu is my girlfriend! Anyone who dares to have trouble with her will be with her." I can't make it through!"
"Senior Zhiyuan, how could you like this fat pig?" The girl asked in disbelief.
"I'm warning you, let me hear you speak ill of her next time, and I'll send you to the hospital." Zhi Yuan blocked the girl against the wall, approached her, and warned with a sneer.
"I...don't dare...I don't dare to!" The girl said in fear.
"That's the best!" Zhi Yuan said with a smile and patted her on the head.
"After school, wait for me at the school gate!" Zhi Yuan pecked at the corner of Qian Yu's mouth lightly, his finger brushed her cheek, Qian Yu blushed.
Dizzy, he sat back in his seat and saw Shirley smiling at him. "Qianyu, I didn't expect you to be so powerful. The school grass is fascinated by you. Hey..." After speaking, he looked at the crying girl in the classroom and sighed.
Qian Yu followed Xue Li's line of sight and saw several girls lying on the table, crying bitterly. They should be the fan group of the boy named Zhiyuan. I don't know if I will be splashed with sulfuric acid?
When the school bell rang, Qian Yu rushed out the door. Seeing her impatient look, the girl called her a bitch. Qian Yu ignored them and ran towards the back door.
Because the back door of the school is relatively remote, few people go through it. Qian Yu didn't want to be killed by other people's venomous eyes at the school gate.
"Okay!" Zhi Yuan who was leaning on the wall suddenly appeared, Qian Yu screamed in fright, and the bag fell to the ground. Zhiyuan came over, picked up the bag for her, and handed it to her. "Am I that scary?"
"Let's go, let's go to the playground. It's been a long time!" After finishing speaking, he dragged her away without waiting for Qian Yu's consent.
Qian Yu rolled her eyes, why are everyone she meets so self righteous? Why didn't anyone ask her if she wanted to?


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